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Fate Is precognition a prescription for happiness or disaster The good things in life are coming together for Kristina Collins She s found her ideal home her career is on track for mega success and the ma

  • Title: Fate
  • Author: Tallulah Grace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Is precognition a prescription for happiness or disaster The good things in life are coming together for Kristina Collins She s found her ideal home, her career is on track for mega success and the man of her dreams has finally come back into her life.In Fate, the first installment of the Timeless Trilogy, Kris Collins discovers the benefits and risks of having precognitiIs precognition a prescription for happiness or disaster The good things in life are coming together for Kristina Collins She s found her ideal home, her career is on track for mega success and the man of her dreams has finally come back into her life.In Fate, the first installment of the Timeless Trilogy, Kris Collins discovers the benefits and risks of having precognitive visions while being stalked by a serial killer Her friends can t help her, the FBI can t save her she must save herself.

    • Unlimited [Suspense Book] Å Fate - by Tallulah Grace ↠
      462 Tallulah Grace
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    One thought on “Fate

    1. A Book Vacation on said:

      4.5 stars I really enjoyed that this is an adult novel, but not in the sexual sense. It’s very well written, with a little romance, but it’s not over the top and it’s a very clean read. While there is a serial killer on the loose, Grace spares her readers the gruesome details, leaving it all to the imagination, which, in my opinion, is sometimes more graphic than actually putting it in words, depending on the reader. It is refreshing to read a well-written psychological thriller that not o [...]

    2. Magen McMinimy on said:

      So I got this book because it was marketed as a paranormal romantic suspense . . . sounded good to me. As an avid reader of paranormal romance and as someone who's come around to romantic suspense's it sounded like the perfect combination. With that being said let me line out my issues1) Having the same precognitive dream and three visions in the entire book does not make it paranormal ( in my opinion) when I think paranormal I want a book with vamps, werewolves, shifters, wraith, even fairies a [...]

    3. Liza on said:

      The most unrealistic and unprofessional portrayal of law enforcement ever I think this book is a perfect example of why I stick with historical romances. I can forgive taking leeway with historical events, but I find it incredibly hard to believe that a cop or an FBI agent is just going to sit down for pizza and spill his (or her) entire life story after just meeting someone that day, especially when that someone is the person they're supposed to be protecting. Unprofessional much? Yeah.

    4. Barbara Ann on said:

      The protagonist Kris seems to have it all: a house on the beach outside of Charleston, South Carolina, a rewarding job as a video editor, and two best friends Veronica (Roni) and Cassie who are always there for her. She also has the unusual gift of being precognitive. All of her life she has had premonitions in the form of dreams or visions of events to come. With this gift, she has the power to step in and alter the outcome of these premonitions. As the story opens, readers learn that Kris has [...]

    5. Kristi on said:

      I received this book for free from the author in exchange for a review. Timeless Trilogy, Book One: Fate is just as the title says, the first of three books in the trilogy. That seems obvious enough doesn't it? The following two books are Spellbound and Destiny, respectively. All three titles focus on three friends who each have a touch of paranormal in their life (precognitive, spells/herbs, and past lives). Fate is Kris' story. All of her life Kris has been precognitive, though in the past all [...]

    6. Laura on said:

      This is really a 2.5 star rating.The basic premise is good--and the sort of quick read I typically enjoy, but somehow this fell short. I liked the descriptions of the setting. I also liked the main characters--Kris and Nick were well developed and I really liked that the misunderstanding didn't lurk about for ages and ages; it was brought to light and dealt with. It bugs me when otherwise intelligent characters have a simple miscommunication that it seems should be easily seen and corrected--thi [...]

    7. Jennifer on said:

      Kris has two great friends in Roni and Grace. She lives in a beach house with her cat Pegasus. Her job is going great and an old flame moves into the empty beach house next door. Can everything really be this good? Maybe not. Kris is a precognitive. So when she starts having disturbing dreams she can’t get past the feeling that something just isn’t right. Kris finds out that she should always trust her feelings. Her feelings for her old flame Nick are being rekindled just as someone unexpect [...]

    8. Natasha on said:

      I was getting into this book even felt quite excited by it and then the ending let the whole book down it felt rushed after such a build up

    9. Melissa Levine on said:

      If Kris and Nick had been dating for 3 years and both supposedly in love with each other, why did neither come forward when things changed? I can't imagine a couple not doing that.Kris thinking she mainly wanted to take things slowly because she wasn't sure if her and Nick were still compatible, was just plain stupid. After Kris has the vision of Nick taped and hurt to a chair, she says that it smelled like dead fish and mildew. How would anyone even consider the room to be a basement? I didn't [...]

