No Unhallowed Hand

Gerald N. Lund

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No Unhallowed Hand

No Unhallowed Hand Picking up the story shortly after the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith No Unhallowed Hand volume in the series The Work and the Glory takes the saga of the Restoration and the fictional Steed f

  • Title: No Unhallowed Hand
  • Author: Gerald N. Lund
  • ISBN: 9781570082771
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Picking up the story shortly after the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, No Unhallowed Hand volume 7 in the series The Work and the Glory takes the saga of the Restoration and the fictional Steed family from the end of June 1844 to February 1846.As this volume opens, it is a time of great sadness and of uncertainty Having lost their beloved prophet, the Saints witnPicking up the story shortly after the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, No Unhallowed Hand volume 7 in the series The Work and the Glory takes the saga of the Restoration and the fictional Steed family from the end of June 1844 to February 1846.As this volume opens, it is a time of great sadness and of uncertainty Having lost their beloved prophet, the Saints witness a series of power plays by those who would use the opportunity to further their own interests It is not long, however, before the Lord s purposes are made apparent and the Twelve take their rightful position as leaders of the Church, with Brigham Young at their head.

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      307 Gerald N. Lund
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    One thought on “No Unhallowed Hand

    1. Becky on said:

      This was one of the more interesting books in the series, even though little forward movement happened. Joshua has become my favorite character in the entire series, quite a turn-around from his villainous beginnings.

    2. Hila on said:

      It is a dark time in Nauvoo, Illinois, for the Latter-Day Saints: their beloved Prophet, Joseph Smith, and his brother Hyrum have been martyred. Amidst the grief and mourning, there is confusion. Who will lead the Church now? Or are those opposed to the Church correct: will the Church collapse now that their leader is dead? Many step forth, willing to take the reins left by Joseph. But the Lord is at the head of this work, and through a miraculous event, He makes known His will as to who will pr [...]

    3. Michelle Christensen on said:

      I have a lot of ancestors who lived in Nauvoo during this time period. Some of them came West with the Saints and some of them did not. I have often wondered what all of their experiences were. Why did some choose to stay and some choose to leave?This book gives a good perspective of the conflict that early Saints faced. It was a difficult time, an unprecedented time. Sometimes from our vantage point of the future, we forget the indecision and turmoil that followed Joseph Smith's death. This boo [...]

    4. Aubrey on said:

      I read the first six volumes a few years ago, and became very engrossed in the story of the fictional Steed family. Unfortunately forces combined that didn't allow me to finish the last 3 books until this month. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them; perhaps because this has been my primary source of church history. Sad, but at least Lund does an excellent job with endnotes for each chapter delineating which portions were fact or fiction and expounding on the facts for those (like me) who don't reall [...]

    5. Joanne on said:

      I am currently on the 7th book in the series and have read the series once before. My family history follows the Mormon church from the Kirtland period through to the present. I enjoy the author's notes at the end of each chapter which clarify which events are from real history and which are the author's device. It has been helpful to me to understand the history of the Mormon church through the perspectives of characters living at that time.

    6. Jennifer on said:

      I LOVE this series. If you're not reading it because it's church fiction or it's a fad, you're only hurting yourself. I learned SO much about the history of the Mormon church from these novels.

    7. Dan on said:

      The United States of America is the country founded by seekers of freedom from oppressive governments. But did you know the Mormon Church, born on April 6th, 1830 in New York State, was forced with violence from New York, to Ohio, to Missouri, to Illinois, and ultimately west across the plains and over the Rocky Mountains—because of their beliefs? The governor of Missouri actually issued an official declaration that all Mormons were to be driven from the state or exterminated. It has always be [...]

    8. Lizzie Jones on said:

      Things for the Saints in Nauvoo were just terrible after the death of Joseph Smith. It is strange to read this history and realize these sorts of things happened in our country. The way the Saints were wronged is just heart-wrenching. I liked the focus on Joshua in this book, and I like how we get to see the progression of Brigham Young as a leader.

    9. Dana Bolen on said:

      The events of this book were very real to me because I have been to Nauvoo. Misfortunes and miracles abound in this volume.

