I Married Adventure: The Lives of Martin and Osa Johnson

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I Married Adventure: The Lives of Martin and Osa Johnson

I Married Adventure The Lives of Martin and Osa Johnson A CLASSIC MEMOIR OF TWO PIONEERING ADVENTURERS Before Joy Adamson went to Africa before Margaret Mead sailed to Samoa before Dian Fossey was even born a Kansas teenager named Osa Leighty married Ma

  • Title: I Married Adventure: The Lives of Martin and Osa Johnson
  • Author: Osa Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781568361284
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • A CLASSIC MEMOIR OF TWO PIONEERING ADVENTURERS Before Joy Adamson went to Africa, before Margaret Mead sailed to Samoa, before Dian Fossey was even born, a Kansas teenager named Osa Leighty married Martin Johnson, a pioneering photographer just back from a round the world cruise with Jack London Together the Johnsons flew and sailed to Borneo, to Kenya, and to the Congo,A CLASSIC MEMOIR OF TWO PIONEERING ADVENTURERS Before Joy Adamson went to Africa, before Margaret Mead sailed to Samoa, before Dian Fossey was even born, a Kansas teenager named Osa Leighty married Martin Johnson, a pioneering photographer just back from a round the world cruise with Jack London Together the Johnsons flew and sailed to Borneo, to Kenya, and to the Congo, filming Simba and other popular nature movies with Martin behind the camera and Osa holding her rifle at the ready in case the scene s big game star should turn hostile This bestselling memoir retraces their careers in rich detail, with precisely observed descriptions and often heart stopping anecdotes Illustrated with scores of the dramatic photos that made the Johnsons famous, it s a book sure to delight every lover of true adventure.

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    One thought on “I Married Adventure: The Lives of Martin and Osa Johnson

    1. Amy on said:

      This book is an absolute treat. It is everything an adventure book should be: full of romantic, scary, challenging and awe-inspiring moments. Osa chronicles her life with her husband to explain how they went from two Midwestern kids to two daring world travelers in the early 20th century who braved cannibals, African chiefs, harsh elements, and every kind of scary animal known to man. Their goal was to capture everything they saw on film to preserve it for history. While today's environmentalist [...]

    2. Lisa on said:

      I read of Osa and Martin Johnson this fall in the KS Dept of Wildlife and Parks magazine. To think that such a strong/adventsuresome woman who traveled internationally came from western KS totally intrigued me.May 2011 I found this book fascinating. The adventures this couple undertook would be amazing today, but considering that it was the 1920's and 30's, when women rarely wore pants let alone carry a gun, go on MAJOR adventures (Africa, South Pacific, Borneo), and learn to fly a plane, well, [...]

    3. Justinbwood on said:

      Intriguing account of a woman who lived life rather differently than most, following her husband around the world as they attempted to film people and wildlife in the remote and inaccessible parts of the world in the early 20th century. Interesting for her un-self-conscious approach to traditional domesticity in the midst of thorough adventure.Although many of their attitudes regarding civilized whites and the savages are cringe-inducing today, she and her husband were filming when most were sho [...]

    4. Helen on said:

      Wonderful book. It is an amazing story of travel and exploration in the early 1900s in Africa and the South Pacific before there were tours, drivers and guides. It is also an endearing lovestory of a couple able to follow their passion for travel together. Descriptions of their encounters with head-hunters and "safaris" are truly inspiring. It will make you want to abandon your desk job and go see the world.

    5. Jubilee on said:

      Terrific book! The Johnson's are one of my all time favorite couples!

    6. Annie on said:

      I received this as a gift from an adventuresome farm wife in my church, and am so glad she recommended it to me! This is the story of an explorer and his loving, loyal sidekick, his wife Osa. I loved seeing how Osa's plucky bravery and love for her husband kept her by his side as they explored Africa, captured many reels of wild animals and wilder natives, and saved each other's lives numerous times. She could shoot a lion in mid-attack, fly a plane, ford a river in a safari car, and trudge acro [...]

    7. Trish Remley on said:

      I can't believe my children grew up in Kansas and had not come across Osa and Martin Johnson from Chanute and Independence Kansas. Their adventures all over the world in the early 1900's are truly remarkable. I enjoyed Osa's telling very much and although there are many terrible descriptions of the people they meet and hire to work for them based out of sheer ignorance. The descriptions of where they went, how they prepared, the photos they took were wonderful. The amount of visual information c [...]

