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Catwings The bestselling Catwings series Mrs Jane Tabby can t explain why her four precious kittens were born with wings but she s grateful that they are able to use their flying skills to soar away from the

  • Title: Catwings
  • Author: Ursula K. Le Guin S.D. Schindler
  • ISBN: 9780439551892
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • The bestselling Catwings series Mrs Jane Tabby can t explain why her four precious kittens were born with wings, but she s grateful that they are able to use their flying skills to soar away from the dangerous city slums where they were born However, once the kittens escape the big city, they learn that country life can be just as difficult

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      499 Ursula K. Le Guin S.D. Schindler
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    One thought on “Catwings

    1. Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten* on said:

      Adorable little book. The thing I love about children's books (and by extension, a lot of MG stories) is that they don't tend to spend as much time as YA or adult stories explaining themselves. Like, the kittens were born with wings. How? Who cares? Moving on. And I think that's incredibly important, because the how or the why isn't the point of the story.

    2. Rachel on said:

      I loved this book/series so much when I was a child that as an adult I got a tattoo of one of the illustrations. :)

    3. Emily on said:

      Cute purry cats with wings and Ursula Le Guin -- back in 1988, this combination did not really work for me. I was too much in awe of Leguin's mind-expanding stories and her rich humane wisdom to feel comfortable with her as the writer of what is, quite frankly, a rather simplistic children's book.Parenthood changes many things. I've now found that its very simplicity makes this an excellent read aloud book. True it's not particularly deep, but the fineness of the prose shines through if you give [...]

    4. Magrat Ajostiernos on said:

      Un cuento suuuuuper cortiro al más puro estilo de las fábulas tradicionales. Entrañable y divertido, los pequeños lo disfrutarán especialmente, y me han encantado las ilustraciones (también muy clásicas).

    5. Tatiana on said:

      It's no secret that I love Ursula K. Le Guin. I decided to read everything by her, so I got these kids books, the Catwings series. This is the first. They have the same solid reality and aching sense of longing that many of her fantasies for adult readers give. These would make a great introduction for any child to UKL's work, but are jewels of great beauty for grown-ups to cherish as well. The idea of cats with wings is so perfect. It just rings true, for some reason. UKL's books always have a [...]

    6. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy on said:

      It's a book about cats. With wings. By Ursula Le Guin. Of course I loved it even if I'm about 24 years older than its target audience.

    7. Susie on said:

      I read this series of short books aloud to my daughter when she was in the first grade. We both were mesmerized by this sweet and subtly deep story about a litter of cats born with wings. There is no magic in these books, and yet they are pure magic. Definitely recommended, and they really kept my attention as well. Subtle lessons about compassion and how different people react to others with unusual traits.

    8. Raevyn Oswald on said:

      Pre-reading: Since I started my work in progress, I've gained a new appreciation for books with winged characters.Also, I really like cats.So combine these two elements into a kids' book, and you've officially intrigued me!After reading:Cute! I really think this would make a good read-aloud.ContentLanguage“Dumb”; “stupid”Violence and darknessAn owl attacks one of the cats; one of the cats has bitten a human at one point

    9. J.L. Sutton on said:

      I'd read the Earthsea Series (and a few other of LeGuin's books) in high school, but Catwings wasn't on my radar. LeGuin creates a sense of wonder; there is something very simplistic and charming about this short tale of a litter of kittens born with wings. What's a mother to do? How do other animals react when it's time for the kittens to (stretch their wings and) leave home? Quick read that stays with you for a while.

    10. Susan on said:

      Four winged kittens set out to find a better place to live than the city. But country life has its challenges, too. Charming illustrations, a storyteller who tells the truth “slant” as Emily Dickinson said, some humor, and a happy ending made a delightful, fabulous story.

    11. Caro M. on said:

      This cute little story is all about cats. The Winged Cats. What's not to love? <3

    12. Jerry on said:

      Cute illustrations, good writingbut a bit too short and lightweight for my tastes.

    13. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      I'm glad that this great book is still in print even after all these years. It's a short but wonderful little novel and the illustrations are really nice, too.

