Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt

Deborah Hopkinson James E. Ransome

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Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt marks the th anniversary of Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt As a seamstress in the Big House Clara dreams of a reunion with her Momma who lives on another plantation and even of running awa

  • Title: Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt
  • Author: Deborah Hopkinson James E. Ransome
  • ISBN: 9780679874720
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt As a seamstress in the Big House, Clara dreams of a reunion with her Momma, who lives on another plantation and even of running away to freedom Then she overhears two slaves talking about the Underground Railroad In a flash of inspiration, Clara sees how she can use the cloth in her scrap bag to make a2013 marks the 20th anniversary of Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt As a seamstress in the Big House, Clara dreams of a reunion with her Momma, who lives on another plantation and even of running away to freedom Then she overhears two slaves talking about the Underground Railroad In a flash of inspiration, Clara sees how she can use the cloth in her scrap bag to make a map of the land a freedom quilt that no master will ever suspect.

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      316 Deborah Hopkinson James E. Ransome
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    One thought on “Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt

    1. Errin Tucker on said:

      This story is a work of Historical Fiction and a picturebook designed for children P-A. This was a great children's book about a young girl who learned to sew and created a quilt that became a map to get to the Underground Railroad. Though it took her a great deal of time to complete the quilt it became her map and a map for so many people to get to the Underground Railroad and to their freedom.I really enjoyed reading this story. It's a great story of determination and can really encourage chil [...]

    2. Serena Wheatley on said:

      In this story, Sweet Clara is taken away from her mother and sold to work in another plantation in the fields. She hates it and wants to go back to her mother, and she promised a friend she met that she would one day make it back to her mom. Clara eventually gets to work inside the masters house and overhears a conversation about runaway slaves. She hears about the underground railroad and decides she wants to make a map to get all the way to Canada to get to freedom. She decides she will make a [...]

    3. Erin on said:

      Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt is a story all about the life of an African American girl, and her hardships that are presented to her during slavery. During her early years as a slave, Clara and her mother became separated due to different buyers. At her new plantation, Clara meets a woman that becomes as close to family as her own aunts and uncles. "Aunt Rachel" attempts to protect Clara from the harsh conditions of working in the field, and lands her a job inside the Big House of the planta [...]

    4. Emily Kriwox on said:

      Title: Sweet Clara and the Freedom QuiltAuthor: Deborah HopkinsonIllustrator: James RansomePublisher: Dragonfly BooksDate: 1995Grade Level: 3Lexile: 680LPages: 40Guided Reading Level: SGenre: Historical fictionSummary: This is a great multicultural historical fiction book. Clara is a little girl that is sent from one plantation to another and forced to leave her mother. It is a very emotional book based on a tough time in history. The main character creates a quilt that ends up being a map to fr [...]

    5. L11_Page on said:

      Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt is an historical fiction picture book based on the "true,little-known chapter in African American history" - the Underground Railroad. 11 year-old Clara is separated from her mother and sent to be a field hand on a large plantation. When her sewing proves more valuable than her field work, Clara is moved inside the Big House. There she hears stories from other slaves describing freedom by way of the Underground Railroad. Clara's sewing of patches on a blue blank [...]

    6. Valarie on said:

      This is a little dense for the usual picture-book crowd, but older kids might be too sad that Aunt Rachel is unable to reach freedom. As an adult I enjoyed the story and thought it was a good way to introduce the concept of the Underground Railroad, but I just didn't think it worked best as a picture book.

    7. Ms. Rose on said:

      Clara uses the power of community and creativity to sew a quilt that leads her back to her mother and to the Underground Railroad.

    8. Liz on said:

      excellent for discussion after reading about revolutionist sojourner truth

    9. Mariana Gutierrez on said:

      Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt is about a young slave named Clara who gets separated from her mother and works on a different plantation. She works hard day after day and is always to exhausted or too depressed to eat or drink. One day, an older slave woman, Aunt Rachel, teaches Clara how to sew so she can work inside the house rather than in the field. Clara likes working inside the house because she is around more people like the cooks and maids. She overhears one of the cooks talking about [...]

    10. Jo Oehrlein on said:

      Clara starts as a field hand, sold away from her mother. But, the "aunt" who takes her under her wing teaches her to sew and she gets a house job. She uses the talk she hears to create a map of the area on a quilt she stitches from scraps. Then, that map is what she uses to escape. She leaves the quilt behind to guide others.

    11. Pam on said:

      Historical fiction. Clara creates a quilt map that shows the route to freedom across the Ohio River. She carefully pieces it together from what other slaves share.Eventually, she makes the journey and succeeds in reaching freedom.

    12. Sarah Lloyd on said:

      Diversity: Teaches about the life of slaves. Young girl creates a quilt as a map to get north. Use when talking about slavery in history.

    13. Suebee on said:

      Liked the story. Conflicted about the use of old Southern dialect and the slightly shiny portrayal of slavery.

    14. Mary Norell Hedenstrom on said:

      Ages 7 - 12; Themes are slavery, underground railroad, quilting

    15. Luisa Knight on said:

      I really enjoyed this book! A slave girl, inspired by her sewing, chases after freedom. A simple and innocent introduction for children to slavery and the Underground Railroad. Ages: 5 - 9

    16. LynnDavidson on said:

      My review might be considered to be a spoiler. This story is told in the voice of a young slave girl, Clara, in southern US. When she was ten years old she was taken from her mother and sent to be a field hand, but the work was too hard for her. She was then taught by an older woman to sew and be ready to be presented to the "Missus" in the "big house" to work there. Her sewing became good enough that it was pleasing to the Missus so that she no longer had to work in the fields. Clara's dream wa [...]

