Winter's Awakening: The Metahumans Emerge

Karen Luellen

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Winter's Awakening: The Metahumans Emerge

Winter s Awakening The Metahumans Emerge Created for evil Raised to protect Searching for truth When Dr Margo Pullman goes to work for The Institute she hopes to change lives with her research in neurobiological studies Instead she is appal

  • Title: Winter's Awakening: The Metahumans Emerge
  • Author: Karen Luellen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Created for evil.Raised to protect.Searching for truth When Dr Margo Pullman goes to work for The Institute she hopes to change lives with her research in neurobiological studies Instead, she is appalled to learn her research is being used to test and torture children, most of whom have died in the process Margo goes rogue That night, she steals away the threeCreated for evil.Raised to protect.Searching for truth When Dr Margo Pullman goes to work for The Institute she hopes to change lives with her research in neurobiological studies Instead, she is appalled to learn her research is being used to test and torture children, most of whom have died in the process Margo goes rogue That night, she steals away the three surviving children, changes her identity and hides them away from the world on a secluded ranch in Texas For twelve years she raised the two boys and one girl as her own The tests they were subjected to has altered the children s DNA, turning them into metahumans complete with fast reflexes, super strength, the ability to heal and unmatched intelligence When Margo goes missing, the children now teens embark on a journey to reclaim their mother from the evil CEO of The Institute who wants them back to continue his plans for the perfect race Begin the thrilling adventure into the world of Metahumans with Winter s Awakening, the first book in Winter s Saga.

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      466 Karen Luellen
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    One thought on “Winter's Awakening: The Metahumans Emerge

    1. Sarah Martinson on said:

      I have to admit, after just reading the prologue, it left me feeling sick and I didn't want to continue. As a mother of three small children, who happen to be close to the age of those in the story at that time, it hit a little too close to home for me. However, I'm not one to quit reading a book, even when I don't care for it, so the next day I picked it up and continued on with it. I'm very, very glad I continued!This book is wonderfully written, and throughout the whole story emanates strong [...]

    2. Sarah on said:

      (Downloaded from for free)This was an okay story, but it had some less-than-believable moments.Meg was an okay character although I wasn’t very impressed with her brothers; considering they were supposed to be smart, they made some really suspect decisions, and put themselves in real danger.The storyline in this was a bit up and down, I found it quite dull to start with, then it picked up a bit, then it was dull again, and it continued like this throughout the book. There wasn’t really any [...]

    3. Angela Dossett on said:

      I came across this book, through one of my several newsletter regarding ebooks. After reading the description, I was thrilled at the prospect of reading it. I quickly downloaded it and consumed it very rapidly. This story starts with a short history of how Margo Winter came across 3 small children and what she did to take them out of a tragic situation. She raised them with love, loyalty, bravery, courage, and determination. She went the distance for these children that weren't biologically hers [...]

    4. Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey) on said:

      OMG! This book was amazing! Review to come! But don't wait on me. If you liked James Patterson's Maximum Ride Series or his books When the Wind Blows and Lake House the two adult books the series came from, then read this book. It was so good! Again full review to come. I'm moving to the sequel!ReviewSo how did I like this book? Let me count the ways. The story intrigued me from the first page and I was completely sucked in by the end of the first chapter. The point of view is mostly told from M [...]

    5. Nereid on said:

      Life has not been easy for Meg, Alik and Evan who were whisked away in the middle of the night to some secret place by Margo to ensure their safety when they were children. The institute was experimenting on babies to genetically modify their DNA to make Super-Human beings or "Metahumans" as they were called. Endowed with gifts from physical strength, the powers of an Empath to feel and read peoples emotions and being super smart, these three kids just wanted to be a family. The evil villain/sci [...]

    6. Dianne on said:

      This is a beautifully told YA paranormal read! Children are used by an evil scientist attempting to create a superior being. Three of the children are taken and hidden away, living their lives unaware of their gifts or their background. They are discovered and the story takes off! A great read for young YA readers on up! Not too heavy, great characters who love each other as the family they thought they were!

    7. Sharon Mariampillai on said:

      Actual Rating: 2.75 This was an okay read. The story was dull at parts and I thought the writing style lacked. Meg was an okay character. I also thought that her brothers were okay as well. They are supposed to be really smart, but why do they put themselves in danger situations? The book was slow-paced, but it got better near the end. I want to see where the series goes from here, so I will continue it. I am, however, glad I made it through this book. Overall, a decent read.

    8. Kimberly Steensen on said:

      Science experiments on humans. This was an interesting story on a crazy Doctor who created "metahumans". He could not envision that his experiments would escape and try to live normal lives.I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading the rest of the series. I would have liked a little more detail in the action, but enjoyed it all the same.

