Selfish and Perverse

Bob Smith

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Selfish and Perverse

Selfish and Perverse Nelson Kunker is trapped in his job as the script supervisor on Aftertaste the low rated late night sketch television show His life in Los Angeles has come to a halt because he s unable to finish the

  • Title: Selfish and Perverse
  • Author: Bob Smith
  • ISBN: 9780786720408
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nelson Kunker is trapped in his job as the script supervisor on Aftertaste, the low rated late night sketch television show His life in Los Angeles has come to a halt because he s unable to finish the novel he s writing, doesn t have a boyfriend, and, at the pivotal age of thirty four, has reached the juncture where he has to decide whether he s really talented or just gaNelson Kunker is trapped in his job as the script supervisor on Aftertaste, the low rated late night sketch television show His life in Los Angeles has come to a halt because he s unable to finish the novel he s writing, doesn t have a boyfriend, and, at the pivotal age of thirty four, has reached the juncture where he has to decide whether he s really talented or just gay One day he meets Roy Briggs, a part time salmon fisherman full time archaeology student who s visiting from Alaska When Nelson attempts to make small talk with the handsome Roy, he references an obscure but haunting story about bowhead whales that startles the science nerd in both men into suspecting that they might be soulmates Unfortunately, Nelson discovers his soul is a bit of a slut when he also meets the guest host of that week s show, the surprisingly bookish movie star Dylan Fabizak, freshly paroled after a drug bust When the three end up at Roy s home in Alaska, hilarity, love, and debauchery ensue Wooed by both Roy and Dylan, Nelson comes to strongly identify with the salmon they are fishing for another insanely driven species that will overcome every hurdle in its search for love.

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    One thought on “Selfish and Perverse

    1. Jenne on said:

      I loved the first line of this:"Love at first sight makes perfect sense because we're all pressed for time."And it was kind of fun for a while, but let me give some advice to all you aspiring novelists out there--unless you are Michael Chabon, do not write a novel about writing (or not writing) a novel. I know, write what you know, right? But go learn about something else and write about that instead. I'm serious. Nobody cares.

    2. Rachel Kramer Bussel on said:

      Selfish and Perverse is a captivating, hilarious, very gay and very unique book. Smith knows his quirky characters and his settings, Los Angeles and Alaska, inside and out, and manages to make Nelson Kunker endearing, even if he's not the most exciting character in the fabulous first novel. That mantle is reserved for his two love interests, the hard-to-read, smart and cynical yet romantic Alaskan fisherman Roy and the flashy, annoying, but hot movie star Dylan. Staring out with the lowly life o [...]

    3. Aaron on said:

      Unfortunately, due to pressure from the author (Bob Smith) who was unhappy with this review. It was removed from the Lambda Literary website. The original review is published below. lambdaliterary/reviews‘Selfish & Perverse’ by Bob SmithPost image for ‘Selfish & Perverse’ by Bob Smithby Aaron Krach on June 23, 2010 · 7 commentsin FictionFull disclosure. I can be very selfish and I have tried my best to be perverse. Yet Bob Smith’s book makes me feel like a prude.Selfish & [...]

    4. Scott on said:

      This book ended nicely but I was totally bored during the beginning 2/3 of the book. The descriptions of the characters were such that I could not form an image of them in my head and I couldn't even remember the names of the characters.I really enjoyed Bob Smith's first "memoir" and had high hopes for this book. Just not what I expected I suppose. The ending was descent, but overall the book felt like digging all of Texas for a gold nugget. You know you will eventually find it, but is it really [...]

    5. Ulysses Dietz on said:

      "Selfish and Perverse" is smart and funny; with a romantic core that is as expansive as the Alaskan wilderness in which much of the improbable plot takes place.I have Bob Smith's "Remembrance of Things I Forgot" on my Kindle - and had been waiting for his other books to appear on Kindle. Finally, I couldn't wait any longer and ordered the actual print books. "Selfish and Perverse" is the first of these.Nelson Kunkle, the narrator and chief protagonist, is very likely Bob himself, tweaked to fit [...]

