Delsyn's Blues

Lou Sylvre

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Delsyn's Blues

Delsyn s Blues Sonny James and Luki Vasquez are living proof that the course of love never runs smoothly Ambushed by grief Sonny listens to a voice singing the blues from beyond the grave While revisiting the sorro

  • Title: Delsyn's Blues
  • Author: Lou Sylvre
  • ISBN: 9781613723227
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sonny James and Luki Vasquez are living proof that the course of love never runs smoothly Ambushed by grief, Sonny listens to a voice singing the blues from beyond the grave While revisiting the sorrows and failings of his past, in the here and now he puts up a wall against love Just when Luki chips through that barricade, the couple becomes the target of a new threat fSonny James and Luki Vasquez are living proof that the course of love never runs smoothly Ambushed by grief, Sonny listens to a voice singing the blues from beyond the grave While revisiting the sorrows and failings of his past, in the here and now he puts up a wall against love Just when Luki chips through that barricade, the couple becomes the target of a new threat from outside an escalating and unexplainable rash of break ins and assaults.Thoughts of infidelity rise between them, a threat that may strain their newly mended love past its limits To come through the trials alive and together, Luki and Sonny will have to unite against enemies who were once friends and overcome crippling hatred and overwhelming fear If they succeed, maybe then they can rekindle the twin flames of passion and love.

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      441 Lou Sylvre
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    One thought on “Delsyn's Blues

    1. Monique ~ Sinfully on said:

      This second book in the Vasquez and James series and is another excellent example of just how amazing Lou Sylvre is LOVED IT!!!Lou Sylvre, once again delivers a compelling, exciting and suspense filled slice of Luki and Sonny’s world, in Loving Luki I fell in love with her beautiful prose that endeared me to these two flawed and broken characters who are still at the fledgling stage of their relationship. The prologue to Delsyn’s Blues is heart breaking, and the consequences of this are the [...]

    2. T.A. Webb on said:

      Luki Mililani Vasquez loves Sonny Bly James. After the events of the previous summer, where former ATF agent and now private security consultant Luki and weaver and artist Sonny faced certain death, the two have moved forward with their relationship. They share humor, smart ass attitudes, passion, and love for each other. Luki has basically moved in with Sonny and Delsyn, Sonny's nephew, who managed to survive being bled nearly to death in the same events that almost killed Luki and Sonny.But no [...]

    3. ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★ on said:

      After the 1st inital shock whilst sitting in my happy chair reading~I got to 45% and.well sh*td WTF just happen!The BookThe first inital shockThe Prologue was sad, but thank goodness it's short, I often wonder, did that that really NEED to happen? And , gosh, after I got over that and yep, at 45% I was thrown out of my happy chair whilst reading this book. This book was full of lot's of humanly emotions, saddness, turmoil, action, betrayal, honesty, need, desire and love, and in the mist of all [...]

    4. Sandi ♥'s way too many M/M books on said:

      I am so in love with these 2 beautiful men. 5 heart pounding beautifully written stars. Better than the 1st installment. You learn so much more about these 2 men in book 2. Luki a wonderfully beautiful insecure man who loves Sonny with his whole being. And smokes way to much!Sonny a heart broken artist who lost his nephew Delsyn to an unspeakable crime, Pushes the man he loves away basically to grieve it’s all he knows to do. But Luki strong and determined will not let Sonny do this alone. He [...]

    5. Rhys Ford on said:

      This is a fantastic follow up to Loving Luki Vasquez. I won't go into spoiler territory but this book contains a lot more of the characters' back story and it pretty much is a roller coaster ride of angst, pleasure, joy, anger and oh-my-fucking-god-what-the-hell-is-he-doing-to-me-now emotions. A lot of this book is about the faith and trust that builds between Luki and Sonny. Yes, there is a crime/drama in this but it's also about their relationship and the trials/tribulations both men have to g [...]

    6. Vastine Bondurant on said:

      I should have read this book slower. Because now I've finished and am beginning the impatient wait for the next installment of the Luki Vasquez/Sonny James series. And the author had better hurry, as this book left me longing for more of the guys.I don't know what it is about Luki and Sonny. Chemistry, physical appeal, sex, a wonderful balance of dark and light, broody and sunny. They are perfection.The book does begin on a sad note, but I was invested in the story---mind and heart---before the [...]

