On Silver Wings

Evan Currie

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On Silver Wings

On Silver Wings In the future mankind has colonized other worlds mined asteroid belts and sent ships so far into the blackness of space that light from their drives won t reach Earth for centuries Through it all

  • Title: On Silver Wings
  • Author: Evan Currie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the future, mankind has colonized other worlds, mined asteroid belts, and sent ships so far into the blackness of space that light from their drives won t reach Earth for centuries Through it all, life has been found in almost every system we visited and yet we ve never encountered another intelligent species.Until now.When the Colony on the planet known as Hayden s WoIn the future, mankind has colonized other worlds, mined asteroid belts, and sent ships so far into the blackness of space that light from their drives won t reach Earth for centuries Through it all, life has been found in almost every system we visited and yet we ve never encountered another intelligent species.Until now.When the Colony on the planet known as Hayden s World stops transmitting on their CASIMIR FTL system, a Solari Fleet Task Force is sent to investigate When they arrive there are enough oddities in the situation that they in turn send in a special operations unit to contact the colonists and determine what happened.Only one of those operators survives to make planet fall.Sergeant Sorilla Aida finds herself against an alien force of unknown power and capability Her only assets A depleted suit of power armor, her rifle, basic kit, and a few hundred Hayden born civilians looking to take back their home.Just what she was trained for.On Silver Wings is an 81 thousand word novel.

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    One thought on “On Silver Wings

    1. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      This one slid up and down the ratings scale for me. From one point where i thought this would be a 4 start read to a spot where I tottered between 1 and 2 it was a mixed bag.So what happened? Well we have another situation here where what should have been a fast moving tale of jungle warfare turned (at times) into a lumbering series of info dumps, character explanation and just plain"why are we going there" interludes.However "on the whole' the book is a (another) good story of confrontation wit [...]

    2. Christopher Kellen on said:

      Overall, I really liked this book. The influences were clear — it was quickly obvious to me that Mr. Currie is about as much a fan of David Weber as I am, right down to the penchant for Russian characters and tough female leads.The action starts on the first page. Sergeant Aida is the sole survivor of her squadron, dropped onto one of humanity’s few colonies after it’s been attacked. She’s a great character, a hard-headed Marine who very much reminded me of a certain Commander Shepard. T [...]

    3. Robin on said:

      Evan I officially welcome you to the pantheon of awesome and badass military science fiction novel series. On Silver Wings was a truly magnificent addition to my pantheon. You've joined the likes of David Weber's Honor Harrington series, On Basilisk Station Jack Campbell's Lost Fleet series Dauntless and Jean Johnson's Theirs Not to Reason Why series A Soldier's Duty. I loved the protagonists of this book. They're likable and crazy. The Sergeant is such a badass, the technology is well defined a [...]

    4. Laz the Sailor on said:

      This started out as something along the lines of Tanya Huff's Valor books, or Elizabeth Moon's Serrano, but lacking the politics of the Longknife series. I was ready to be intrigued. The concept and details of the alien race was very cool. But the writing was not very good. There were jarring examples of poor editing - "armor shod fingers", "belted her gunbelt", etc.There were too many characters for this medium-length story. The classic variants of tough soldier, crusty olde fart, clever scient [...]

    5. Sam on said:

      Generic characters with little to no depth, and a plot whilst serviceable offers little of interest. Hostiles are painfully dumb, yet have a massive tech advantage.If you want a Sci-fi with solid characters, world-building and a dynamic evolving plot, you will find none of these things here.

    6. Jorge Desormeaux on said:

      On Silver Wings is a fairly enjoyable read: it has likable characters, a serviceable premise (alien invasion of a newly-colonized planet) and basic respect for the laws of physics. It's hard not to find yourself cheering for Sergeant Aida, and some of the technology that the writer showcases—the smart guns and the powered armor in particular—have a very cool feel. It's a charming novel, and the Kindle edition was a treat for $4.What On Silver Wings is not is really good sci-fi.First, you can [...]

    7. Robert on said:

      Strap yourself in. This will be a ride to remember.Sgt. Sorilla Aida falls to Hayden. What she finds there, she cannot explain. As a veteran operator, she has seen action all over but whatever is happening on Hayden is a mystery. The good news. She'll get to the answers soon. The bad news. The answers want her dead, with as little molecular waste left over.OSW impressed me with the amount of technology proposed in this book. Normally there are tons of innovations in a regular science fiction nov [...]