    9. Abbie on said:

      Actual rating - 2.5I didn't like this as much the second time around.The characters in this were okay, but I didn't love any of them. The pacing in this was pretty slow, and by about 30% I felt bored. It picked up near the end, but I still wasn't enjoying it that much.

    10. Heather Alexander on said:

      I was given this book in return for an honest review. A young research scientist and ex special ops, with grand ideas on finding the cure for autism and dream job with a major research company. Sounds great right? Wrong. When Dr. Margo Pullman finds out what kind of research the company is doing, and on children, on children no less. She does something that will change her life and the lives of the children forever. Evan, Alik, and Meg Winter(along with her Coyote named Maze) live with their mot [...]

    11. Tatia on said:

      4.5 stars **reviewed for Round Table Book Reviews**I wasn't sure of what to expect when I started Winter's Awakening. Although I do feel like the beginning of the book was a little slow, I was intrigued by this story. The flow was very smooth. I never questioned why the characters were doing something or where they were going. Your kept guessing about a few of them in the beginning though. Because of this, I had to know what was going to happen next.Margo Pullman is a newly hired researcher at t [...]

    12. Gary on said:

      First let me start by say Ah-Maze-ING. Winter’s Awakening: The Metahumans Emerge should definitely get the Hollywood treatment. If they are going to continue to remake crap like Total Recall, this should be on a studio’s list. It’s Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Identity meets X-Men: First Class. Warning: Set aside time to read, YOU WILL NOT WANT TO PUT DOWN.This is a fast pace and surprisingly quick read. I never questioned the good or bad of the characters. Karen Luellen’s writing allowe [...]

    13. Staci Randall on said:

      You can find my review featured on the Round Table Book Review Blog. Click the link to follow: roundtablebookreviewsWarning: DO NOT begin to read this book unless you have time to read it in its entirety. This Winter's Awakening: The Metahumans Emerge" intrigued me from the beginningYears ago, Dr. Margo Pullman began her career at “The Institute” and quickly discovered a secret project in which children are acquired and experimented on. These children become Metahumans. When she stumbles acr [...]

    14. Melissa on said:

      Winter's Awakening was an engaging, fast paced first book in the Metahumans story. Meg and her two brothers are products of a ego-maniacal scientist who bio-genetically alters them as babies. This makes them physically and mentally stronger then humans. They don't get sick, they heal faster, and they learn and process information faster and more efficiently. They also each have some sort of gift such as super empathy or technological intuitiveness. Margo is the woman who steals them away from th [...]

    15. Cat on said:

      REVIEWED FOR ROUND TABLE BOOK REVIEWSWinter’s Awakening by Karen Luellen reminds me of the James Patterson Maximum Ride series. Three children are given a serum that makes them super powerful, “metahumans.” The director of the Institute experiments on them in inhumane conditions. A brilliant, young doctor works her way into the project only to realize the horrible truth. The story is a tale about the strength of motherhood, friendships and family regardless of blood relationship. The chara [...]

    16. Franz McLaren on said:

      "The little girl was crying…" With those words I was instantly drawn into a story that completely submerged me in the author's realm. From the first I could not put this book down. On the surface this is the tale of three young Metahumans vs Evil doctor. But beneath it is so much more than that. With the deft touch of a master, Karen Luellen draws us into the characters lives. We see the world through their eyes and feel their fears and joys. The story revolves around Meg who is 15, Alik who i [...]

    17. Obsession Is A Book - Terrie on said:

      This is an engaging YA fantasy book.The book starts off full of action and continues right the way through. Which is what you need in a YA book, it needs to grab you and keep you, until it kicks you out.This is the story of the Winter family. The Winter children were ‘rescued’ 12 years ago by their ‘Mum’ and raised in seclusion on an isolated ranch in Texas. The book starts with Margo (Mum) going on a business trip and not being heard from again.The 3 children discover secrets about them [...]

    18. Cat on said:

      I originally downloaded this for free and it has been sitting on my Kindle for a little while. Then I got a message from the author saying that she hoped I enjoyed the book :). Super nice and coincidently I was about to choose a new book to read.Definitely glad I read this, though it's probably more geared towards people slightly (wink wink) younger than me. The book is broken up into lots of very short chapters. POV alternate between Meg and Dr. Williams. It can be a little confusing at times b [...]

    19. Wendy on said:

      Very interesting read. I loved the plot, enjoyed getting to know the characters and look forward to reading more about the Metahumans. There was enough action to keep me reading and I found that I was hesitant to put the book down. Unfortunately I was unable to give 5 stars due to a few minor annoyances that a little editing would be able to take care of. There was a grammatical error that was found throughout the book. The word passed was used where the word past should have been used. Ex. "I h [...]

