Shadow of the Rock

Thomas Mogford

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Shadow of the Rock

Shadow of the Rock On a humid summer night in Gibraltar lawyer Spike Sanguinetti finds Solomon Hassan an old school friend waiting on his doorstep Accused of murdering a Spanish girl in Tangiers Solomon swears his i

  • Title: Shadow of the Rock
  • Author: Thomas Mogford
  • ISBN: 9780802779991
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On a humid summer night in Gibraltar, lawyer Spike Sanguinetti finds Solomon Hassan, an old school friend, waiting on his doorstep Accused of murdering a Spanish girl in Tangiers, Solomon swears his innocence He has managed to skip across the Straits, but the Moroccan authorities demand his return Spike travels to Tangiers in the hope of delaying the extradition.SolomonOn a humid summer night in Gibraltar, lawyer Spike Sanguinetti finds Solomon Hassan, an old school friend, waiting on his doorstep Accused of murdering a Spanish girl in Tangiers, Solomon swears his innocence He has managed to skip across the Straits, but the Moroccan authorities demand his return Spike travels to Tangiers in the hope of delaying the extradition.Solomon s boss, Nadeer the founder of a renewable energy company called Dunetech that is on the verge of financing an enormous solar powered site in the Sahara suggests that if Spike can delay Solomon s trial until after the deal is signed, he will persuade the governor of Tangiers to bury the extradition demand Complicating this offer, Spike encounters a Bedouin girl who insists that Dunetech is engaged in a nefarious scheme linked to the disappearance of her father As Spike uncovers the truth, he finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into a world of secrets, corruption, and murderous lies.

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    One thought on “Shadow of the Rock

    1. Rachel Hall on said:

      I originally came across the third book in the series featuring street-smart tax lawyer Spike Sanguinetti first but I confess to being daunted by the setting of Gibraltar and the Moroccan port of Tangiers, largely because my knowledge of both the history and the melting pot of cultures that live side by side in the regions is minimal. Although I knew that Gibraltar was a British Sovereignty my only memories are of being told that it was basically Britain in something of a time warp where the 197 [...]

    2. Michael on said:

      Spike Sanguinetti arrives home to Gibraltar only to find Solomon Hassan waiting from him. Solomon is on the run, a Spanish girl was found with her throat cut on the beach in Tangiers and he is being accused of the murder. Spike travels to Morocco to try and delay the extradition, where he meets a woman investigating the disappearance of her father, which is also is leading back to Solomon being involved.Shadow of the Rock seems to be book one of a newly planned series by Thomas Mogfold. Not only [...]

    3. Raven on said:

      I think the first thing that needs to be said is big respect to Mogford to managing to make a tax lawyer slick, sexy and dangerous- no mean feat and one he accomplishes with aplomb! Spike Sanguinetti is a truly compelling character from the outset with a terrier-like determination that leads him into dangerous territory defending his long time friend Solomon Hassan, who is facing a charge of murder. Despite his initial unwillingness to embroil himself in his friend’s trouble, but soon proves h [...]

    4. Karen on said:

      If you're going to be a business lawyer dragged into criminal matters by an old school friend who gets himself into a heap of trouble, then the mean streets you walk somehow seem considerably more exotic when they are the laneways, byways and desert tracks of Gibraltar and TangiersADOW OF THE ROCK is the first Spike Sanguinetti novel from UK author Thomas Mogford. An old-fashioned hard-boiled style thriller, this book is not short of a lot of running around, some lurking, a lot of our hero lost [...]

    5. Alfred on said:

      Spike Sanguinetti is a classic noir thriller set in the novel location of Gibralter. If you're looking for that beach-read or something to take you through the Autumn/Winter nights of 2012/2013, to take your mind of the economic woes of the world this is just the ticket to transport you to the unfamiliar climes of north africa in the company of a detective who never knows when to turn back. I loved it.

    6. Lakis Fourouklas on said:

      First I’d like to give you an advice: Don’t start reading this book late at night. I did and I had to pay the price; that is stay awake until early morning when I finally finished it.I guess that I was surprised in a way that a thing like this would happen to me with a book that’s not a fast-paced thriller, full of twists and turns, car-chases, explosions and other cinematic elements. On the other hand though it has all the other qualities that make a crime novel stand out: mystery, exciti [...]