    6. Yasmin on said:

      "Bob Smith’s debut novel, Selfish and Perverse, is about Nelson Kunker, who lives and works in Los Angeles as a writer’s assistant for a show named Aftertaste. He hopes to write novels, and wonders if he’s stagnating: “What had me worried was that I was an artsy, thirty-four-year-old man who needed to confront whether I was really talented or just gay.”That delicious line speaks volumes for and strikes at our notions of gay productivity. One-liners come easily to Smith, who’s better [...]

    7. Isis on said:

      A gay romance in which, just as in some slash fanfiction, pretty much everybody's gay. I think there are two straight characters in this book. The writing is generally good (with a few really brilliant bits) but Smith apparently feels it necessary to tell us every bit of his research about Alaska and fishing and fishing in Alaska in frequent exposition dumps disguised as pointless and dull conversation. The story itself is pure old-fashioned romance novel, attempting to update itself, I guess, b [...]

    8. Ed on said:

      An enjoyable, funny read.If I were to have just read an overview of the plot, I probably would have skipped this. A gay romance between an aspiring writer, an Alaskan fisherman with the complication of a pushy movie star.But, knowing that the author was Bob Smith, I gave it a try. I love his non-fiction and stand-up. I was not disappointed. He's terribly funny and charming in his writing.

    9. Jonathan on said:

      This was the perfect book to read coming off of a reading hiatus. Bob smith's writing is so engaging and funny, interspersed with profound insight. I didn't love this one quite as much as Remembrance of Things I Forgot, but that would've been nearly impossible. This book creates an indelible universe of unique characters and places. It is also very sexy.

    10. Nikki on said:

      Perfectly harmless fluff. If you're interested in Alaska, so much the better.

    11. Logan Clark on said:

      Was a great read. Made me nervous so many times. Will definitely read it again

    12. Martin on said:

      Absolutely a terrific read. The book is of course very funny as Bob Smith was a wonderful LGTB stand up comedian. He has created three fully dimension characters and quite an interesting menage a trois. The background alternates between insider LA show business and Alaskan fishing life, and there are some very funny and sexy scenes. What unique and wonderful read! RIP Bob. You did good!

    13. Daniel Kaine on said:

      Nelson Kunker is a script supervisor for the low-rated, late-night sketch show ‘Aftertaste’. One day he meets Roy Briggs, an Alaskan archaeology students, and part-time salmon fisherman. The two instantly hit it off, and Nelson finds himself being whisked away to Alaska for the summer. However, the two are accompanied by one of Nelson’s biggest crushes, actor Dylan Fabizak, who is looking to research a character for his comeback role. Will Nelson be able to resist the hunky, flirtatious Dy [...]

    14. Sophia on said:

      Nelson Kunker is at a crossroads in life: single at thirty-four, he has to decide whether he is really talented or just gay. Working as the script coordinator at a late-night sketch television show and intermittently on his novel, Nelson meets two men who change his prospects in this witty, romantic but masculine story of art and gay love. In the same week, Nelson encounters Roy, a part-time salmon fisherman and archaeology student with soul mate potential when they bond over an obscure referenc [...]

    15. Alistair on said:

      Hurrah! At last a novel that's as humorous as it claims to be. Who would've thought a novel about salmon fishing in Alaska could be a winner. In short order,Nelson Kunker is fired from his go-nowhere job on a lack lustre late night television show, meets someone who could just possibly be the love of his life and becomes entangled in an embarrassing situation that makes national news. Thinking to escape his sudden and unwelcome notoriety he accepts an offer to help fish for salmon in Alaska, but [...]