    17. Angie Riddick on said:

      Good book about the journey of an African American girl. The book shared how making a Quilt during slavery time was an important part of history.

    18. Aonarán on said:

      I'm slowly realizing there's dozens of picture books for kids about the Underground Railroad. Though I've only read a few, Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt is so far one of my favorites.I've been thinking lately about how to talk to young children about race, slavery, and police (not necessarily with any unique insight) and this seems like it might be one of the better books to start with (though in general I find most plots in children's stories to be too upsetting for the age range like, Oh n [...]

    19. Theresa Reifon on said:

      Format/Length: Picture book; 40 pagesAward(s)/Distinction(s):1993 Reading Rainbow Review Book1995 Texas Bluebonnet Master List1995 Kentucky Bluegrass Master List1994 IRA Children's Book Award for Younger ReadersInternational Reading Association AwardTheme(s): Survival, Freedom, Dreams, Helping Others & FamilyReview: This story is about a young girl Clara who is separated from her mother because of slavery. Her mother lives on another plantation that she does, and Clara dreams about being wit [...]

    20. Katie Paciga on said:

      James Ransome (the illustrator) uses bright oil paintings to tell Hopkinson's story of Clara, a not quite 12 year old slave on a plantation, and her struggle to find freedom. The young girl learns of the Underground Railroad when her Aunt Rachel brings her to the Big House to work as a seamstress. While working in the sewing room off of the kitchen, Clara overhears the cook and other kitchen slaves discussing the runaways and how the Underground Railroad had helped so many get to Canada. The say [...]

    21. Alex Hobart on said:

      Book Level: 3.8 Summary - Sweet Clara lived during a time when she had no choice but to work on a plantation at the age of twelve. She had to leave her mother, and work in the fields every day. She learned how to sew and was moved into the main house where she learned of places like the North where she could be free and the Underground Railroad, how she could get there. Clara decided to create a map by making a quilt of the extra scraps and stitch a map of how to get to the North, to freedom. Ch [...]

    22. Alex Gagliano on said:

      This historical fiction children's book is about Clara, a slave who wants to reunite with her mother who lives on a different plantation. She has hope and dreams of escaping and becoming free. She is a great seamstress and begins quilting a map that leads to freedom out of a quilt. After that, she decides to follow her own trail and escape. She found her mother and embraced her. Her quilt was left for others to use as an inspiration for freedom. This is a great mentor text when talking about sla [...]

    23. Theresa C on said:

      Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt-picture book historical fictionHopkinson, Deborah Alfred A. Knopf c1993 ISBN 0-679-8747-2-0This is a wonderful story to read aloud to children as the rich and colorful paintings greatly enhance the story. The book is a treasure trove of information and activities. The story is riveting as Clara, a slave and seamstress on Home Plantation discovers a way to piece together scraps of cloth with bits of information gathered from other slaves about the way to freedom. [...]

    24. Lana Hoffman on said:

      "A young slave stiches a quilt with a map pattern which guides her to freedom in the North." Overall, Clara is a great role model and children can learn a lot about good character from reading her story. As I read I began to care about Clara and I wanted her to escape to freedom with her family.Specifically, the cover of this book invites the reader into the story. The end pages are clevery done and give the reader a more detailed look at the quilt. The author gives this book a happy ending, but [...]

    25. Mike on said:

      Clara was born into slavery and separated form her mother. She vows to find her mother one day in spite of the odds against that. In her time spent as a slave Clara learns how to sew and leaves working in the fields to working as a seamstress. She is privy to a lot of conversations in the room where she works and these very conversations inspire her to run away to freedom. She devises a plan and begins making a map of a path to slavery. She gathers information from other slaves and uses the deta [...]

    26. Morgan Groth on said:

      Literary Elements: dialect- the book uses old southern speech; the climax is when she starts the map quilt and how everyone tries to help her; the mood starts out being sad because Clara has to leave her mother but when she starts working as a seamstress, the mood becomes more positive and expectant with what she's going to do to get back to her mother. I would split this book up to read in two days since it is quite lengthy and use it to introduce a unit on slavery. This would be targeted for f [...]

    27. Kathy Roderer on said:

      Clara, separated from her mother, is a young field hand being raised by her aunt, who teaches her to sew in order to get her a position in the “big house.” Clara reluctantly works hard to become the best seamstress she can. Eventually, she learns that her talent is useful for another reason: map making. Using information she is told and overhears from others, she uses her stitchery to make a quilt map of the path to Canada and freedom. This would be a great read aloud book to accompany a uni [...]

    28. Rosa Cline on said:

      This was a child's book but it touched my heart, I don't know if I could read it outloud to my children without crying. A young girl is separated from her Momma to be a cotton picker-field worker. But the older woman slave started caring for her and eventually taught her to sew, being patient with her due to her sore swollen hands. She eventually was able to get Clara into the 'Big House' as a seamstress. As Clara listened to all the coming and goings she picked up on what the Underground Railro [...]

    29. Megan Goss on said:

      The front cover is inviting because the two people look like they are running towards you with smiles on their faces. Green and yellow are the colors that stand out the most making it look bright and cheery. The land in the background foreshadows the idea of the story (making a quilt into a map) because the land looks like it is patched together. The end pages are narrative because it shows the quilt and it appears as a map (houses, land, rivers). The story is told by a young slave named Clara ( [...]

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