The Sorrows

Jonathan Janz

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The Sorrows

The Sorrows Something is trapped in the castle and it wants to feed The Sorrows an island off the coast of northern California and its castle have been uninhabited since a series of gruesome unexplained murde

  • Title: The Sorrows
  • Author: Jonathan Janz
  • ISBN: 9781609286729
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • Something is trapped in the castle, and it wants to feed The Sorrows, an island off the coast of northern California, and its castle have been uninhabited since a series of gruesome, unexplained murders in 1925 But its owner needs money, so he allows film composers Ben and Eddie and a couple of their female friends to stay a month in Castle Blackwood Eddie is certainSomething is trapped in the castle, and it wants to feed The Sorrows, an island off the coast of northern California, and its castle have been uninhabited since a series of gruesome, unexplained murders in 1925 But its owner needs money, so he allows film composers Ben and Eddie and a couple of their female friends to stay a month in Castle Blackwood Eddie is certain an eerie and reportedly haunted castle is just the setting Ben needs to find musical inspiration for a horror film But what they find is horrific than any movie For something is waiting for them in the castle A being, once worshipped, now imprisoned, has been trapped for nearly a century And he s ready to feed.

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    One thought on “The Sorrows

    1. Kimberly on said:

      4.5 starsThis was my second read by author Jonathan Janz, after his amazing 5-star SAVAGE SPECIES. While I really enjoyed The Sorrows, it wasn't "quite" as spectacular to me as SS; thus, the 4.5 rating. This is one of his earlier novels, and it was interesting to step back and see his progression as an author.One thing that I have to highly compliment is Janz's use of characterization. This is one of his strongest abilities, I feel. His characters are real, flawed--you have moments that you love [...]

    2. Ken McKinley on said:

      Janz's first novel and it shows the potential that he's capable of. The Sorrows is a unique take on the Shirley Jackson classic, The Haunting of Hill House and the movie House on Haunted Hill. I've always had a problem with the whole overused and tired premise of trying to drag a bunch of characters to a secluded house where bad things have happened and making it seem realistic. It has always come across as a bad B-movie with idiots for characters. Janz did a good job coming up with a reason to [...]

    3. Bill on said:

      I very rarely accept friend requests from authors. Most of them are looking to expand their visibility, and I don't begrudge them that: it is their livelihood after all. I'm just not interested in being used like that.However, when I checked out Jonathan Janz's profile, he was not only an author, but an active reader and reviewer of books. And we had the same tastes, and he did not offer free material for 'honest review'.So I never felt obligated to read him. I hate being obligated to read anyt [...]

    4. Jon Recluse on said:

      A truly impressive haunted house tale, that deftly blends old school Gothic atmosphere with new school wetwork. The result is a finely balanced work of dark fiction that will please both fans of the classics as well as the folks too jaded to read ghost stories.Janz builds the suspense masterfully, using journal entries to fill readers in on the castle's checkered history, while keeping the story moving, and the scares coming. His characters are marvelously human, their faults, quirks and errors [...]

    5. Karl on said:

      This hardcover edition of the Sorrows is copy number 14 of 60 copies and is signed and numbered by Jonathan Janz.This is book volume 3 of Thunderstorm Books series Shadow Sides.Cover by Zach McCain

    6. Ctgt on said:

      I bought this book shortly after joining the HA group here on GR. The author is a member and guess what? He's not just there pimpin' his stuff! He's an active participant in many threads, not just the author promotion pages.A little background, I'm not the splatter/gore/blood and guts type horror reader, that's disgusting but not really scary, at least not to me. I prefer the psychological, anticipatory dread that creeps up on you. This book was a very good mix of both types.The story centers ar [...]

    7. Duane on said:

      The Sorrows is the best debut horror novel I have read since Jack Ketchum’s Off Season. Granted, I haven’t read every first fright book in existence, but that’s not the point. Jonathan Janz has woven a formidable introduction into the horror genre with a true tour-de-force that simultaneously pays homage to the classics while effortlessly lacing an original work with a contemporary and confident narrative. Within these pages are rousing echoes of Matheson’s Hell House, mixed with the wan [...]

