The Girl in the Box

Sheila Dalton

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The Girl in the Box

The Girl in the Box Caitlin Shaughnessy a Canadian journalist discovers that Inez a traumatized young Mayan woman originally from Guatemala has killed Caitlin s psychoanalyst partner Dr Jerry Simpson Simpson brought

  • Title: The Girl in the Box
  • Author: Sheila Dalton
  • ISBN: 9781926607269
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • Caitlin Shaughnessy, a Canadian journalist, discovers that Inez, a traumatized young Mayan woman originally from Guatemala, has killed Caitlin s psychoanalyst partner, Dr Jerry Simpson Simpson brought the girl, who may be autistic, back to Canada as an act of mercy and to attempt to treat her obvious trauma Cailin desperately needs to find out why this terrible incidentCaitlin Shaughnessy, a Canadian journalist, discovers that Inez, a traumatized young Mayan woman originally from Guatemala, has killed Caitlin s psychoanalyst partner, Dr Jerry Simpson Simpson brought the girl, who may be autistic, back to Canada as an act of mercy and to attempt to treat her obvious trauma Cailin desperately needs to find out why this terrible incident occurred so she can find the strength to forgive and move on with her life.Inez, whose sense of wonder and innocence touches all who meet her, becomes a focal point for many of the Canadians who encounter her As Caitlin struggles to uncover the truth about Inez s relationship with Jerry, Inez struggles to break free of the projections of others Each must confront her own anger and despair The doctors in the north have an iciness that matches their surroundings, a kind of clinical armour that Caitlin must penetrate if she is to reach Inez.The Girl in the Box is a psychological drama of the highest order and a gripping tale of intrigue and passion.

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    One thought on “The Girl in the Box

    1. Michelle Fayard on said:

      A psychoanalyst visiting Guatemala accepts a desperate plea to visit the makeshift shelter of a native couple. In broken Spanish, the man and woman beg for help for a girl they say is their daughter.When Jerry Simpson arrives, he finds Inez locked inside a windowless shed no larger than a box and tethered to a chain. She appears autistic. She is semi-feral. She likely was abused by Marxist guerrillas and government soldiers who are fighting in the hills. And she is mute.The couple also believe I [...]

    2. Jody Zimmerman on said:

      Sheila Dalton’s novel, The Girl in the Box, begins as Jeremy (Jerry) Simpson, a somewhat idealistic, Canadian psychoanalyst in his early forties, visits civil war torn Guatemala in the early 1980’s on a quest to research psychogenic drugs used by Mayan Shamans. By chance, he is led to a severely abused, mute, quasi- autistic, young Mayan woman, Inez, chained in a box in the jungle. Inez’s parents are refugees in the jungle trying to avoid massacre by the government and manipulation from th [...]

    3. Nancy Houston Fields on said:

      Amidst the war and genocide in the jungles of Guatemala, a visiting Psychoanalyst discovers a young teen chained inside a wooden box. The girl is mute and appears to be mentally damaged. After the pleas of her parents to take her with him, Dr. Jerry Simpson takes the girl back to his home in Canada. Enlisting the help of his close friends and colleagues, he attempts to unlock the mystery of her past. When the doctor is later found murdered by the girl, Jerry's long- time friend and lover, Caitli [...]

    4. Peggy on said:

      I really liked this book. It is quite unusual, featuring both an exotic setting [Guatemala and later northern Labrador] and a familiar one [Toronto] with the titular character who is mute, because of past trauma, perhaps exacerbated by mental illness. It's a mystery, but a whydunnit, rather than a whodunnit. Jerry Simpson is a psychoanalyst who is murdered (not a spoiler, it's the first line of chapter 2) by the young woman he has rescued from the box. The book is mostly told from the point of v [...]

    5. Scott Carter on said:

      With a compelling premise and an electric start, Shelia Dalton’s The Girl in the Box, is a great read. Dalton skillfully examines the complexities of perception as her protagonist embarks on a journey for the truth about her husband’s death. As insightful as thrilling, Dalton’s smooth writing made this a one-sitting read.

    6. Judith Arnopp on said:

      When psychoanalyst Jerry Simpson rescues a young girl from an abusive existence and takes her home with him to Canada it soon becomes apparent that the girl is suffering from more than trauma. She is mute, locked in an autistic world that Jerry and his colleagues find impossible to infiltrate. They quickly stop seeing her as a fascinating case study and fall beneath the spell of her child like innocence. But when Inez is found leaning over Jerry Simpson’s dead body and is accused of his murder [...]

    7. Carlyle Clark on said:

      Sheila Dalton's THE GIRL IN THE BOX leaps right into the tangled emotions of Canadian journalist Caitlin Shaughnessy, whose life partner, psychiatrist Jerry Simpson, has just been murdered by Inez, a mysterious, beautiful, and mute Mayan teenager he found in the jungles of South America and brought back to his home in Canada for treatment.In a departure from most novels involving a murder, the question is never who did it but why. The extremely unorthodox method Jerry uses of having this damaged [...]

