Port of Errors

Steve V. Cypert

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Port of Errors

Port of Errors Port of Errors is a pirate adventure of historical fiction set in the late seventeenth century in the Eastern Atlantic Davy and Joseph grew up together in an orphanage where they became best of friend

  • Title: Port of Errors
  • Author: Steve V. Cypert
  • ISBN: 9781257790319
  • Page: 422
  • Format: None
  • Port of Errors is a pirate adventure of historical fiction set in the late seventeenth century in the Eastern Atlantic Davy and Joseph grew up together in an orphanage where they became best of friends But, when the orphanage was burnt down they were separated from one another, each following a separate course in life Davy turned to lawlessness, becoming Black Hearted,Port of Errors is a pirate adventure of historical fiction set in the late seventeenth century in the Eastern Atlantic Davy and Joseph grew up together in an orphanage where they became best of friends But, when the orphanage was burnt down they were separated from one another, each following a separate course in life Davy turned to lawlessness, becoming Black Hearted, a ruthless pirate Joseph pursued a life in the English Royal Navy, becoming Daniel Stirvin, a courageous captain determined to rid the waters of such pirates as Black Hearted Finally coming together for an epic battle, they each realize the others identity Now committed to their separate causes and backed by their men, they are unable to back down and in the end only one man will stand This is a bitter, yet uplifting tale of two friends, as close as brothers whose lives are followed closely to the end You will come to love each character and discover new ones, like Scurvy Shaw, a clever and underhanded pirate Darcy Wenham, a wealthy business man and Isabel Shaw, a woman who captures Black Hearted s eye With new and exciting fictional and historical locations, this is an epic journey of adventure, love, war and betrayal.

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      422 Steve V. Cypert
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    One thought on “Port of Errors

    1. Karen on said:

      Port of Errors, by Steve Cypert, is a tale of pirates, tall ships, damsels in distress, tyranny, friendship, a whole conglomeration of actions and emotions and characters all rolled into one fast paced story set in the Atlantic in the 1700s. Travelling back and forth between England, Spain and France you’re taken on a journey with colourful characters who start out as friends then become enemies, then friends again. Their tale is chock full of wins and losses, and friends and foes as they grow [...]

    2. Emily on said:

      It's kind of hard at this point to review anything historical and pirate related without coming up with some similarities between the story in question and Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean, similarities are bound to jump out, even if they are the most basic ones of being set in the past and featuring pirates as the main characters. Port of Errors does call to mind the famous franchise, but only in the way that every book set in a boarding school or featuring magic calls to mind Harry Potter.No, [...]

    3. I Read on said:

      As I reserve my five star rating for only the books I find really good and am in no way a pirate fan (in fact I've avoided all Pirates of the Caribbean films because they are not my thing), you will see that this book must have been brilliant to ear it's stars.The author has a knack that allows you to sink into the world he has created, probably helped by his knowledge of piracy and their ships. I found the glossary very helpful also for quick, easy to understand explanations of the terminologie [...]

    4. Katie on said:

      I was really surprised at how much I got into this book. The main characters are developed well and I found myself really liking some of them and really hating others. Throughout the story you follow Davy and Joseph, two boys brought together at an orphanage. They get separated as they get older and one becomes a pirate and the other becomes a great captain of the royal navy. Without knowing who each other is, they wind up fighting each other hand to hand. During their fighting they learn who ea [...]

    5. David King on said:

      "Port of Errors" by Steve V. Cypert is the first in a proposed series of novels titled "Born of Tyranny". It is an enjoyable and colourful historical fiction novel that involves everyone's favourite anti-heroes, the swash-buckling pirates of the 1700's.The story is set in a time when relations between the major European powers, England, Spain and France are at a low point and the seas have become a perfect hunting ground for privateers and pirates. Into this world are born Davey and Joseph, two [...]