    8. Christine on said:

      I requested this book from my University Library after reading about Osa Johnson in "Women Travelers." From the moment I received this first edition, with its zebra-striped bookcloth cover, I was hooked. I had requested Martin and Osa's silent film, "Simba" (1924) through Interlibrary Loan at the same time.Osa's voice throughout the book (the film was obviously silent) was inviting and in no way condescending. I am looking for a first edition of this book to purchase, in case anyone has one they [...]

    9. Carol on said:

      This book (with the zebra cover) sat on my shelf for years. I think I started to read it once but got bogged down. This time I couldn't put it down. I don't believe people have adventures like this any more. Imagine being chased by cannibals down a mountain, through a jungle and into the ocean. That's what novels are made of, but this actually happened.

    10. Niki Landry on said:

      I was originally drawn to the zebra stripe cover and exciting title, but the story definatey pulled me in further. Osa Johnson vividly describes the exotic locations and cultures she explored throughout her marriage to Martin Johnson. Wonderful story of Love and Adventure.

    11. Ruth on said:

      Five stars for the past, way past, when I loved this book. Coming back to it as an adult, I saw what I didn't see as a kid. The book is filled with the slaughter of animals.

    12. Diane Klajbor on said:

      I first read this book many, many years ago. It has stayed with me all these years. It is amazing. It's the memoir of Osa Johnson and the years she spent with her husband Martin from 1910-1937. They went on expeditions to remote islands and Africa photographing natives and animals. Theirs were some of the very first pictures people saw of natives and the animals from these regions. Martin and Osa knew very little about what they needed to survive before going into some of these remote places. It [...]

    13. Noemi Leo Sko on said:

      As typical for adventure books, I never got really addicted, but I still enjoyed reading it. But it's an easy read.And: It's exactly as travelling: There are adventurous days and less exciting days. The ups and downs of travelling are well described.It was interesting to see, how travelling and camera technology developed over the decades described in the book. And also the intereactions with local people and wildlife at that time seem somewhat different from today.

    14. Heather on said:

      I chose this because it was one of National Geographic's recommended top 100 adventure books. "I Married Adventure" by Osa Johnson is the story of two kids from Kansas who travel the world. Martin Johnson is a very early photographer who takes a voyage with Jack London, films cannibals in the South Pacific, and embarks on a life of photography and adventure. Osa, his young wife, doesn't realize what she has signed up for at first but is just the type of woman who is up to the challenge, accompan [...]

    15. Jrobertus on said:

      This is a truly amazing memoir/adventure book, and is justifiably considered a classic. Martin Johnson was born in Kansas in 1884. He was a poor student but was a take charge guy. His father owned a prosperous jewelry store and hoped Martin would continue the business, but it was not to be. He fooled araound with photography and as a teenager signed on to sail the south Pacific with Jack London. He traveled around the world more or less as a vagabond. He came back to Kansas when broke and did so [...]

    16. Elaine Meszaros on said:

      Osa and Martin Johnson were once household names. In the 1920s and 30s they brought the wilds of Africa, Micronesia and Borneo to the big screen in little towns. Both were originally from small towns in Kansas. While Martin dreamed of seeing the world and photographing it, Osa wanted only a nice home and family. In her late teens, she met and spontaneously married Martin and her life veered wildly off track. They spent the first few years together running a traveling show and lecture about Marti [...]

    17. Carol on said:

      This is one of those times that I realized that I was unaware of a true story that is a part of history; the story of the lives of Osa and Martin Johnson, film-making adventurers of the early twentieth century. In 1910, Martin married 16 year old Osa and they spent the next 27 years exploring and filming placesthat few westerners had ever seen: native and animal populations in the South Seas and equatorial Africa. They embraced the local cultures and oftenlived months, and even years, miles from [...]

    18. Doug Dams on said:

      This book tells the story of Martin and Osa Johnson who traveled the Pacific south seas and Africa trying to photograph and film the lives of native peoples and animals before civilization could alter them. Their trips took place between 1912 and 1937. The stories of their encounters with the headhunters and cannibals in the south seas islands are thrilling and fascinating. And the safari stories in Africa are interesting with their up close observations of animals and natives. Osa Johnson write [...]