    8. Michael on said:

      I really liked this. Fast paced, intelligent and a great read. The editing could have been a bit sharper. -I can't believe I just wrote that, but It's true. Let me try to explainEssentially there are two story threads: 1. Planetside special ops. + 2. Fleet operations.Both were well executed. I hate when the author juggles story threads and one, or a few, are clearly superior and more relevant than others which begin to feel like world building without purpose. *cough* George R R Martin *cough,co [...]

    9. Gina Basham on said:

      I read the Odyssey series and like them so much I moved on to the Warrior's Wings. I was not disappointed. These novels have great characters and warning - they are not all miraculously saved. This is not a feel good, everyone makes it out alive through team work. And they are all the better for it. Very technical but not absolutely necessary to understand to get the story. I will admit to fogging over a few paragraphs which were heavy on physics and science without any detriment to the plot, I [...]

    10. Cassandra Davis on said:

      This is a great, fast-read, military sci-fi story. I loved the tech and the fact that Currie does not bother with artificial gravity on his space-ships. There were a few editing glitches, especially toward the end, but nothing that hindered my enjoyment. I would have given this book four stars if there had been a bit more character development. I really loved several of the chracters and was left wanting to know more about them. Over-all, though, I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes [...]

    11. Frank on said:

      2.5 Stars for meA far reaching space military adventure. While some of the plot was good, a last surviving soldier (strong character) stranded on a planet with a depleted space suit, trying to make due with a group of civilians, battling an alien force never seen to dragged out passages which really slowed down the pace. If this book was better edited, possibly a 4 star rating would have been in order.I have only read a handful of military sci-fi, so, perhaps this was one was not for me.

    12. Taz on said:

      I could have enjoyed the sci Fi part. but from the first page till I gave up this idiotic story it is all; she injures some body part, people fuss over her. she is sleepless, people fuss over her. she sneezes, people fuss over her. and let's make it clear; all she does is getting an injury by some dumbass action of hers. ugh. gimme a break. she is not the fucking spoiled brat daughter of a parent there. she is a fucking soldier! who cares why her ankle is sore? or all the talking done about that [...]

    13. Gnome Claire *Wishes she was as cool as Gnome Ann* on said:

      DNF @ 55% I wasn't enjoying this and I was finding it a bit slow going. I loved the Odyssey One series so I thought I'd try this one but I just didn't enjoy it. There wasn't anything wrong but it just didn't have whatever Odyssey One did. There are multiple plot liens that didn't really intersect and made it feel a bit scattered and the enemy is a complete mystery, and it made the war feel one sided. The story might pick up a bit when the resistance really kicks in bit at 55% I felt like I'd giv [...]

    14. The One Tree on said:

      Technically believable & brilliantly scary concepts.This has some new (to me) sci-fi ideas that are technically brilliant. Loved the characters and the way they evolved. Would love to read more in the Sarge too.The only thing I found was I couldn't read it when I was tired. So, it's no fluffy piece if that's what you're looking for.It's riveting, involved and the possibilities? Endless.

    15. Michael on said:

      This is a pretty good science fiction title where the future technology is believable, and the author does a great job of getting you quickly involved with his characters and the story. The action scenes had me reading a little faster waiting to see what happened. I picked this up for free during a Kindle promotion vs. its normal price of $2.99, and I certainly received more than $2.99 of entertainment value out of it: I’m looking forward to the next installment of the series.

    16. Andy on said:

      Like military sci fi? Then this could be the book for you. I like David Weber. Mike Shepherd and John Ringo are ok. How had I never heard of this guy before? Ploughed through this book, liked the characters, like the writing style, next book please.

    17. Tom on said:

      Military space opera with so many improbabilities that I was laughing out loud. This is one book you just go with it and play dumb. The story may continue in the next installment, not everyone died in the end. Writing skill ok-ish. Just a few typos.

    18. Andrew on said:

      Lots of details, strong characters, space. Too bad it jumps around too much making it hard to get deep (like being thirsty and getting only a couple of drops of water), the ending feels rushed, narration is bad.

    19. Chris Gillies on said:

      An excellent read - scary aliens, strange technology, hard-ass soldiers, suspense, politics, this book has them all!! Looking forward to the next in the series.