    14. Mathew on said:

      The first in the series of these early reader books which seem to those 'first chapter' books. The story was quick to read and Schindler's illustrations were absolutely gorgeous. As always, the reader is treated to some wonderful prose by Le Guin and it would be wrong to deny the children reader a chance to explore and enjoy the author's utterly wonderful mastery of word and wisdom. Plus, it has flying cats.

    15. Rick on said:

      Another perfect little modern fable for bedtime stories. This time the subject is a group of cats born with wings. Sweet and charming, Le Guin is real master at this type of storytelling. The art is delightful as well, and very evocative of early 2oth century children's literature. There's a lot of complex social concepts presented for children in a context that makes them readily digestible. Le Guin is (sorry, it's still so recent) was a genius.

    16. Jasmine on said:

      I read this when I was small and remembered it as being super adorable. Small me was so right. But small me didn't appreciate the WONDERFUL cattish illustrations. Come on, small me!

    17. Kathryn on said:

      The first Ursula Le Guin book I ever read and still my favourite

    18. Ruthie Jones on said:

      Holy Cats, this teeny tiny story is absolutely adorable!On the surface, this tale is about four sibling cats (born with wings, mind you), who are encouraged by their mother to fly away from the bad neighborhood of their birth and seek a new and safe place to live. The cats do just that, and they encounter danger along the way before finally discovering a couple of human children in the country who mean them no harm.Just below the surface, however, is a story about acceptance in a world where bei [...]

    19. Cheri on said:

      I read this children's book a few days ago just because it was by Ursula K. Le Guin -- I'm a big fan of exposing kids to fine writing. It seemed like a good book to read to a child, nicely written but nothing spectacular. However, I find that the book keeps coming to mind. There are a number of issues raised (pros and cons of being different, adjusting to new situations, accepting inevitabilities, deciding whom to trust, supporting family members) in ways that would be appealing to children and [...]

    20. Allison on said:

      I saw this book at the library and was immediately reminded of my childhood. A nostalgic feeling, for sure, rereading it. What a sweet book that is perfectly astute: "Mother always said that if you found the right kind of Hands, you'd never have to hunt again. But if you found the wrong kind, it would be worse than dogs". Isn't that a perfect summary of all humankind, in a way?

    21. Maggie K on said:

      My daughter brought this home from school, and when I saw who the author was, I was delighted to sit and read this with her. My daughter was equally impressed when I showed her a couple of my books with the same author name upon them.We sat down and had a great reading session together, and I am now a little more impressed with her school!

    22. Kaethe on said:

      Yeah, there's no way in the real world that a litter of kittens is going to be born with four normal limbs and two wings; genetics don't work that way. But, a story about kittens with wings? Awesome. Reality can take a nap.

    23. Nikki on said:

      Catwings is a sweet little book. I like pretty much everything Ursula Le Guin writes, so it's not surprising that I like her fiction for young children, too. It seems like it'd be pretty good to read aloud, but there are also lovely pictures.And cats! With wings! Having adventures!

    24. Linda on said:

      Categories/Genre: Fiction, FantasyCopyright Date: 1988Estimate Grade Level of Interest: Grade 2-4Estimate of reading level: Grade 4Brief Description: Four kittens born with wings fly off to the country and find 2 children who like them.Books of modern fantasy engage children's imagination, which is important to their intellectual development. This is a shorter book of fantasy that is not too fantastical, but rather quite simple and sweet: four cat siblings help each other in a new place and lear [...]

    25. Yani Daniele on said:

      En apenas 52 páginas tenemos un cuento muy tierno que será la delicia de los más pequeños. Una historia con gatos alados, que a pesar de ese toque mágico, no deja de ser la realidad de muchos mininos que nacen en las calles de las ciudades del mundo.Cuidado con "las manos", cuidado con "los zapatos" aunque no todos son malos.Ideal para los más chiquitos y para los locos de los gatos, para disfrutar de una tierna historia.

    26. Cheryl on said:

      Mrs. Tabby has four little kittens. The were each born with wings! Mrs. Tabby is happy because now her little ones can fly away from her home in the big city. They can go to the country where she hopes they can live a happy peaceful life

    27. Alycia on said:

      Adorable! My first time reading anything by Ursula LeGuin story was cute but what really caught my eye were the beautiful illustrations! I think I'll be picking up Catwings Return soon. :)

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