    7. Tripfiction on said:

      Sleuthing in Gibraltar and TangiersSpike Sanguinetti can find his place alongside other European sleuths, and probably (I believe) is the first to be based on the Rock of Gibraltar. But he's not a detective, he's a tax lawyer who is a character on a mission to defend his friend from way back, Solomon Hassan. Solomon stands accused of murder of a young woman, across the water in Tangiers, and Sanguinetti finds himself travelling there to try and delay Solomon’s extradition to stand trial – he [...]

    8. Sam Still Reading on said:

      Before you place Shadow of the Rock firmly under the thriller category, think again. This is not James Bond style action, not Jason Bourne hand to hand combat (although it does contain a little of both). This is more the ‘ordinary man turned investigator on an adventure’ category (if there is such a thing). And that’s primarily the reason why I enjoyed this novel, because it shows an everyday guy getting out of his depth.Spike Sanguinetti is a lawyer in Gibraltar, famous for its rock and t [...]

    9. CuteBadger on said:

      Spike Sanguinetti is a business lawyer in Gibraltar who is approached by old friend Solomon Hassan, who is bening sought by the Moroccan police for the murder of a Spanish woman on a beach in Tangiers. Against his better judgement Spike agrees to act for Solomon, but a trip to Tangiers to investigate the crime sees Spike embroiled in politics, corruption and danger.This is a hard-boiled thriller of the old school where a man must walk down dangerous streets in search of the truth. I loved the se [...]

    10. Rogue Reader on said:

      Ok, so I had to add a new shelf, mystery-gibraltar, for Mugford's The Shadow of the Rock, and likely this book will stand alone on the shelf, at least until Mogford writes another Spike Sanguinetti mystery.What a great read! Sanguinetti is a Gibraltar attorney who takes up a friend's cause, fighting his extradition to Tangiers for murder. There's no justice in Tangiers, no possible legal defense, and certain death for his friend if extradited.Shadow of the Rock is a complicated mystery, involvin [...]

    11. Ken Mahieu on said:

      Well, what a disappointment "Shadow of the Rock" (SOTR) was. Seemed like a winner. A lawyer based in Gibraltar agrees to help a friend accused of murder in Morocco; and the next book takes place in Malta. After seeing Bogart in "Casablanca" years ago, I'm a sucker for anything with a Moroccan tag, be it a book, restaurant, movie, so I was predisposed to writing a good review for this, but no way. While reading SOTR I often felt like I was watching a foreign language film with no subtitles. I got [...]

    12. Martina on said:

      First in a new series set in Gibraltar featuring lawyer Spike Sanguinetti The action moves between Tangiers and Gibraltar in the first book I had a mixed response to this book. Impossible to discuss the plot without spoiling the book for others, except to say that the ending turned my perception of what was happening on its ear. I may raise my rating after I think about it for a bit. Still digesting it. Things are not necessarily as they appear. I liked the main character and the setting in Gibr [...]

    13. Wendy on said:

      This book is set in Gibraltar and a little in Tangiers. Poor Spike, he is a business law lawyer who suddenly becomes a private investigator. It a good "hard-broiled type mystery with thugs, head knocking, betrayals and plot twists, all under the shadow of the Rock of Gibraltar. Therefore, there is some cultural education too.

    14. Carey Combe on said:

      I am not sure why I didn't enjoy this. Maybe because the 'baddies' were so obvious and 'evil' and the goodies all had good intentions. Interesting settings - Gibraltar andTangiers - but not sure I will give no 2 a go.

    15. Kate on said:

      I really enjoyed this book, a visit to a piece of the world I have only visited in historical writings and the news. Pictorial, entrancing, gritty, full of the varied ethnic cultures that inhabit Gibraltar and Tangier, with a protagonist as ethical as he is tough. I would like to read more .

    16. Shelley Greensted on said:

      Excellent read - end of each chapter makes you want to read on to the next. Can't wait for his next book

    17. Bree T on said:

      Spike Sanguinetti is a tax lawyer living in Gibraltar. He arrives home one summer night to find someone he knew from school, Soloman Hassan, waiting for him. Soloman is in trouble and on the run. A girl he was seen with was found on the beach in Tangiers, Morocco with her throat cut, death by exsanguination. He managed to escape to Gibraltar by paying his way through the passport check but now the Moroccan authorities want him back. Soloman wants Spike to help him, even though Spike hasn’t tak [...]