    20. Ivan . on said:

      On Silver Wings was a decent start to the series with a strong female lead and deserves its comparisons to the Honor Harrington series,however there were quite a few gaps and jumps in some of the chapters as well as a number of pace changes in the story which was rather odd and left the feeling of the book not being complete.Overall an average start to an otherwise promising series.

    21. Austin Myers on said:

      If you like senseless militaryIf you like senseless military speak in place of actual sci-fi then this book was made for you. However if you like real sci-fi and a real plot look to something else.

    22. Clyde on said:

      Without warning some unknown and unnamed aliens have attacked the human colony planet Hayden. Many, perhaps a majority, of the colonists have been killed, and the remainder have been driven into the jungles. The story kicks off with Sergeant Sorilla Aida, the lone surviver of a special forces unit that was dispatched to contact the colonists and find out what the hell is going on. It becomes her job to organize and inspire colonial resistance. While she is doing that, other human units take on t [...]

    23. Online Eccentric Librarian on said:

      More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/Currie definitely has a distinct writing style: expect bubble gum sci fi action, a wide list of characters/POVs, and (thankfully) strong female characters who hold their own with the guys. Those expecting hard hitting sci fi may be frustrated by the sheer fun Currie has with the story; but those who sit back and enjoy the ride will appreciate sci fi done with exuberance. It isn't silly by any means but it is a pleasure all the same. [...]

    24. Amber on said:

      Rating: 5 out of 5 starsWhile there were some minor flaws this book was a lot of fun to read and I highly enjoyed it.This is a good science fiction novel with a great female character as the primary lead who fights hard and is well deserving of the respect she gets throughout the book.It was good to see a science fiction universe where women not only hold positions of power rather frequently but are also respected and treated like people. Not mystical unicorns from the heavens. There are women I [...]

    25. Per Gunnar on said:

      This book is most definitely my cup of tea. It’s absolutely excellent. I have actually put off reading it for a while even though I had it on my to-read shelf for quite a while. Although the book is written by the author of Odyssey One (or Into the Black as it’s now called), which I also liked very much, the blurb for the book lead me to believe that this was a marine grunt, dirt-side focused book which is not my favourite kind of story. However, to my very pleasant surprise, this book is ju [...]

    26. Bernard on said:

      OK, but bad physics.I got this book for free from a scifi giveaway. I am not too keen on military SF and it is not the kind of book I would normally buy. Then I read it. It is quite readable, though I do agree that characters are not really developed. But then, I do not always read scifi for character development, there may be other qualities. One original idea, to me, was the suicide mission (this is not really a spoiler). The emphasis on intelligence over all other war issues in the context of [...]

    27. S.L. Perrin on said:

      Interesting military technology and alien invaders. I expect the baddies will be fully realized over the series. This world has a Halo quality to it, but with a female protagonist rather than Master Chief. Enjoyed the "Sarge" but felt the characters were under developed. Would have like more humor and a pinch more politics. I plan to read the next book.

    28. Birgit on said:

      Where to start? A colony on a far away planet with hostile living environments is attacked / invaded by an unkown source with a much more advance technocology.How the colonists, the space fleet, and specifically Sergeant Sorilla Aida, stranded on the planet as the only survivor of a relief troop sent out, manage (or not) to find out how to combat the alien technology is a joy to read, even for someone like me, who prefers the fiction in "Science Fiction" (and whose eyes tend to glaze over when t [...]

    29. Sebastian Janek on said:

      Pierwszy tom cyklu „Na srebrnych skrzydłach” nie jest opasłym tomiszczem, ale za to szczelnie wypełnionym sensowną i wciągającą treścią. Autor zaskakuje wizją świata: nowej, dziwnej planety, technologii obcych i porządku politycznego na Ziemi. Powieść cechują ciekawe opisy świata (wzmianki o świecie), sytuacji politycznej, ale jest ich na tyle mało, że nie odciągają od niemal ciągłej akcji. Jedynym mankamentem książki jest podejście do bohaterów. Poza kilkoma głó [...]

    30. Graeme Tindale on said:

      I am just beginning on this journey with a new author (to me). When rating, I usually accord four stars for those books which I read that have good characters, plot lines and otherwise make a good storey. Five star ratings have all of the above but are spellbinding, riveting and I know that I am going to read the sequels.The hero is not uncommon in space operas or military sci-fi. She is a very tough woman and marine who is deposited on a planet recently invaded by any alien species. She is supp [...]

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