    10. Holly Full Moon Bites Book Reviews on said:

      May have slight spoilers.In this novel we meet Kris, her two best friends, Roni and Cassie; Nick her ex-collage love who has after ten years believing her betrayal and her his, found the truth under lies and have been reunited as he moves in next door. It seems like fate but they soon a serial killer is stalking Kris (or Krissy to Nick) and they must fight harder than ever in a seemingly helpless situation to be together. We also meet Dylan, a police officer and ex-FBI whom we learn only a littl [...]

    11. Denise on said:

      Fate (Timeless Trilogy #1) by Tallulah Grace ( Author) (Synopsis from )"Is precognition a prescription for happiness or disaster?The good things in life are coming together for Kristina Collins. She’s found her ideal home, her career is on track for mega success and the man of her dreams has finally come back into her life.In Fate, the first installment of the Timeless Trilogy, Kris Collins discovers the benefits and risks of having precognitive visions while being stalked by a serial killer. [...]

    12. Morv on said:

      Our heroine in this book is Kris, a woman who is rather sucessful in her career and is helping her friend to get further with her own career. However Kris also has a special ability, one that she has always had since she was a little girl, being able to see visions; however her two college friends are aware of that fact and believe her visions to always be true, no matter how strange it seems because they have seen them come true.Her visions can't help her with a serial murderer whose set his si [...]

    13. Victoria Limbert on said:

      I am so glad I stumbled upon this little Gem!Kris is a refreshingly stable character and has great support around her in the way of two friends she has had with her since college, Roni and Cassie. Though Kris has a little quirk, she is a Precognitive, she sees flashes of the future which may, or may not depending on decisions made, happen with days or weeks of her seeing it. I was very glad the writer did not hang on this detail, it was written in to the book as if it were completely normal. It [...]

    14. Kitty Galore on said:

      So this wasnt a bad bookI liked it for the most partThis book is about Kris, a psychic, and her run in with danger. The story line was a good one and it did keep me engaged but I feel like certain things were missing. Kris had a few visions through out the story but most of them seemed pointless to me like it was just thrown in to say she used them. The ending was a a bit of a let down I expected more of a bang as far as catching the bad guy went. I do plan to read the other books in the series [...]

    15. Amanda on said:

      Kris is a successful video editor in Charleston, South Carolina with two best friends she's made her own family with. She has a beautiful beach house and a loving fluffy cat named Pegasus. She also just so happens to be precognitive. Her visions have never been about herself until she starts sensing that she is being watched, receiving late night phone calls, and finding flowers left at her house and on her car. Increasingly, she realizes she is in danger, and right then her old college flame mo [...]

    16. Dy on said:

      Oops. I was digging through my Reviews folder and found this mentioned. Apparently it was a review copy (which I got for free from the reviewer who declined it).Pretty good formatting and spell checking for an indie e-book, I remember being pleasantly surprised.The story is fairly predictable, but in romance that's not really a minus -- girl meets boy, they face adversity/are separated (bonus -- this had BOTH these plot points!), they overcome, they live happily ever after in a committed relatio [...]

    17. Melanie Adkins on said:

      Kris, Roni and Cassie have been friends for a very long time. They each have jobs they love but friends come first. Kris finally found a home on the beach and so she moved into her dream home. Her life is going well and she's very successful. Kris is producing a new show and she has an idea for a weekly show. It's about this time strange things start happening. She is certain someone is watching her but she hasn't seen them yet. The one bright side? Her friend and ex-boyfriend Nicholas Evans is [...]

    18. Brenda Todd on said:

      I really enjoyed that this book. It gives the reader space to use their imagination by not expounding on graphic details of previous murders and events. A serial killer has found a new target in Kris, an independent woman building her career. As Kris spends time with friends, reconnects with an old flame, and works to advance her career Damien watches her every move. His new ‘beauty’ consumes him. He carefully constructs his method of taking her. Timing is everything. Kris’s precognitive d [...]

    19. Sofya Dolinko on said:

      The premise is intriguing which is why I got the book.BUT. was pretty boring and kind of a big let down. I understand that there are 2 more books and possibly some of the stories will be explained but to be honest I would rather knit a scarf (and I hate knitting) than read them.***possibly a spoiler***Still confused about the dream part???The ending was a big letdown, such a buildup and then it is just over.Characters were very boring. And seriously in real life how many people befriend random p [...]

