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Brimstone Behind the gates of a fabulous Hamptons estate FBI Special Agent Pendergast comes upon the carnage of a gruesome crime one that recalls the legendary horrors that befall those who make a Faustian pac

  • Title: Brimstone
  • Author: Douglas Preston Lincoln Child
  • ISBN: 9780446612753
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Behind the gates of a fabulous Hamptons estate, FBI Special Agent Pendergast comes upon the carnage of a gruesome crime one that recalls the legendary horrors that befall those who make a Faustian pact with the devil Surrounded by the choking stench of brimstone, the smoldering remains of art critic Jeremy Grove are found in a locked, barricaded attic next to a hoofprintBehind the gates of a fabulous Hamptons estate, FBI Special Agent Pendergast comes upon the carnage of a gruesome crime one that recalls the legendary horrors that befall those who make a Faustian pact with the devil Surrounded by the choking stench of brimstone, the smoldering remains of art critic Jeremy Grove are found in a locked, barricaded attic next to a hoofprint singed into the floorboards.Unable to resist a case that defies all but supernatural logic, Pendergast reunites with police officers Vincent D Agosta Relic and Laura Hayward Reliquary to search for a earthly explanation But their investigation soon takes them from the luxury estates of Long Island and penthouses of New York City to the crumbling, legend shrouded castles of the Italian countryside, where thirty years ago four men conjured up something unspeakable.

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    • ☆ Brimstone || Á PDF Read by À Douglas Preston Lincoln Child
      448 Douglas Preston Lincoln Child
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    One thought on “Brimstone

    1. Sean Gibson on said:

      I’ve boxed myself into reviewing Pendergast books using food comparisons, which, fortunately, is not an overly restrictive framework (I mean, I’m only on book five, so haven’t had to start reaching for okra or polenta just yet), but has, thus far, been influenced by whatever I’ve eaten most recently that seems even remotely applicable. (Another reason I haven’t busted out okra or polenta, incidentally, because eating those things just seems ridiculous. I refuse.)Fortunately, the stars [...]

    2. Matthew on said:

      There are not enough stars in the world for Preston and Child! Dark mystery and intrigue! Forces of good and evil collide! Satan come forth from hell to take the souls of sinners!Every chapter is interesting with a question answered or a new one raised. Every few pages, another cliffhanger. Each challenge presented seemingly impossible to overcome.If you like mysteries, thrillers, horror, dark humor, crime drama, etc. Basically if you like unstoppable excitement from page one that goes on for bo [...]

    3. Dirk Grobbelaar on said:

      Review RevisitedThis is a fabulous series. Brimstone is somewhat different from its predecessors. It's more Agatha Christie than Michael Crichton this time round. A little bit less horror; a little more mystery. The authors appear to be paying tribute to a number of literary classics and conventions in this novel. For one thing, one of the characters is lifted exactly out of The Woman in White. Aloysius Pendergast has always been decidedly Sherlock Holmes-like, but it's taken to the next level h [...]

    4. Ginger on said:

      Another great book in the Pendergast series! I’ve been really impressed with this series and the writers. Preston/Child have tackled lots of different plots and they have all worked so far.This book in the series, Brimstone starts off with a charred body found in a Long Island estate. The questions about the death seem to involve evil forces with the smell of brimstone in the air and a hoofprint scorched into the floor.Did Satan really kill this man?!! Well, read this book to find out.This boo [...]

    5. Emma on said:

      Pendergast for President! I love this character and this series. Pendergast is the real deal.

    6. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* on said:

      “While dead men tell no tales, their corpses often speak volumes.” Opening with one of the most intriguing mystery starters ever, Brimstone makes it seem like the devil himself has come to settle scores. Like many other Pendergast novels, sometimes it seems like the story is Paranormally focused, but by the end that's not always the case. I won't say whether it is or isn't this time around, just like Relic and Still Life with Crows, things are usually more than they initially seem, even if w [...]

    7. Michael on said:

      I had some thrills with this one, the 5th in a series of 12. A mysterious death of a hated Manhattan art critic is judged as caused by internal heating, and a cloven hoof print and bit of brimstone at the scene raise the specter of the Devil’s work. FBI agent Prendergast and police liaison Sergeant D’Agosta make a team similar to Holmes and Watson. The victim’s guests and telephone calls made the night of his death have overtones of a man who has made a pact with the Devil fearful of payba [...]