    18. Antenna on said:

      When former school friend Solomon Hassan knocks on his door in Gibraltar, tax lawyer Spike Sanguinetti decides to give him the benefit of the doubt over the charge of murdering his employer’s step-daughter in Tangiers. Spike’s attempt to persuade the Moroccan authorities to drop an extradition charge involves travelling to Tangiers and collecting some of the evidence the police should have found.The spare style conveys more than many tales of twice the length. Details are gradually revealed [...]

    19. Venetia Green on said:

      A murder mystery set in Gibraltar and Morocco. I particularly liked the exotic settings and the minute and wonderfully evocative details Mogford furnished for each setting. Everything seemed so real, from the stream of noxious effluent snaking through Tangiers' Chinatown to the would-be emigrants scattered in sleep over a Tangiers park. I enjoyed the short chapter structure - it kept the pace up and kept me reading on, for I knew the end of the next chapter was never far away. The one significan [...]

    20. Dan Downing on said:

      A delightful debut of a mystery, set in the small area of Europe and Africa centered on Gibraltar.Our protagonist is a familiar one: someone who has picked a path in life but has too much talent and too many friends to avoid entanglements. In this case we have Spike Sanguinetti, the well to do tax lawyer who no longer does criminal law. Except. His old pal from grade school, a fellow native of Gibraltar, comes a calling, accused of murder just across the water, in Africa. Spike resists, then cav [...]

    21. Margaret1358 Joyce on said:

      A page-turner, this tale of crime excels in sharp, evocative imagery of Gibralter and Morocco and associated cultural histories of respective inhabitants. Modern in its integrated themes of instant telecommunication, the race for renewable energy sources, and the intricacies of corporate global growth, the story fleshes out tight, harrowing action sequences with a super-smart lawyer/protagonist, Spike Sanguinetti. I hope there are sequels.

    22. Vikas Datta on said:

      Tersely-written but captivating novel with twists right till the very last paragraphs and a 'hero', Spike Sangeneutti, who is set to go places The interplay between big business and criminality, especially where it concerns land acquisition is well brought out even in an exotic land and would have given it a higher rating but for a nearly-nauseous scene or two not required to drive the plot.

    23. AnonymousReaderPerson on said:

      Only reason I picked this up is because I was trying to write a novel that takes place largely in Gibraltar, and it looked like it might be good for research if nothing else. Imagine my disappointment when half of it takes place in Morocco instead.Spike comes across as an overdone hero, with far too much masculine charisma packed into the mold of an everyman to be believable.

    24. Tim on said:

      A fast paced mystery (with very short chapters), where Spike, a tax lawyer from Gibraltor, helps an old schoolmate on a murder change in Tangiers. Fine introduction to both the Rock and Morocco. Spike is not a deep character, yet, there are friends and connections and his compentancy with both his wit and in a fight. Setting was best of all, though the mystery itself was at least compelling.

    25. Papalodge on said:

      Well, this first Sanguinetti Novel did prove to be a better read than the second novel.The prose is very good; the tie in to the story less so. The characters are nicely developed. Finally figured out the cover picture at about twenty pages before the end of the story. Still haven't figured out the reason for that character.

    26. Dipra Lahiri on said:

      Intriguing setting in Gibraltar and Morocco, and an intrepid tax lawyer who displays immense drive to hunt down the truth. The main character is not fully fleshed out in this first novel and the criminal aspects are a bit formulaic. Hope the subsequent books are an improvement.

    27. Mary Lou on said:

      Attracted by having been to Gibraltar (where this novel is partly set) and the author's forthcoming appearance at the Belfast Book festival I gave this a go. The writing is lovely- clear and delicate but I'm afraid I lost interest in who and why by the time Id gotten to the end

    28. Peter Ferrari on said:

      Well, at least Mogford tries to create a Gibraltarian character, which is more than can be said for other writers writing about Gibraltar. The start of the novel doesn't seem to be in tandem with the rest of the novel, but apart from that it's an enjoyable and well-written story. Good effort.

    29. Emily on said:

      I never connected with the story nor the characters. There was so much content that took away from the story, I had a hard time continuing. Even the cliffhanger at the end gave me no desire to continue reading. I did finish it, but opted out of an official review.

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