    8. MeMe Belikova First lady Ivashkov on said:

      Wow, this book was so different from what I'm use to reading! Sheila did a wonderful job telling this wonderful and disturbing story. I was drawn in from the first chapter and I couldn't stop till I found out the mystery of Jerry death, and Inez's afflicted past.The story is about Caitlyn, a journalist who is putting the pieces back together to the horrible death of her lover Jerry, who was murdered by a mute Mayan teen name Inez. Jerry rescued Inez from Guatemala who was brutally chained and he [...]

    9. ILoveBooks on said:

      How would you treat a girl who killed your boyfriend? What if she had mental issues? Inez is a young Mayan girl who was held captive in the Guatemalan jungle. When Jerry hears of her plight, he knows he must help her. Inez is not really innately "wild." She will come off as more reserved, afraid, and a bit like a puppy-unsure of herself or her surroundings. The author makes her character very different from the norm. Jerry is portrayed as the sometimes grumpy often helpful psychoanalyst. Caitlin [...]

    10. Michelle on said:

      Pull an easy chair up to the crackling fire on your day off and settle in with The Girl In The Box – you won’t be able to put it down. This emotionally compelling story of a Guatemalan girl chained and confined in a box lets us glimpse the horrors of civil war and genocide as a back drop to the attempts to free Inez psychologically as well as physically.She is brought back to the United States by Jerry, a psychologist who seeks therapy for her. She is befriended by Jerry’s partner Caitlin. [...]

    11. Linda Hutsell-Manning on said:

      This compelling novel begins with violent death and ends with hope of healing. The story told by journalist Caitlin Shaughnessy and her long time amour psychoanalyst Jerry Simpson, moves skillfully back and forth before and after Jerry’s rescue and aborted rehabilitation of a mute Mayan girl. The plot reveals the unpredictability of human nature, how events change and torment characters. Dalton’s polished writing style and extensive knowledge of psychoanalysis create a fascinating and believ [...]

    12. Elyse on said:

      LOVED IT!!!! I had no idea what this book was going to be about when I started. (which is often a fun way to read a good book or go see a good movie). To not know 'anything' about the topic before reading this ---was an ADDED pleasure!!!!. I just knew I wanted to read Sheila's book. It was a 'page-turner'. I liked the blend of each of the characters. This was a book that while reading it ---I had so many clear 'visuals' ---What do *YOU* think of when you think of "A GIRL in a BOX"??? huh????? (a [...]

    13. Patricia on said:

      Excellent and captivating book!Please visit my blog for the complete review:thejoyofthewrittenword/201Enjoy!Patricia

    14. Home. Love. Books. on said:

      Check out this review on my site UFReviews Synopsis: Former bar singer and Buddhist meditator Caitlin Shaughnessy, a Canadian journalist, discovers that Inez, a traumatized young Mayan woman from Guatemala, has killed Dr. Jerry Simpson, her partner of many years. 
Caitlin struggles to understand what happened, and why. In the process, she confronts her own demons, as well as the innocence and wonder within Inez which seem to belie the young woman's violent actions.Review: When I picked up The [...]

    15. ChristaSeeley on said:

      Originally reviewed at Christa's Hooked on BooksThe Girl in the Box was a book that wasn't even on my radar before I was contacted by the author. But the promise of mystery, references to Guatemala and a mostly Canadian setting, made me sit up and pay attention.Dropping you right into the heat of Guatemala, Sheila Dalton proves from the first few pages that she has an incredible eye for detail. The story moves around to a number of diverse locations, but Dalton handles them all beautifully, addi [...]

    16. Yvann S on said:

      "Was it possible to keep loving someone who had destroyed my life?"I've done really badly with review copies from LibraryThing in the past - I had two thrillers turn out to be uber-religious proselytising. However, this one (which I wasn't all that convinced by on the blurb) was a revelation - it was the cause of failing-to-go-to-bed-because-of-book, which is always a good sign for a book.Psychoanalyst Jerry goes to Guatemala to track down some shamans and talk to them about the use of drugs in [...]

    17. Colleen Devlin on said:

      I actually do not know how this book got published. The premise of the novel is ok, but it needs an editor asking some serious questions. Like why, if Jerry had a car, was he ever on a bus to meet Inez's Mayan parent? How he could drive into the jungle to rescue Inez, drive to Guatemala City, get a visa for Inez, drive back to Lake Atitlan to see a doctor, drive back to Guatemala City and be at the airport before dark. Why Caitlin and Jerry are a couple who have been together for years and stool [...]

    18. Johaleesi (formerly JJiReads) on said:

      Every once in a while you read a book that mimics real life, the stuff you hear in the news, the stuff you never think can happen to you or someone you love. This is that kind of book. Sheila Dalton tells us the story of Jerry Simpson, a Canadian psychoanalyst on vacation in Guatemala; Of Inez, a young mute Mayan girl who he found chained up and locked up in a shed that resembled something like a box (thus the title) and whom he rescues and brings to Canada with him; And of As Caitlin, Jerry's p [...]