    20. Laura Pilcher on said:

      Really enjoyed this book, another one i couldn't seem to put down! I was so buzzed after reading this i couldnt sleep lol.We meet Kris (short for Krissy) who has had visions all her life. She lives in a beautiful secluded beach front property, which is her little patch of heaven. That is until she meets "Damien" on the beach and flowers are left on her car and on her doorstep. Kris is being stalked by a serial killer and suddenly her beautiful home is no longer a little patch of heaven.A Romanti [...]

    21. Moon Shine Art Spot ~ Lisa on said:

      This first book in the Timeless Trilogy was both action packed and not lacking in the supernatural. The story starts with our main female character being stalked by a serial killer. She is also somewhat claravoiant and senses some of the danger. The story gives enough background and detail about her close , sister like relationship with her 2 best friends to provide plenty to look forward to in the 2nd & 3rd book as well. As fate would have it, her old true love becomes her new neighbor. Old [...]

    22. Amanda on said:

      Love it so so so much!!! <3Love it so so so much!!! <3Ok, so this book was short. But I still loved it because the details were on point and not as long as 50 chapters. I like fast and simple explanation so this perfectly fits. I love the romantic moments between Kris and Nick. cute. I still think Cassie and Dylan should've gotten together. I just love the fate and vision moments Kris went through because all this fate, Destiny, and Kismat (is what we call in my language) stuff, I TOTALLY [...]

    23. Caro on said:

      I enjoyed reading this book. It was fun, sweet, a little nail-biting, and had the perfect ending. I would enjoy reading this again. I loved the characters and would definitely like to read the rest of this series. I was a little confused at the beginning, getting the characters straight in my head, but it didn't take that long. The first half of the book was a little slower (hence 4 stars) but toward the last half the pace had picked up. By the last chapters I was turning pages pretty well. This [...]

    24. Crystal Huff on said:

      Loved this book! The right combination of paranormal, romance, and mystery. My three favorite! :) I love murder mysteries and serial killer books, romance books, and pretty much anything with paranormal so this was perfect. A serial killer is focused on Kris, thinking he is in love with her. When Kris's first love moves in next door and things start heating up, the killer is not to happy. Kris has precognitive abilities which she is able to use to help save both herself and the man she loves! Ms [...]

    25. C.L. on said:

      All in all, I enjoyed this book. The characters were solid and the relationships were intriguing. The key problem for me was that the villain simply wasn't believable. He came off more as a caricature and the resolution at the end was much too quick and neat to be satisfying. I'm also not sure why the lead character was psychic -- her visions didn't add anything to the story. I'll probably check out the second book in the series, because I like the idea that the next book will pick up on one of [...]

    26. Natalie on said:

      I enjoyed this book, not what i would normally read, but as a free book from Kindle, i did enjoy it. Kristina is a single successful woman who has a gift of having visions of future events, though they are subjective. In this book, she finds herself becoming the centre of a Stalker/serial killers world.At the same time she meets an old flame from her past that she still holds a light for. Trying to help her friends ( who also hold special gifts), build the relationship with the man who's just wa [...]

    27. Jesenia Sanabia on said:

      Book Review: Timeless Trilogy Book One: FateBy: Tallulah GraceLove it! The drama is truly intense! The story plot keeps you on your toes. I really enjoy that on top of all the suspense, scandals, and action there is true love, success, and rock solid friendships. Which provides a perfect balance to a great book. This book proves the grace and calmness love provides under even the most extreme circumstances. I also learned from reading this book that you can't deny fate. I definitely recommend th [...]

    28. Deborah Balsham on said:

      My expectations are low for the free Kindle books, so I wasn't terribly disappointed. Most of the women in the book had the same personality. They did have different jobs, at least. Too many things in the story had quick and pat resolutions. A long festering lie was uncovered within hours of a reunion, for example. The actual thriller story line was a bit better. I didn't think that the stalker was drawn very well, but there was some suspense and creepiness. I have no interest in the rest of the [...]

    29. Kimberlie on said:

      The storyline was good, but I had a hard time connecting with the characters in the beginning. I nearly stopped reading it several times. The bad guy is undeveloped and shallow. From the very beginning he kept saying the same thing every time the author switched to his perspective. I liked the other characters, but overall the writing style needed an editors touch. I'm curious about the next part of the series, but not enough so to spend the time reading it. Guess this book just didn't do it for [...]

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