    8. Robjr73 on said:

      Man did my opinion of this book do a 360. I read this in 3 days. Day 1 I enjoyed. Good characters some freaky scenes and a great setting. Day 2 I started to not care about the characters anymore and the book kinda just started to go in too many directions for me. A few more freaky scenes tho that I liked. Day 3 I just wanted to be done with this thing. It's really just a big mess that I don't think was very well thought out. I'll pass on recommending The Sorrows but I won't pass on the author ju [...]

    9. Peter on said:

      Castle Blackwood is located on an island located off the coast of California. It has been abandon since 1925, because of some brutal murders that were never solved. Eddie Blaze, Ben Shadeland, Eva and Claire, will be flown to the island and left there. Eddie and Ben are there to try and get some juices flowing in order to compose a movie score for Lee Stanley' new horror flick. We learn more about the castle from the entries in the journal of Calvin Sheppard. The four are about to enter the gate [...]

    10. Gef on said:

      What's better than a spooky old house? How about a spooky old castle? Yeah, that's a good start, but what if the castle is on a remote island? Even better. With Jonathan Janz's debut novel, he presents a horror novel that offers a blend of old gothic chills and modern gruesomeness. But, does the combination work?The Sorrows is a great evocative name, and just so happens to be the name of the castle in which this story is set, named after a symphony created by a composer named Blackwood whose fam [...]

    11. Glenn Rolfe on said:

      A really amazing start to this one. Janz is one of the most talented writers out there. His vocabulary is through the roof (I'm constantly looking up words when I read his books), and his prose could cut through bone. The characters are wonderfully developed, and the story itself is a great set up.I also love the back story he brings in and out throughout. Sometimes this can really mess up a piece, but Janz does it perfectly.For me, the story kind of runs into some issues in the second half and [...]

    12. Jason Brant on said:

      A Unique ReadThis was my first book by Janz. The man can write. The Sorrows has deep, troubled characters and a backstory that never bogs down the pace. The creature is rarely used in horror, which makes this a unique read. Finding a new horror author with some real writing chops is always great.This is the second solid author I've read from Samhain Publishing. They seem to know what they're doing over there.

    13. Chris on said:

      Jonathan Janz weaves a modern-day gothic horror novel in his debut from Samhain Horror. Hollywood movie soundtrack producers, Eddie Blaze and Ben Shadeland, decide to spend time at Castle Blackwood, set on a remote island off the California coast, in order to complete the score for Lee Stanley's latest horror flick. But little do they know of the castle's horrific history and even darker secrets. Janz deftly intersperses journal entry flashbacks, giving the reader the necessary backstory, as the [...]

    14. Erin Al-Mehairi on said:

      I read this book a few months ago and got the time to write a review of this awesome story and do an interview with the author. It's quite the in-depth review and interview both, so here is the link to my Oh, for the Hook of a Book blog for the interview (which has a link to the review at the start). I hope you can check it out. I really liked the gothic horror feel to this novel and think he's an author that has some other great novels coming soon that will make a name for him.Here is the link [...]

    15. Sarah Brocious on said:

      I've had this on my TBR pile for awhile glad it caught my eye while deciding what to read next.Such a super creepy read!! It was really hard to put this one down. (I tried and then convinced myself a few more pages wouldn't hurt) :)The characters? Clairery relatable and sweet. Bene talented tortured soul. Evae one who is all show on the outside and vulnerable inside. Eddiee guys guy with a ton of secrets. There was of course ChriswhoaAND the cast of nightmare inducing "others" Together they made [...]

    16. Morningstar3280 on said:

      Horrible. I've never read a novel in which ALL of the characters are unlikable and unsympathetic. This is honestly one of the worst books I've ever purchased and read. There is no horror or suspense- the authors prose and structure leaves much to be desired. There isn't a story here, either. It's not scary, it's not suspenseful, it's not sexy. It's a poorly written, contrived "horror" novella that demands, over and over again, that the read suspend their disbelief over RIDICULOUS events and occu [...]

    17. Jeff French on said:

      Janz references Matheson's 'Hell House' early in this novel. While 'The Sorrows' isn't quite in that league, it's a damn fine read in it's own right.The story is set on an island off the Californian coast called The Sorrows. It has a castle that has been uninhabited since 1925 when some horrible events took place. These events are told through a series of journal entries from one of the servants and are just as entertaining as the main story. The present finds two men, who compose music for horr [...]