    19. Sandra "Jeanz" on said:

      To be totally honest I was unsure as to how I would get on with this book, but I was almost instantly drawn in to the mystery of the tragic life of Inez. Jerry is on a trip, a journey of discovery, however what he actually discovers ends up changing his life forever and ultimately leads to his death.I am trying not to give away spoilers as such but I will say things are not always as they seem in the book. People are also not always what they seem either. Jerry's death ends up turning the journa [...]

    20. Mary Billinghurst on said:

      This book did not work for me on several levels. The premise - a crime committed by an autistic and abused Mayan refugee - was well worth exploring but Dalton created a more sensational tale than was necessary. I do not want to give any of the plot away, so I will write in generalities here. Why does the author choose Labrador as her setting for part of the story? Why are there so many dreams in the book? Why is Margaret presented to us initially as a sort of predator? Why is the initial crime i [...]

    21. Naj (Unputdownable Books) on said:

      The Girl in the Box follows the story about Jerry Simpson, a Canadian psychoanalyst on vacation in Guatemala. He rescues Inez, a young Mayan girl who was chained and locked up in a windowless shed by her parents because they believed there was an animal in her. As a paranormal reader, I usually don’t read these types of literary psychological novels. And the biggest surprise is. I liked it. The novel was researched and written beautifully. It was somewhat dark, very realistic and definitely mo [...]

    22. Jeanne Bannon on said:

      Shelia Dalton’s THE GIRL IN THE BOX is a wonderfully constructed and intricately woven tale of a mute, seemingly autistic teenage girl who is rescued from a deplorable existence in the Guatemalan jungle. Chained and made to live in a windowless shed by her parents, Jerry, a Canadian psychoanalyst on vacation, rescues the girl by bringing her back home with him to Canada.The novel begins with Jerry’s murder at the hands of the girl, Inez. This story is not a who dunnit, but instead delves int [...]

    23. Mary Moore on said:

      Amidst all the noise on the web, it's often hard to find the quiet treasures that lie beneath the hubbub of tweeting and tooting of marketing horns. The Girl in the Box is the best literary discovery I've stumbled upon in a long time. The story focuses on a therapist (Jerry), who rescues a young girl from Guatemala (Inez), who has been confined in a box for years. The author adeptly tells the story from different points of view, but after Inez is charged with murdering Jerry, the story primarily [...]

    24. Tirzah on said:

      Beautifully researched and emotionally suspenseful, The Girl in the Box is a book which at heart is a psychological suspense novel. So many books rely on Die Hard action to push the plot forward or gore like the stuff you find in movies like Saw.This book is subtle. It's all about the why in this book.Jerry rescues mute, damaged Inez and brings her to the the United States to try to heal her. But something goes wrong and Inez murders Jerry. Caitlyn can't live without knowing why? Why did Inez do [...]

    25. Susan on said:

      Wow. A beautifully written, original story. Sheila Dalton is a master of words; this book delivered passages that pulled my mind completely into the story. Her writing captures the fundamental reason that I read: to be transported to another place and time–totally removing myself from the day-to-day realities of my own life.The combination of her prose with a story of a psycho-analyst who rescues a girl from the Guatemalan jungle is a win-win. As the story unfolds, the doctor is found dead at [...]

    26. Valerie Sherrard on said:

      From the first chapters of The Girl in the Box, Sheila Dalton's skillful hand draws the reader through a story that is intriguing, haunting and rich with detail. Journalist Caitlin Shaughnessy is dealing not only with the violent death of her partner, Psychoanalyst, Dr. Jerry Simpson, but with layers of questions about why and how it happened. Simpson's death, at the hands of a damaged but seemingly gentle teen he rescued from captivity in Maya, forces Caitlin to examine everything she believed [...]

    27. Jennifer on said:

      I would actually rate the book 4.5 Stars.When I received Sheila Dalton's book, The Girl in the Box, I was not certain what to except and I am pleased to report that Dalton's book exceeded my expectations. The Girl in the Box takes the reader to Guatemala and Canada and into the lives of a mute Mayan girl, Inez, and a Caitlin, journalists whose lives are intricately woven together and must be unraveled for healing to begin. Dalton weaves together an exceptional plot with twists and told through f [...]

    28. Linda Ostrom on said:

      It wasn't that I didn't like the book, it was just that I felt there were mistakes such as:I don't believe that a strange man, even though he is a doctor, would be allowed to bring a teenaged girl with autism to Toronto from Guatamala without written permission from the family and a whole lot of things. Doctor or no, he was a man and I firmly believe that the Canadian government would not allow this.Since this happened early in the book, it tainted my enjoyment of the rest of the story.It was an [...]

    29. Sheila on said:

      I wanted to add this to my list of authored books but I couldn't figure out how!

    30. Susan on said:

      I haven't read this one yet but it's written by a friend of mine -- and I can't wait until it becomes available so I can jump in and enjoy!

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