Scandalous Virtue

Brenda Hiatt

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Scandalous Virtue

Scandalous Virtue What You SeeSheltered and than a little naive Lady Nessa Haughton was raised to be a model of English virtue But beneath the inexperienced young widow s prim yet exquisitely beautiful exterior beats

  • Title: Scandalous Virtue
  • Author: Brenda Hiatt
  • ISBN: 9780061013799
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • What You SeeSheltered and than a little naive, Lady Nessa Haughton was raised to be a model of English virtue But beneath the inexperienced young widow s prim yet exquisitely beautiful exterior beats a willful heart longing for a taste of wickedness that would shock her proper sister and the rest of London Society.Isn t AlwaysThe new Marquis of Foxhaven, dashing JackWhat You SeeSheltered and than a little naive, Lady Nessa Haughton was raised to be a model of English virtue But beneath the inexperienced young widow s prim yet exquisitely beautiful exterior beats a willful heart longing for a taste of wickedness that would shock her proper sister and the rest of London Society.Isn t AlwaysThe new Marquis of Foxhaven, dashing Jack Ashecroft, is England s most revered war heros and its most notorious hellion Though he s inherited his beloved grandfather s title, Jack must reform his rakish ways to gain his fortune Vowing to earn respectability, he sets out to find a proper wife a woman above reproach who can redeem his reputation.What You GetIrresistibly drawn together, Nessa and Jack each seem to be exactly what the other wants or so they think Will their mutual attraction lead to true love, or irreparable ruin for them both

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      422 Brenda Hiatt
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    One thought on “Scandalous Virtue

    1. Edwina " I LoveBooks" "Deb" on said:

      Scandalous Virtue was a delightful well written Historical Romance. The story is believable mild sensuality and creative enjoyable characters. I loved the H/H Jack Ashcroft, Marquis of Foxhaven and Lady Nessa Haughton, young widow.Jack has recently inherited the title of Marquis and must now reform himself from a Rake into a honorable member of Aristocracy or he will not receive the Unentitled Portion of the Foxhaven Wealth. Jack sets off to find a respectable wife who can make him acceptable to [...]

    2. Tinsoni on said:

      I feel like Joey from the episode of friends where he thinks he asked a girl out he had already dated but couldn't remembere I had read this book as part of the Scandalous Brides series but completely forgot about it.tally feeling like a promiscuous reader lol. Oddly enough it was not the main characters but the secondary story of Prudence and Charles that had remained memorable. The rest of the book was decent as well.I really enjoyed the reread. There were a few minor issues with the book and [...]

    3. Jamee Pritchard on said:

      This was my first venture in the genre of historical romance, and I can positively say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Every aspect of Brenda Hiatt’s novel was amazingly charming: the characters, the plot, the dialogue, and definitely the chemistry between the two lead characters. I loved the idea of romance in such a setting. Husband and wife are like strangers, treating each other so formally, afraid to show too much affection in public. People marry for money and status, but eventually find themse [...]

    4. Elsa Carrion on said:

      The start was a little slow, but if you hang in there around 40% into the book it starts to pick up. I thought the ending was rushed, and some parts in the middle should have been speed up. Keep in mind that it's HR so it's a little more modest on the intimate scenes. The characters are likable, but I didn't really understand or found the connection with the name of the series. I'm still not sure what "the saint of seven dials" is supposed to mean.

    5. Cecily on said:

      Hmmm. Bit of a strange one. Whilst I quite liked the idea of a book that (mostly) focused on the development of the relationship between Jack and Nessa the quality of the writing, characterisation, and dialogue wasn't of a high enough standard to sustain the approach. And then there were just some very odd (in the sense of either eyebrow raising or just a bit TOO outlandish) detours that left me thinking 'eh?' rather than 'awww'.

    6. Kimberly on said:

      I really like the characters in the book and the start and middle where great but the end seemed incredibly rushed. It went from the start of the adventure to a happy ending within a couple of pages and with no detail of the adventures in between which really let the whole story down for me.

    7. Kathleen Ruggio on said:

      Loved itGreat book with lots of beautifully developed characters. Romance with twists and turns. A real page turner. Truly enjoyable. Time worthy & quick read.

    8. Rebecca on said:

      There was not quite enough story for all these pages. Tension resolved long before the book ends, manufactured crisis thrown in as a post-script. Still, not as tedious as some of its ilk. 2.5 stars.

    9. Sheila Sharp on said:

      The wicked and the reputableThe heat and the challenge these two wonderful and well developed. The give and take between them was a pleasure to read.

    10. A.M. on said:

      A young widow, Lady Agnes Haughton, raised by an overbearing father and married off to an older man with puritanical tendencies is finally free of her mourning garb and decides she wants to be rebellious.Meanwhile, a rake, Jack Ashecroft, is told he must reform or not inherit his grandfather’s estate. He decides marriage to a respectable widow might be just the ticket. Then he can cash in her dowry, leave her in England and dash off to spy for Wellington in Paris.***I think I’ve got whiplash [...]

    11. Ali on said:

      For the most part, I liked Nessa and Jack as individuals. I could empathize with her desire to enjoy her freedom after years in a puritanical household and I appreciated the combination of naïveté, desire, and burgeoning confidence, even if I didn't always believe it. I'm a sucker for a reformed (or rather, reforming) rake and I thought Jack filled the role very well. He had compelling reason to change--more than one, in fact--and he experienced temptation to reverse course, despite his best i [...]