    8. kartik narayanan on said:

      Brimstone starts off promisingly but putters out towards the end. So, the book is actually quite good till the last act. Once, the villain is revealed in all his Blofeld like glory, the book falters. Other than this (which is a big deal), Brimstone has excellent writing & characterization blah blah blah. Preston & Child have used this book to set up a 'Moriarty' for Pendergast or is that a Mycroft? ;-). In addition, a new character is abruptly introduced which made me wonder if I had mis [...]

    9. Mark on said:

      The best reason for rereading a good book is when you switch from a dog-eared paperback copy to a first edition hardcover copy, so I did just that.The book begins with a crime scene that clearly shows that the devil has taken care of the victim. This of course tickles a certain FBI agents interest and when he finds a certain former NYPD lieutenant Vincent in the humbly job of police sergeant at the same scene life is good for Vincent who suddenly becomes a liaison for the local police department [...]

    10. Jen on said:

      My favorite Pendergast to date! I know there are a lot more books to read in this series, but I really enjoyed the mystery and thrill of this story. I also loved that we connected with old friends againD'Agosta and Hayward are great characters and add a lot to these stories.

    11. ✨Susan✨ on said:

      I have liked other books in this series very much but I had a hard time getting into this one. I only related to two characters which is rare for me in a Preston Child book. It was a struggle to stick with it.

    12. J.K. Grice on said:

      4.5 stars. What can I say? Another stellar Pendergast adventure from Preston & Child.

    13. Lobstergirl on said:

      This, the rollicking fifth in the Pendergast series, featuring spontaneous combustion, assassins, and 18th-century violins, is Preston & Child's best Pendergast thus far, despite some flaws. One overlookable flaw was an unnecessary side plot involving an ex-felon doomsday preacher who improbably sets up a grimy tent city in Central Park and gets hundreds (or maybe it was thousands) of New Yorkers to follow him as if he's a modern Messiah. Um, right. This felt like it was imported from a bad [...]

    14. John on said:

      OK, more popular genre fiction doing a very mediocre job of representing their genre.Child and Preston must have a fan at the local independent bookstore because several of these McNuggets of entertainment are on their recommended shelf. After reading a few of them, I'm not sure why.Two dimensional comic book characters (and not in a good way), over-wrought plots, unbelievable exploits, yadda yadda.Probably the most fundamental criticism I can make regards their craft. They consistently tell us [...]

    15. Jovana Vesper on said:

      Bože, daj svima zdravlja i sreće a meni šesti nastavak Preston/Čajld romana!Obožavam ovu franšizu, to je i slepim miševima u mom dvorištu jasno. Koja šteta što mi je trebalo toliko vremena da pročitam "Sumpor" do kraja ali šta ću kad su mi obaveze stale na put. Zbog toga sam u čudnom raspoloženju sad kad sam gotova Prvih 400 strana sam praktično u dahu pročitala a ostatak suviše razvlačila da sam se u tom istezanju distancirala od kraja, dok ne stigoh do Epiloga. E to je druga [...]

    16. Kasia on said:

      Brimstone is the fifth fantastic read from the ingenious Preston and Child duo and it doesn't disappoint. I thought that the book was simply fantastic and extremely delectable, and the moment I finished it I felt a deep hunger to pounce on the next, if I had the sixth book in my possession I have no doubt that I would be unable to leave it alone. Meticulously researched, the novel travels from the streets of New York into the lush and romantic Italy, where Pendergast meets with a nemesis so gran [...]

    17. Filipa on said:

      O agente Pendergast e o sargento Vincent d'Agosta apaixonaram-me. Este livro é o primeiro de uma trilogia que devo dizer me impressionou pela positiva, tanto pela história como pela mestria da escrita e ainda pelos carismáticos polícias. Adorei o brilhantismo de Aloysius Pendergast, que por mais alhadas em que se metessem (ele e colega) estava sempre um passo à frente e avaliava todas as situações de um modo muito analítico, com extrema calma e sangue frio. Não recorre à violência a n [...]

    18. Tiffany PSquared on said:

      I already loved the Relic/Pendergast series and reading this book may have sealed my dedication to it ad infinitum with the introduction (sort of) of bad boy, Diogenes.I love the way Pendergast and D'Agosta play off of each other. The main story was enough though - the little sub plots were a little superfluous.

    19. ᴥ Irena ᴥ on said:

      There are so many twists and turns in this story. Nothing is as you'd expect. No lead leads you where you thought it would. What started as a strange murder with a supernatural touch turns into something even worse. I loved this book because Pendergast and D'Agosta are working together almost the entire book. There is so much action when these two are concerned that the story is full of edge-of-the-seat moments. The danger they find themselves in is real. Unlike previous books, the story in Brim [...]