    10. Brian on said:

      If you are really into the story for the Steeds, this book might be your favorite. The last 40 pages or so are gripping.

    11. Andi on said:

      In No Unhallowed Hand the Steed family continues to face many challenges and hardships. Benjamin and Mary Ann, the parents and grandparents of the family, are getting older, and Benjamin feels like that he hasn't helped the work of the LDS church move along very well. Joshua and Caroline are heart broken from losing something very important to them, and Will starts to feel something more than just friendship with Alice Samuelson. Nathan and Caroline continue to stay strong in the church and Meli [...]

    12. Monica on said:

      Loved this quote from Benjamin: "If there is one thing I have learned in my years of fumbling through life, it is this: When it comes down to it, all that really matters, both here and in the world to come, is our family."This one tugged at my heartstrings more than the rest. I spoiled the ending for myself by looking up some information on this novel online, but still the family's loss broke my heart. I was a bit surprised by my reaction, since it revealed a deeper attachment to the Steed famil [...]

    13. 02emmah on said:

      My brothers friends would run in and out of our house, while I just sat there and was glued to this book. Mostly likely there thoughts were we on a Friday night would you be home reading. And was they would run by I would hardly notice there were once there standing feet away from me just moments ago. "Mom, I'm already on page 300." I said one the third day of having the book in my grasp.This was a wonderful book. I got so caught up in it. There were time I would find my eyes misty as the Steed [...]

    14. Renfairecryer on said:

      The Work and the Glory series is somewhat of a cultural "required reading" for many people who practice the Mormon faith. While not actually required by any church leadership many members read this series and most homes have a copy in their personal library. For me, The Work and the Glory came at a time when I had a lot of unanswered questions about my faith ( and yes, I am Mormon, in case you were wondering). I remember discovering the series, much like I discovered the local institute building [...]

    15. Valerie on said:

      I originally read this book as a teenager. At that time I was obsessed with the series. I thrilled over every character relationship, I wondered what would happen next, and I fervently hoped that the Steeds were real people. I decided to re-read this book to see if I still liked it 10+ years later. I picked this book because as a teenager I'd read the first 6 books every time a new addition to the series came out, and I'm still a little bit sick of them. At first this book got on my nerves a lit [...]

    16. Ashley on said:

      Book 7 picks up the day after book 6- Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith have been martyred in Carthage. There is a lot of confusion, mostly about what will happen to the Church now that the prophet is dead. The anti's believe that without Joseph Smith, there will be no Mormon church. Brigham Young and the rest of the twelve apostles come back from their missions just in time, as Sidney Rigdon was attempting to convince the Saints that he was to be called as "Guardian of the church" and would "build u [...]

    17. Bevan. J. 5 on said:

      The Work and The Glory No Unhallowed Hand By Gerald N. Lund is about the steed family who are early LDS saints who helped settle Nauvoo. They are mourning the death of their beloved prophet Joseph Smith. The family has had many trials and they face enormous task of crossing the plains to find their new home in the Rocky Mountains. I can connect to this book because many of my ancestors came across the plains and settled Utah. I also love to learn about history and the old pioneers. I find it ver [...]

    18. Heidi-Marie on said:

      For the exodus coming up so fast, it sure took a long time telling about it. So happy that Ben was able to serve in missionary-like capacity. I definitely have my favorite characters (Ben, Nathan, Lydia Matthew, Rebekah) and my can't stand (Savannah, Catherine, Melissa). There also those I think I would like a lot more if it weren't for the narration (Jennifer Jo, Alice). Some parts of this book seemed very redundant to me, and so much focused on the family and not Church History. I think it is [...]

    19. Allyson on said:

      I was somewhat resistant to the idea of reading these books - I didn't take the time to really see what they were all about, I just assumed that since they seemed so 'trendy' at the time, they would probably be 'light' reading or even 'corny.' I was SO wrong and I'm SO glad that I realized that if my mom was enjoying them so much and recommending them to me, they must be worthwhile.This series, along with the Kent Family Chronicles (by John Jakes, about the United States), made me fall in love w [...]