    12. Wealhtheow on said:

      Ever since the end of the first Napoleonic war, Jack Ashcroft has been living a life of dissipation and excess. Then his frail uncle dies and Jack is elevated to Marquis of Foxhaven, with all the attendant responsibilities and expectations. In order to gain full access to Foxhaven's resources, Jack must become respectable. He locks onto marriage with an eminently respectable woman to further this aim, and the newly widowed Lady Agnes "Nessa" Haughton is a perfect choice for this. She's young, pr [...]

    13. Virginia Tican on said:

      The transition of Nessa from a young, ignorant (of the joys of sex in the marriage bed because what she always experienced was a form of rape) and bereaved wife of a sanctimonious misguided old man much like her father, into someone with a separate and distinctly unique personality of her own separate from that of her father and husband. Jack was a rake trying to reform and move away from his past and in need of a respectable wife to mitigate his well earned reputation. Apropos to Nessa's cathar [...]

    14. AG Reads on said:

      There were two main problems with this book. First was the pacing. It is obvious no attention was paid to the pacing of the storyline and it tended to bouce up and down randomly. Because of that, what is actually a decent story reads as tedious and bogged down, particularly in the first half of the book.The second problem was too much telling instead of showing. In several parts, where showing the story could have added a good sense of adventure and fun, instead we get a paragraph set after the [...]

    15. Linda on said:

      Historical Romance at its best. The author's writing mechanics were excellent, and I liked her characters. I liked he historical content about nineteenth century England and France, although I would not like to have lived in those days. I fear I would have been among the poor lower class of people. The storyline was about a beautiful, well-bred, respectable young widow wanting to taste the wilder side of life marrying a handsome, titled, young rouge needing to become respectable in order to inhe [...]

    16. Lisa Dinsmore on said:

      Did not finish. I really enjoyed the Rogue of Seven Dials and had high hopes for this book in the same series. Widow Nessa is out for fun and dashing nobleman/spy Jack needs her to provide him with respectability. He teaches her that the marriage bed doesn't have be the painful experience it was with her first husband.That's as far as I got because while Nessa was previously forced into sex as part of her "marital duties" in her first marriage, she had no children. One night with Jack and she's [...]

    17. Deb Diem on said:

      Scandalous Virtue by Brenda Hiatt is a phenomenal read. Ms Hiatt has delivered a well-written book and filled it with amazing, lovable characters. Jack and Nessa's story is loaded with plenty of drama, humor, action and spice. I enjoyed reading Scandalous Virtue and look forward to my next book by Brenda Hiatt. Scandalous Virtue is the prequel to The Sain Of The Seven Dials Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read a free copy of this [...]

    18. Kebby Shropshire on said:

      Started out well enough, but thenI hate it when authors use the misunderstanding ploy. The heroine started out as a sensible person, and then suddenly her brains went to mush.Spoiler: the hero could have told her about his mission. She would have supported him. To pay him back for something she didn't believe he actually did, she goes almost too far in attempting to make him jealous. Silly.

    19. Candace on said:

      Jack inherits the title Marquis of Foxhaven. Nessa is the widowed Lady Haughton. Nessa agrees to marry Jack to keep her reputation from harming her sister. Their love grows despite several obstacles -- Jack's reputation as a rake, Nessa's seduction campaign, Napoleon's escape from Elba. Through everything their love triumphs.This story is a love journey. The novel leads us through the growing love between Jack and Nessa. It is an easy, fast read. Explicit sex.

    20. Heidi on said:

      Not badly written, but it didn’t carry me away. Ended up skimming the second half which seemed terribly “tacked on” to ensure a full novel length. The first chapter preview of the next book actually seemed more interesting but since it was a free Kindle read, I’m not complaining just moving on.

    21. Tonileg on said:

      English Historical romance with two titled rich people that are becoming independent 'adults' although they are in their mid-twenties.The young widow Nessa, Lady Haughton is almost out of her year long confinement after the death of her elderly husband. She is ready to jump into society and make herself into a happy person that has been imprisoned by her father as a child and then by her very old husband. Nessa is ready to party! So she meets the sexy rake, Lord Jack Ashecroft, Marquis of Foxhav [...]

    22. Sally Hannoush on said:

      A well written Historical Romance. Brenda Hiatt writes another hit. It's the most enjoyable of her work thus far. The love story was fun to read. It started and ended in directions I didn't see comming even knowing a happy ever after is to come. There is great passion, love, scandal, and adventure. Great read.

    23. K. A. on said:

      This book is a good light read. It just seems a bit too light. The heroine is rather too lacking in intelligence and nieve. The story takes several interesting turns with humorous moments. I found the story too light and slow to develop to be rated higher than three stars.

    24. Malissa on said:

      A completely enjoyable readA fun and enjoyable romance read. Cute, whimsical, fun, exciting historical romance that keeps your reading. The main characters are enjoyable and week rounded people vying for love without realizing it. Great read.

    25. Kristi on said:

      Relationships I like how creative the story line is. He wants to become respectable while she wants to learn about being more scandalous. I love most the developed relationship between the sisters.

    26. Danielle Carpenter on said:

      This book is just good fun and a wonderful tale between two people who just need each other. The characters are lovable and fun. You hope the two can at least find a happy medium. You'll enjoy this story as much as I did.

    27. Kathy on said:

      A young widow is anxious to be out of morning and to be free. Her marriage had not been Happy. Jack is looking for a virtuous wife and Nessa fits the bill. The life she wants is no possible as a single lady.

    28. Debbie Scott on said:

      Too Good To MissWhat a exciting and fun read. The storyline is excellent and the characters are easy to love. Thank you for an engaging story, Danny Scott.

    29. JenGarren-Manning on said:

      Truly wonderful and romantic. I didn't want it to end!

    30. Melba Hard on said:

      AmusingI found this book entertaining and amusing . Jack was a charming rogue and Nessa very entertaining. Paris sounded delightful

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