    20. Chris on said:

      I'm honestly not sure what to say about this book. It was ok, I liked it more than the first Pendergast novel Relic. I just expected a better ending. For the most part I like the character Pendergast. He is the type of Agent that you want to follow because he has this James Bond style confidence, while is also not afraid to push the boundaries to get information he needs. This book is a good stand alone novel. Having only read the first Perdergast novel I was concerned that I would be lost. A fr [...]

    21. Andrew Sydlik on said:

      Fifth Pendergast book, first in the "Diogenes trilogy," although Pendergast's diabolical brother hardly appears in this at all, so I don't understand why it is lumped with the next 2 books. Anyway, it is pretty typical of the Pendergast series - fast-paced action, mysterious crimes, a blend of science and the spiritual.I like the complexity of the mystery and Pendergast's eccentricities, which remind me of Poe's detective stories. However, some of the narrative seems unnecessary, such as the sec [...]

    22. Alison on said:

      This is the first book I've ready by Douglas Preston and I'm ready to read more. Agent Pendergast is quite a character, a little of James Bond, a little of David Copperfield, and little like a cat with nine lives - which all makes it that much more interesting to read on to discover how he's going to get out of all the scrapes he gets into! Spontaneous Human Combustion? The Devil? are two of the theories put out there when a body is discovered burnt although nothing else in the house has been to [...]

    23. Marie on said:

      I read this book a long time ago and really loved it then just as I loved again this time around. It grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go till you get to the end. I had forgotten some of what happened in the book, but it slowly started coming back as I re-read it. To me it was as thrilling the second time around. Love Pendergast! If you are not familiar with Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child or you are new to the horror genre, then you need to read these authors and especially their series [...]

    24. Alex on said:

      Great book! Solid 4.5 stars. The duo really has a way of fusing together both great dialogue and descriptive setting with a solid plot. There were several action scenes that had me on the edge of my seat, reminding me of the greatest action novels I've read - Dan Brown, Max McCoy, Patterson, and even other Preston/Child books. Great plot, per usual, and plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing what will happen next. And the fellas have a knack for knowing just when to switch to another su [...]

    25. John Beta on said:

      These Pendergast novels are like comfort food - I only partake a few times a year. As always, mystery, thrills, dashes of humor, and the amazing Aloysius X. L. Pendergast - an ever resourceful FBI agent. This is the sixth Pendergast novel and so far, and this one is in my top six of the series. Ha!

    26. itchy on said:

      what a wonderful thing technology is;although i have doubts about (view spoiler)[isidor's microwave (hide spoiler)]

    27. Nina Ivanova on said:

      Full review/Цялото ревю - click, clickСледпрочитно:Това е книгата ми с най-ниска оценка от прочетените от поредицата досега и, признавам, вина за това има и фактът, че не четях подред. Не, не ми попречи толкова факта, че знаех какво става по-нататък. Ще обясня.Романът започна страхотно, с [...]

    28. Andy on said:

      I picked this up for a pittance on sale, having read and enjoyed Relic and Reliquary many years back. I've not read the others in the series and only have dim memories of prior events.The plot is fairly ridiculous, with a potential involvement of the devil rapidly becoming obviously not satanic in nature, though still remaining pretty out-there in terms of ludicrousness. The motivation seems so unlikely that you have to laugh: they really went to all that trouble for that? There's an entirely su [...]

    29. Hali Sowle on said:

      Another solid Pendergast novel from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs. This book reunites Pendergast and Vincent D'Acosta in search for a seemingly supernatural murderer. A man is murdered in a room in his locked, alarmed house in Southampton, NY. Vincent D'Acosta has returned from Canada leaving his not so lucrative career of writing crime procedurals behind him (along with his wife and son)but instead of being reinstated as a Lieutenant in the NYPD he's found a job as a Sargent with the South [...]

    30. Seth on said:

      Probably my favorite of the Pendergast novels, since Pendergast and D'Agosta are reunited in their crime-solving efforts. The two characters are at their best when they are playing off of one another. In some ways the novel is reminiscent of Thomas Harris's Hannibal, however that's likely just because they share a setting in Florence, Italy. Overall, it's great fun, like all of Preston and Child's books, and the cliffhanger ending is quite a nasty one. It's also the beginning of their "Diogenes [...]

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