    20. 07mckenna M on said:

      This book has many important lessons in it, I have found it to be inspiring, happy, and very devastating. It starts off with the saints still recovering from the tragic death of their beloved prophet and friend Joseph Smith one of the greatest men to ever live. This book has inspired me in many ways but I have to say my heart was overwhelmed with joy when Kathryn and Peter and Will and Alice were married, I never really liked Jenny Pottsworth at all so I was very happy at the news of the young c [...]

    21. Cordell on said:

      By book 7 I started to get a bit tired of reading the same thing but it is still excellent reading and story telling.This entire series is wonderful. It takes a fictional family and places them in the middle of the story of the Mormons (the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) and moves them through the early history of the LDS Church tell the story of the growth of the church as well as the growth of the Steed Family. I learned a lot and it put a lot of things into context for me as wel [...]

    22. Olivia Johnston on said:

      Honestly, I don't know where to start. It. Was. Awesome. This would've been my favorite one. Would have. I loved the Steed family being all together and Alice and Wills marriage at the same time as Peter and Kathryns wedding. Honestly, I loved all the challenges like Joshua's company being partially ruined. And some of the Steeds staying. I loved it all. It made it all the more real and made the whole Steed clan grow that much stronger. Then came page 607. The page where Benjamin Steed died savi [...]

    23. Dan on said:

      This book takes place during the aftermath of the martyrdoms of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. The church and many individual members are going through difficult and trying times. The Steed family doesn't escape trials and must deal with the prospect of separation again as the saints prepare to leave Nauvoo. I enjoyed this book just as much as most of the others in the series. No one thing stood out to me as exceptionally good or bad. I felt many of the same feelings the characters felt especially with [...]

    24. Michelle Llewellyn on said:

      After Joseph Smith (and another major character I won't reveal here) dies, sadly, so does this series! However, since re-reading this book I have since changed my rating from one star to three. The story is still gripping. There's a sense of "What now?" for the both the Steed family and the saints in this volume. Who will assume leadership of the church? How long until the great mass exodus to Utah is set in motion? Who will be the next Steed to settle down and tie the knot? Kudos to Gerald Lund [...]

    25. Angie on said:

      I've got to hand it to Elder Lund--he's given all of us the opportunity to delve into this important time period of church history. Many times throughout the series, I've rolled my eyes a little at the predictable ways the characters react to various announcements and rumors, but I don't think Lund was aiming to make every reaction interesting: his goal was to make them historically accurate. All the historical detail, the characterization of certain characters, work together to transport us bac [...]

    26. Liz on said:

      Although I didn't feel as connected to this book as the last, it was still a great work of historical fiction. I really like the association of the women that is included in this book. The Relief Society is formed and the women answer the call to help in so many ways. I also just like the every day associations he creates. The walks in silence, because you don't always have to talk. The simple acts of kindness that mean so much, etc.One of the things I appreciate in this novel is the coverage of [...]

    27. Christine Maynor on said:

      This is another wonderful book in this series. The church is trying to decide what should happen after the death of the beloved prophet Joseph. For quite some time, there is peace from the church's enemies and Nauvoo prospers. They continue with the building of the temple in Nauvoo. The Steed family continues to grow. Finally, the mobs come back and want to push the saints out of the state. The saints decide they need to leave for the Rocky Mountains. This definitely gave me a new appreciation o [...]

    28. Melissa on said:

      Still pretty cheesy. Still really enjoyable. I would really, REALLY, love to have the chance to rewrite (view spoiler)[when Kathryn announced her love for Peter (hide spoiler)]. In a series that is full of cheesy moments, that one takes the cake and it could have been so, so sweet. Oh well. This one is more of a transition book, making it a bit slower of a read than others in the series, but that ending oh that ending. I didn't cry the first time I read this book more than 15 years ago, but no [...]

    29. Lisa on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It has taken me several years to read up to this point. I thought this was the last book in the series so I thought I would be done after this book. Needless to say I am looking forward to reading the last two. I did not know any church history other than the basics (unfortunately). I learned a ton about the church history. This was the hardest book emotionally to read because of the death of Joseph and the increased persecution of the Saints. It makes me feel blessed [...]

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