    18. TJ on said:

      Jonathan Janz's, "The Sorrows", is a creepy, atmospheric thriller that's reminiscent of some of Richard Laymon's better books. Janz writes in a style that is as interesting, as it is descriptive. He doesn't "dumb down" to horror aficionados, like a lot of horror authors do, which this reader really appreciated. Keep your dictionary handy because you'll need it as you work your way through "The Sorrows". The story revolves around two musicians who decide to spend some time at a (supposed) haunted [...]

    19. Russell James on said:

      The Sorrows follows the story of film composers Ben and Eddie and their terrifying stay at a castle on an island off the California coast. The main tale and the fascinating backstory unfold simultaneously and keep you turning pages late into the evening. Jonathan’s crisp prose and multi-layered characters, especially the predator walled up in the tower, place this story well above the usual haunted castle tale. His descriptive passages place you deep in the heart of this claustrophobic tale an [...]

    20. Amber on said:

      When a composer of a horror movie needs inspiration, his friend Blaze tells him of a haunted and cursed mansion on an island called the Sorrows where they could stay at for a month to get his inspiration at. It is only when they get there that spooky crazy things happens. Will they survive their stay at the Sorrows? Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good horror story. I enjoyed checking out. Be sure to check this book out at your local library and wherever books are sold if thi [...]

    21. Kilgallen on said:

      The Sorrows was a really well constructetd novel. The characters were very well developed and evoked an emotonal response from me. I may not have liked the characters but they did present as "real". The horror presented started out as a "ghost" type story but became a lot more. Well played Jonathan Janz, well played!

    22. Amanda Rardon on said:

      Excellent book! Very fast moving and almost impossible to put down. Totally spooked me and had me on the edge of my seat!

    23. Dawn on said:

      Second Jonathan Janz book for me, after Savage Species. Loved this one too! Never a dull moment and I agree what another poster said about the great characters. I've already downloaded the next one

    24. Nick on said:

      Great novel! Janz has a nice, fast style that makes you want to keep reading. This was my second novel of his and just like The Night Mare Girl I couldn't put it down.

    25. Mika Lietzén on said:

      A satyr of Greek myths and legends haunts a secluded island in the debut novel by Jonathan Janz. Setting off with a quote from The Great God Pan (1890) by Arthur Machen, the Sorrows (2011, Samhain) proceeds to drag Pan's horns and hooves into the 21st century with laymonian gusto. Interspersed with backstory from the 1920s, the novel follows a pair of present-day composers and their associates as they seek the solitude of the island to compose a film soundtrack for an upcoming horror movie. The [...]

    26. Kevin Lucia on said:

      Johnathan Janz's first novel, The Sorrows, is a serviceable, entertaining work with Gothic trappings and a mythical beast that always invokes a primal fear. In the same vein as the late Richard Layman and especially Edward Lee's work, The Sorrows is capably written, though it does suffer a flaw or two. However, the characterization and prose is strong enough to carry the day, making it a solid representative of the new horror line emerging from Samhain Publishing. Film score composers Ben and Ed [...]

    27. Aniko Carmean on said:

      If there was ever a horror novel that deserves a musical score, it is The Sorrows by Jonathan Janz. In fact, this may be the first book I have read where I think additional multimedia layering over the ebook format would be not only be appropriate, but would also serve to enhance the reading experience. Janz's descriptions of the music his characters create and experience leaves me hoping someone will take up the challenge and write The Sorrows a score; who knows, maybe Kindle and Bose can hook [...]

    28. Zachariah N. Allison on said:

      If the novels Hell House (Richard Matheson) and The Ritual (Adam Nevill) were to have a book baby, it would be The Sorrows. This visceral tale, expertly written by Jonathan Janz, is one of horror, depravity, love, and yes, sorrow. I don't know what this might say about my sense of humor, but there were also several scenes that made me laugh. There are many (and I do mean many) scenes that made me cringe, and for me, that's saying something. But there are also scenes that were heartbreaking; trul [...]

    29. Kris on said:

      "The Sorrows" by Jonathan Janz is a gripping tale of suspense. Composers, Ben Shadeland and Eddie Blaze travel to Castle Blackwood in an attempt to generate the inspiration required to complete the musical score for a horror movie. Situated on an island named The Sorrows, the foreboding Castle Blackwood, site of several unexplained deaths, seems to be the ideal place for Ben to connect with his inner muse. It does not take long for Ben, Eddie and their two companions Eva and Claire to realize th [...]

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