    19. Betty on said:

      I must have reviewed this on . This was a hard book to locate given it is old. This adventuresome couple were unique and unusal in their day, and we are so "Discovery" and "NatGeo" that we'd dismiss them today. But they were at the beginning of the great explorers and the beginning of film. Both have come a long way. Thank goodness safaris are now with camera, rather than guns. As predicted so many species are endangered now. This book was too long, needed a good editor, and was part of what we [...]

    20. Beth on said:

      I found a first edition of this book in a 25 cent bargain bin at a church bazaar and intrigued by the zebra-striped cover I purchased it. What a fantastic book, and one in which I read while my husband and I were on our own adventure crossing the country from NY to CAbut oh, Osa's stories of travel in the South Seas and Africa in the early 20th century pale in comparison to any 21st century roadtrip! I absolutely LOVED this book and rank it up there in my top 20. Osa Johnson was so much a woman [...]

    21. Gina on said:

      A real life adventure story of a couple in the 1920s and 1930s. The author, Osa Johnson, describes their travels around the world making documentary films. They did some revolutionary work in aerial filming. Although they came from modest backgrounds they were able to support themselves doing something they loved. Martin Johnson was also a close friend and former shipmate aboard Jack London's sailing yacht, The Snark. An interesting book written in an era when there were still undiscovered parts [...]

    22. Sally on said:

      Wonderful memoir of adventure! Osa and her husband Martin traveled the world, photographing wildlife and remote tribes in their natural habitat in the 1920s and 1930s. Fearless in their work, they paved the way for later naturalists and other scientists. They were intrepid!In the sense of adventure, it reminded me strongly of another true story I read a few years ago, "Tea for Two," about an English woman who married an Englishman who ran a tea plantation in remote India, complete with pet tiger [...]

    23. Swhe641200 on said:

      This was the story of the Johnson's life of adventure in the 1910 to 1920. They were quite a couple and their lives as he went into the jungles of the uncivilized world to take picture were quite unique. I enjoyed the book. I never could live that kind of life and I am sure many could not. She turly gave her life to him. Sorry that he was killed in a plane wreck after speaking in the tabernalce to a group of youth. He had a lot of life still to live. Suggested by Weber county Library list.

    24. Lea on said:

      I first heard about Martin & Osa Johnson while staying at the Animal Kingdom Resort at Disney World. This book was mentioned in the display about the couple. This book by Osa details Martin's early life and their life together. It's an interesting look at history published in the early 1940s about their experiences in the early part of the 1900s. It's an early look at preserving natural history. I found it to be very readable.

    25. Marty on said:

      Adventure in the early 1900's---much sounds awkward by our knowledge and language use today----but what a time Martin and Osa hadMartine with Jack London, Osa, marrying this young fellow and off she goes to the South Seas! Reflecting the times, while his main interest was photography, unfortunate casualties included understanding of the people, and the death of poor elephants, rhinos, etc which got in the way.

    26. Maria Pumilia on said:

      Thoroughly enjoyed this well written, entertaining and absolutely fascinating auto/biography of Osa and Martin Johnson, written by Osa herself. Wow. First hand harrowing accounts of how the worlds first film footage of african wildlife and indigenous peoples (not to mention south pacific cannibals!!) was laid to celluloid. It's kinda like Discovery Channel meets "Joe Vs. the Volcano" meets Jane Goodall's "Born Free" meets "Ozzy and Harriet".

    27. Travis Hamilton on said:

      This was a great clean read. I enjoyed it very much. It has made my need to travel and see the world by working and serving increase in great steps and leaps and bounds. I am not sure if I could live somewhere for four years taking pictures of elephants for that longbut maybe a 6 months! A great read.

    28. Becky on said:

      Interesting story about the adventurous marriage of these two. It did make me want to learn more about them: how readers/audiences in the early part of the 20th century received them, what happened to Osa after Martin died, and so on. Some questions will probably never be answered, such as why didn't she get pregnant?

    29. Anne Buck on said:

      This was such an interesting book. Martin and Osa are adventure travelers and documentary film makers and photographers in the early part of the 20th century. Their travels took them to the South Pacific and Africa. The pictures in the book help tell the story. I felt like I was there with them at some points in the book.

    30. Jan on said:

      I watched the Osa and Martin Johnson movies when I was a kid, on early TV. I loved them then, and loved reading about them now. I had read this book several times before, and will probably read it again.

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