    7. Josy on said:

      ~ 4.5 stars ~Spoiler-free review for the whole series:/review/show

    8. Olla Honeycutt on said:

      This sequel is easily a stand alone book. Loving Luki Vasquez is a great thriller/mystery/romance about two characters who couldn't possibly be more opposite and yet,in strange ways so much alike. Both hiding and protecting their inter selves. Yet despite this fact, they get thrown into high-energy situations and have to work together to figure them out, building their love along the way. The author really kept the pace going, and it was hard to put down. Enjoyed it very much and highly recommen [...]

    9. Sagajo on said:

      Much better than the first book with Vasquez & James, with a much clearer story-line. An interesting writing style, though it still is kind of long-winded.What I like with the writing style is the ease with which the story is told, there is no akwardness. It is flowing so easily that sometimes it is even overflowing :PThe characters are also very compelling and distinct, though I didn't like some of the mushiness in the end. James indian heriage was also much clearer in this story, something [...]

    10. Christy on said:

      'Delsyn's Blues' is the second book in Lou Sylvre's 'Vasquez & James' series about Luki, ex-ATF Agent and owner of a highly successful security firm, and his lover, Sonny, a reclusive weaver who lives in the woods on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. Before you ask me, yes, in my opinion, these books must be read in order for all the history and backstory that comes along in each. I really enjoyed the first book and its climactic ending which involved Sonny's nephew, Delsyn, so I was exci [...]

    11. Mickie Ashling on said:

      4.5 Very good sequel about two men with serious communication problems. My only niggle was the constant vomiting and smoking issues. I kept thinking bad breathI know, silly, but it bothered me. Breath mints were mentioned but it threw me out of the story several times. Nevertheless, some of the sex scenes left me breathless. They were so well written. I'm looking forward to book 3 in this universe which will be released shortly.

    12. Karen on said:

      Delsyn's Blues was so not what I expected, it was more, so very much more and all I can say is I loved it. Lukie and Sonny are so wonderful together and Delsyn broke my heart. I don't know if anything could have made this story better for me the characters and plot were excellent and so well crafted, life a finely woven tapestry.

    13. Nicci on said:

      This installment shows a clearer direction in developing the mystery, which was lacking in the first book. I was surprised at Sonny's background. Very interesting. Poor Delsyn, he never had a chance.

    14. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* on said:

      Yay! I love Sonny and Luki! Soooooooooo cannot wait!!! [image error]

    15. Clancy on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel to Loving Luki Vasquez it was just as action packed, had lots of ups and downs for the lovers and lots of emotion again.

    16. Mtsnow13 on said:

      MtSnow reviews 'Delsyn's Blues' (Vasquez & James Book 2) by Lou Sylvre (Released by Dreamspinner Press on January 2nd, 2012, 260 pgs)Professional badass Luki Vasquez and weaver Sonny James meet for the first time in Loving Luki Vasquez, and they might make a sizzling couple if they can ever get past the impulse to run the other way every time romance comes into view. Then again, they have to stay alive if they’re ever to see their wedding day, and tribulation, cruelty, and greed has a way [...]

    17. Shirley Frances on said:

      Unexpected Loss. Unbearable Pain.I consider this more or less Sonny's story. Within it we find out a lot of the sweet, caring man who has captured Luki's heart. The same man who struggles with pain from both the present and the past. The one that loves Luki, but keeps him at a distance. "If the heart can truly cry, Luki's did. It hurt with overwhelming and bittersweet joy."When tragedy strikes, Luki returns to his Sonny. But the man standing in front of him is not the same one he left behind. Go [...]

    18. Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews on said:

      4 1/2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressThis book is part of a series and must be read in order Sonny is devastated over the loss of a loved one and sends Luki away. When Luki returns he has to battle with Sonny until he gives into his grief. Problems start to come up so taking a friend’s advice they take a short holiday where everything starts to fall apart and Luki finds it hard to even look at Sonny. Until things finally start to come together in his he [...]