    20. Erica on said:

      I was very delighted when I was offered a copy in exchange for an honest review from Ms. Luellen's literary manager. As it was coming via recommendation, I was anticipating a fun and enjoyable read. And I was not disappointed.Imagine landing a job on the cutting edge of autism research, only to uncover your boss is a sinister man experimenting on innocent children. That is what happens to Margo, who rescues three small children and hides away with them, raising them as her own.The children are M [...]

    21. Anjie Kendall on said:

      I love a good, strong, female lead, and I wasn't disappointed with Meg Winter. She totally delivered on all points. And Margo, another strong female who I could totally identify with since I have children of my own. I could see how the momma bear came out in her. She was fabulous. Evan and Alik were fantastic as well. All of the characters are wonderfully written. You sympathize with the correct characters and hate the ones you should hate. For me, that is the mark of great writing on the author [...]

    22. Shelby on said:

      At first I didn't think I would enjoy this book. Halfway through the first chapter I thought that the dialogue was getting a little ramble-y. I soon learned that that's just the way that Meg talks so I settled in and soon started enjoying. This book was so easy to love. The book centers around 3 kids. 2 brothers and a sister. You soon find out that these are not your ordinary kids. They each bring something very different to the table but come together so flawlessly. I cheered these kids on the [...]

    23. Karin on said:

      Meg and her two brother were mostly normal children,with the exception of being home schooled, but what happens when their mom gets kidnapped?Well this book wasn't perfect,but it was just good enough, it had action,it had a plot,and overall it was a good read for the average,adventure seeking teen!Pros:*Action-it didn't have many boring parts,so it kept you interested enough to read this book till the end without forcing yourself.*Originality-It had similarity to some other books but seeing most [...]

    24. Amanda on said:

      i was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. wow. I read this in less than 24 hours, I couldn't put it down. the book was fast paced, I loved how the chapters were broken up. the book was all around great. as someone else ,mentioned, it was a little odd in some parts, simply bc the kids were so sheltered. but the love among them was so heartwarming. I loved the pet coyote! I almost cried in a few spots, I was that drawn in. the crush thing between meg and Cole struck me as [...]

    25. B. McMichael on said:

      Meg, along with her brother's find out the reason they were homeschooled and kept from the world. For their entire lives, they have been hunted by a lab that created them to be super humans. Their mother saved them, yet now it is time to return the favor.This book was different in that all the chapters jumped around from different points of view. There was the view point of Margo, Meg, Mr. Williams and they switched between first person with Meg to third person with everyone else. I was a very d [...]

    26. Jon on said:

      I had zero clue what to expect what I read this book, other than "sounds interesting, was free".It's obviously YA fiction, as everything isry simple and straightforward.That's not to say that the book treats the reader as dumb, or that I didn't enjoy it, but I enjoyed it as YA, not as a "grown up" novel. The characters are good, the plot is interesting. Nothing new or ground breaking, but interesting. It's got several common tropes in it, but again, it's not geared towards sophisticated adult re [...]

    27. Liz on said:

      I loved this book! What a fresh new idea, something I've never read about before. Metahumans? And oh man are they HOT!! And a pet coyote? What person wouldn't want one of them? Seriously, this book has it alltion, right from the start, romance, humor, good vs. evileverything! I couldn't put the book down and finished it in a few short hours. The plot moves along VERY quickly and each of the characters are built up strongly. You'll find yourself laughing, crying and shouting at the book as the ch [...]

    28. Sabrina Guthrie on said:

      Winter's AwakeningKaren Luellen****I downloaded this book because it was free, only to realize it's a saga! I enjoyed the book enough that I will finish the series.I've never read about 'metahumans' before and it took a bit to rope me in. I fell in love with the main characters right off the bat because the author paints a picture of innocence when it comes to them. They are all very likable and easy to get attached to.Sometimes the way things play out have me thinking, really? The fact that onc [...]

    29. Anna-marie on said:

      I enjoyed this book in the end. At first I struggled with it, as I thought it was going to be to all about experiments, but by the end of Chapter 1, I was hooked.A very exciting story, set around the Winter Family. Mum Margo, and the children , Meg, Alik & Evan, and Meg’s pet Coyote Maze. However they are no ordinary family. The Children have “special Qualities and Abilities”. We discover the true extent of those abilities, and how they got them, when their Mother is kidnapped, and the [...]

    30. Maryaliece Jakobowski on said:

      GREAT SERIES! That's all I said earlier because that was enoughever, I am NOT a "young adult"I'm a 51 year old busy single Mom who could NOT put this series down. Karen had me living with the WInter's family. What a talented author! I read alot,,,everything from young adult to some pretty heavy duty journals. The characters she has developed jump out of the book. This is a great series for a Mom and teenager to even read together. It has everything in it a parent would want shows how teenagers c [...]

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