    6. ReviewerLarissa on said:

      Review for: BlodeueddAhoy, me mateys!! Set yourself down for a tale of friendship, betrayal, heroicy…and pirates. Yes, I said pirates! Don’t we love them all? When B. send this request over, I just couldn’t refuse. Port of Errors is the first book in the Born of Tyranny series. It’s the story of Davey and Joseph, two friends who are thicker than thieves and closer than brothers. They strike up a friendship when they meet as young boys in an orphanage. Tragedy soon strikes and they are se [...]

    7. Alanna (The Flashlight Reader) on said:

      If you enjoy a good pirate story, you will certainly enjoy Born of Tyranny. While the majority of the story takes place on the high seas, there are instances of flashback that give great insights into the younger lives of the characters. At the center of the plot, this story shows how life’s choices can lead to surprising (and tragic) endings. The characters are well written. The pirates behave as you would expect pirates to. At first I thought this was meant to be a middle grades book, but I [...]

    8. TC on said:

      Port of Errors is a swash-buckling pirate tale and historical fiction, set in the Atlantic in the late 1700s. Relationships between Spain, France and England are tentative and there are plenty of opportunities for privateers and pirates. Davy and Joseph grew up in the same orphanage, but when it was burnt down they were separated and took very different paths to end up on opposing sides. The pair are unwittingly trying to hunt down and kill each other, not realising the identity of their foe.I l [...]

    9. Dana Burgess on said:

      I was very excited to start this book. I love pirate stories. Even as I read through the, rather slow, start of the story, I still had high hopes. Soon my high hopes began to fail and confusion took over.There are a lot of characters to keep track of. Some are introduced in flashback so there is also the confusion as to how the flashback characters fit into the current story. Some were orphans growing up and when they were auctioned off their names changed. As readers we are privy to the change [...]

    10. Lindsay on said:

      Firstly, thank you to Steve Cypert for providing the book. I truly appreciate it!This story is a vibrant story of pirates on the high seas. It follows the pirate Black Hearted, and Captain Sturvin, locked into a battle to the death, without ever realizing that they are, in fact, "brothers". They had grown up together in an orphanage, and through relentless twists of fate and misunderstandings, were unaware of the others identity. They fight for love, for pride, but above all else, for revenge. I [...]

    11. Jennifer on said:

      I won this book through first reads. The beginning is really slow, but it gets better from there. The story is exciting, but the writing is not as good as it could be. I did enjoy the plot once I got past the first chapter. The pirate Black-Hearted is an enjoyably dark character with an interesting past. I liked the flashback-esque description of his life at the orphanage and how he came to be a pirate. There are a few overly dramatic parts towards the end, but there are quite a few sections wi [...]

    12. Steve Cypert on said:

      The story follows to orphans who become very close, like brothers. There is no spoiler in saying that they grow to be enemies. One becomes a pirate and the other a captain in the Quenn's Royal Navy. But it's the journey that defines them and the twists that set the pace for this adventurous tale.There are many characters, which may be a week point in the book. But the characters are memorable and they each add a unique twist of their own as the story gains in momentum.

    13. LiteraryChanteuse on said:

      I love a good pirate story and this book was just that! A lot of swashbuckling action and adventure but with a really good story behind it. Also quite a few surprises right until the very end that kept me on the edge. Although a sequel seems most likely it did not leave me hanging, just an honest feeling of I can not wait to read what will happen next.

    14. E.R. Yatscoff on said:

      Lack certain things like location of these pirate hideaways in the Eastern Atlantic. Is this off north Africa? Off the Canaries? They sound like they're close to Europe as they go back and forth between them quickly. It was okay.

    15. Anna-marie Horan on said:

      I liked this book. It started off feeling a little like a children's book, but it got a lot better. I did get a bit confused between the main characters and found the name chainging a little confusing, but still found the book enjoyable. It left me wanting more - in a good way.

    16. Brittany on said:

      I received this book through the First Reads giveaway program on . Review to follow.

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