    16. Jon O on said:

      I really loved Remembrance by Bob Smith. So, it was normal for me to have a high expectation of Selfish and Perverse. Definitely a worthy book to own and to read. Some lines got me chuckled. This book got the slutty gay character, the lack of self-confidence, the determined, the romantic and more.The strange part was that it could be seen whom Nelson's perfect partner was. To drag Dylan to the end of the book was strange. In fact, the scene before Dylan's trouble was puzzling. It was clear cut t [...]

    17. Anthony on said:

      Absolutely loved this book! The title is meant to be funny. Don't let it stop you from reading this book. I read the author thought it would be funny to see people reading this (and I admit I got some raised eyebrows). It's really hard to pinpoint the story here. To some, it will be a gay love story but I really think it's about a 30-something gay guy figuring out his life and what he wants in love and everything else. The characters are well-thought out and interesting. I couldn't put it down o [...]

    18. Robin Graber on said:

      To be honest, I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I found myself often telling the main character that he was an idiot, but I still couldn't seem to put the book down. It was well written and seemingly well researched. I thoroughly enjoyed the parts about fishing and the culture in Alaska more than I thought I would. I did find it slow in some parts and there were a few sexist jokes that I hated. I did enjoy the minor characters more than I have in other novels. All in all, I would re [...]

    19. Mouse on said:

      It's always such a delight reading queer lit that doesn't read like bad fanfiction (not to diss fanfic but still). I'd reccommend this novel to people who want to read a fun and cute story involving guys falling in love and learning to resist temptation. The characters were endearing, fleshed-out and interesting. Quite funny too.I also immensely enjoyed the depiction of Alaska and Coffee Point; made me want to visit that state and see real fishermen in action :-)

    20. Mike Adams on said:

      At the time it was published, this was an enjoyably different gay fiction story. The (slightly autobiographical) TV show job our protagonist has was not as interesting as the descriptions and setting in Alaska (pre- S@r@h P@lin- sorry, I can't even type that creature's name without a touch of nausea).)A closeted movie star, a goofy writer, salmon galore and local characters reminiscent of the TV show 'Northern Exposure' make for a big funny, story of awkward romance and confused people.

    21. John Bateman on said:

      This book makes me want to visit Alaska and find my Roy. The nontraditional love story between Roy and Nelson felt charming, witting, funny yet potentially disastrous, and held my interest throughout the love/hate feelings I had for Dylan. Dylan, despite his ego mania, was like the kid who never quite learns how to ride his bike and became a mildly sympathetic lesson in self-centeredness. I loved this book.

    22. Patrick Ryan on said:

      The narrator goes on a first date and ends up on national news as he sinks into the La Brea Tar Pits. And that's just in the first part of this hilarious novel that, ultimately, makes Alaska hot -- and not in a global warming way.

    23. Eddie Garcia on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It took me a week to read. The book just adds more reasons for me to go to Alaska. The author is one of my favorite gay fiction writers. He will have you laughing out loud. A must read for the 'mos out there :)

    24. Kevin on said:

      Very clever and never boring. The quips make you laugh out loud while the loneliness and honesty make you hurt. It's a very clever read by on average comic. But this book turned me into a huge fan of his for life!!!

    25. Mark on said:

      I loved this book. A romantic comedy that's actually romantic and funny. And sexy. And touching. It's like a good friend is telling you this really great story. Even teared up near the end. That's right, muthas!!!! Loved this book!!!!

    26. Daniel on said:

      This is the second book I read by Bob Smith and I LOVED it! This one is actually in story format and was hysterical (and a little sexy). I couldn't put it down. If you like funny stories, Alaska, and titalating tales of hot guys - this book is for you.

    27. Greg Schumaker on said:

      Poorly written erotica dressed up as a literary novel. One can't help but wonder what depraved acts the author had to commit to get the fawning blurbs on the (admittedly well-designed) jacket.

    28. Jason Tougaw on said:

      I think you'd call it a romp. The writing funny (though broad), and the lumberjack character is hunky and irresistible. It's a book about finding the perfect man.

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