    19. clear skies on said:

      I wish I could like this series a lot more because in all honesty it isn't bad. I just find the writing to be incredibly dense - and it just doesn't have a certain flow I need with my stories.Luki and Sonny's relationship has expanded and this book incorporates that. However, when Sonny's nephew dies under suspicious circumstances and Sonny is the number one suspect his grief takes over. He sends Luki away and starts to self-destruct. Luki licks his wounds for a grand total of five minutes befor [...]

    20. Molly Lolly on said:

      Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars!Sonny and Luki are back again in another action packed, suspense filled mystery. In this story we get a bigger glimpse at Sonny’s past. It made me want to hug Sonny at the same time as it helped to understand the way he is now. I hated what happened to Delsyn and would have liked for there to be a way to prevent it. There were some great clues for who the double crosser was, but Luki eventually figured it out. I actually thought it took him l [...]

    21. Nadine on said:

      4.5 starsSometimes there are books that have such a good ending that I don't want a sequel. Then there are books that even with a good ending I feel like I need more. With this book,it was the latter. I liked the end of the first book but the sequel gave me the chance to get a better feeling for the characters and especially the Luki/Sonny relationship. Before,I was just too busy getting used to the unusual writing style and I couldn't really appreciate that Lou Sylvre created two amazing charac [...]

    22. Natalie on said:

      Liked it more than than the firstI think I enjoyed this more because the characters were now familiar. More was revealed from Sonny's past, but not how he can drive like a NASCAR trained, stunt-car expert. It also never explains how he got, or what, his doctorate is. It was still a very intriguing mystery. Also very sad, for Delsyn, as we never got to know him much at all. One of the villains is guessable, very early on. This doesn't detract from the mystery or all the purposes involved. Nothing [...]

    23. Arch Bala on said:

      I always find it annoying when an author intentionally makes her story predictable for the sole purpose of making the main character do something utterly stupid or commit some blunder.I thought this story was just as shaky as the first book. It was erratic even due to Sonny’s “crazy moments” regardless of the supposed reason behind them. His characterization was just way too inconsistent.And if you think about it, Luki brought all these debacles into Sonny’s life yeah? Hate crimes, drugs [...]

    24. Melanie on said:

      Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5For the full review, visit wp/p220KL-2OIFrom my review; "Around these two multidimensional characters flow plots of great intricacy and deceit. And it reverberates from one story to the next, the past like a river who continues to overflow its banks and cover all the events to follow, its dirty waters touching everything and everyone in its path. Delsyn's Blues opens one year after the end of Loving Luki Vasquez. The men are separated and Delsyn is in a wheelchair due [...]

    25. Donna on said:

      I am sorry to say that when I started reading this book I had no clue who Delsyn washad to go back to book one and then it was a big "Ahhh" moment! That being saidon to the reviewWONDERFUL story!!! Yepat about says it all!!! haha Even though I had at least 100 interruptions while trying to read this bookevery time I came back to ite story just flowed!!! Luki someone that finds a place in your heartd he just plans on staying thered of courseyou have to love Sonny for loving Luki!!! I am sure the [...]

    26. Tj on said:

      I enjoyed this follow up to the first book. It really starts out on a heartbreaking note. I was glad to see that both men made their way through it, with a few bumps. This event is a major point for the whole of the book. The writing was well done. The characters really popped this time for me. The author did a good job in describing emotions and scenes. The only flaw and reason for 4 instead of 5 is that it was a bit repetitive with the couple's conflict situation. Also the language used by the [...]

    27. Karen on said:

      A solid 5 stars. This is a great series, and book 2 is even better than the first. There was a touch more steam and angst than in the first book--both appreciated. I love Luki and Sonny, even with their insecurities, bad habits and questionable histories. I feel connected to them. I can tell from the start of a conversation when one of them is going to get hurt, and I tense and often feel the threat of tears. Although these stories end positively, bad things happen--even to characters you really [...]

    28. Ashley E on said:

      Lord, this book made me cry. Sonny and Luki have been through a lot since the end of Loving Luki Vasquez, and aren't even living together when Delsyn's Blues starts. But Luki's just about had enough of Sonny's silence. And then the deaths start up.The feelings between Luki and Sonny never left--They were just put on hold for a bit. As the boys scramble around trying to untangle the lies and threats, they also have to unbottle their hurts and move into an even deeper relationship. Seriously, so m [...]

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