The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon

Leann Sweeney

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The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon

The Cat the Wife and the Weapon When quilter Jillian Hart returns to her lake house in Mercy South Carolina she discovered her friend Tom is missing and his estranged half brother has moved into Tom s house Jillian doesn t trust

  • Title: The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon
  • Author: Leann Sweeney
  • ISBN: 9780451236470
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When quilter Jillian Hart returns to her lake house in Mercy, South Carolina, she discovered her friend, Tom, is missing and his estranged half brother has moved into Tom s house Jillian doesn t trust the guy, especially since he allowed Tom s diabetic cat to escape When police officers find Tom s wrecked car with a dead stranger inside, Jillian is determined to find outWhen quilter Jillian Hart returns to her lake house in Mercy, South Carolina, she discovered her friend, Tom, is missing and his estranged half brother has moved into Tom s house Jillian doesn t trust the guy, especially since he allowed Tom s diabetic cat to escape When police officers find Tom s wrecked car with a dead stranger inside, Jillian is determined to find out what happened to Tom before someone else turns up dead.

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      458 Leann Sweeney
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    One thought on “The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon

    1. FangirlNation on said:

      Coming home from a tour selling her cat quilts, Jillian becmes alarmed when she hasn't heard from her friend Tom, but when she goes to Tom's house, she encounters his estranged half-brother, Bob, who has broken into Tom's house, arousing fears in Jillian in The Cat, the Wife, and the Weapon by Leann Sweeney. Causing further drama, Jillian learns that Bob has let Tom's diabetic cat get loose, and Jillian finds him comatose with dangerously low blood sugar. After returning home from the vet, where [...]

    2. Ian on said:

      Jillian, Tom and Candice are back with their many cats for another cozy murder mystery. In this episode Tom's brother has moved into his home (uninvited), his stepson has shown up covered in blood and his ex-wife is up to something. It's up to Jillian to solve the mystery and save the dayd with her daughter-in-law being the editor of the local newspaper perhaps she can even keep the high crime rate in Mercy from getting any unwanted attention. The Cats in Trouble mysteries aren't all that surpri [...]

    3. Narilka on said:

      The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon is the fourth in Leann Sweeney's Cat's in Trouble series. These cozy mysteries continue to charm me. I love all the characters, human and furry! This time around we get to learn more about Tom's past, one that he's been hesitant to share until now.Jillian has just returned home from a week long arts and crafts show when she discovers her friend Tom missing. He's not answering his phone, his car is gone and there's a stranger claiming to be his brother staying in [...]

    4. Yvonne on said:

      Quilter Jillian Hart couldn’t wait to get home after spending a week at craft fairs and cat shows across several Southern states. She hasn’t heard from her friend Tom Stewart and she is more than a little concerned. It isn’t like him not to answer her phone calls. So, when she returns to Mercy, South Carolina, she takes her three kitties home and goes to Tom’s house. He’s not there, but his brother is. A brother she never knew about. Jillian immediately distrusts Tom’s brother, espec [...]

    5. LORI CASWELL on said:

      Mercy is a town when everyone knows everyone’s business. How is that Jillian didn’t know her friend Tom had a brother?Jillian returns home after attending craft fairs and cat shows selling her beautiful kitty quilts to find Tom missing and a man claiming to be Tom’s brother looking mighty comfortable in Tom’s house. She also finds Tom’s diabetic cat has gotten out of the house and this stranger has made no effort at all to look for him.Then Tom’s car is found wrecked with a dead man, [...]

    6. Debbie on said:

      "The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon" is a cozy mystery. This book is the fourth in the series, but you don't need to read the previous books to understand this one, and this book didn't spoil the mysteries in the previous books.The heroine was a sensible lady, at least when it came to dealing with a crisis. She was directly involved in the events, so she didn't have to poke about to find clues--the clues were happening all around her. Whodunit wasn't difficult to figure out, though it took a littl [...]

    7. Jeannie and Louis Rigod on said:

      Jillian Hart returns from a long traveling craft show, where she sells her cat/pet quilts, and just 'knows' something is wrong with her boyfriend, Tom.Never dismiss a woman's instinct as Jillian is proven quite correct. Not only is Tom in trouble but persons in Tom's past come out and cause pain, mayhem and murder in his current life and Jillian's. There is a new character, Finn and his dog, Yoshi that just makes you want to protect and nurture.This was a complex murder mystery. Very gentle in i [...]

    8. Melissa (ladybug) on said:

      Jillian is a quilter with some cats. She also has a friend who has done a disappearing act. Can Jillian find her friend, or will she find heartache for her troubles?I liked this book and it was a really quick read. I found something lacking in it though. It wasn't fantastic and it really didn't have exactly the same feel of a good cozy mystery. I really cannot describe it better, but I didn't really develop any feelings for the characters. They just never seemed to come off the page for me inste [...]

    9. Mayda on said:

      This latest installment in this intriguing series is the best one yet. In this tale, we get to know Tom better as his mysterious past comes to light. His half brother, ex-wife, ex-partner from his days as a cop, and his stepson all show up in Mercy, along with a menacing stranger. It takes a heap of patience and understanding on Jillian’s part to help Tom come to terms with his tangled relationships, especially as the dead bodies start turning up and people go missing. The continuing character [...]

    10. Angie Boyter on said:

      I cannot understand the glowing reviews for this book. It IS, indeed, just my kind of book---a cozy with cats and a dog and sympathetic characters---and I was greatly looking forward to it. But the plot is so implausible that I had a hard time finishing it. I lost count of the number of times I said to myself,"Nobody would do that." Disbelief can only be suspended so far.A lot of people enjoy this kind of book, as I do, but many readers apparently do not use any critical sense at all when they g [...]

    11. Wendy Bryant on said:

      If you love cats, or if you enjoy a good mystery, this series is for you. My husband suggested I try this author when he saw some of her books posted on the internet. I was quickly hooked. I read all the Jillian Hart cat series in the order of their release, ending up with this book, her latest release. I must say I enjoyed them all, but in my opinion the books seemed to get better as they went along. The Cat, The Wife And The Weapon is now my favorite until they next Cats in Trouble mystery is [...]

    12. Kate on said:

      I always love the books in this series, which is extra cozzzzzy! All the talk about the cats, and now a dog named Yoshi (how cute!), made this another enjoyable read. I really like how Tom and Jillian's world keeps expanding and changing, keeping the story lines from ever becoming stale. I'm looking forward to the next!

    13. Elizabeth Barbara Godsell on said:

      Another great readOnce again Leann Sweeney gives me a book I can't put down until the final page is turned. I love the character's in this series, and long for the day she walks them down the wedding aisle.

    14. Anne-Kathrine on said:

      Loved this book :) The series keeps getting better. Looking forward to the next book :)

    15. Jenn on said:

      This cozy read kept me guessing who the killer was right till the end. I love how all the animals took part in this read.

    16. Nancy Haddock on said:

      This is another series I'm woefully behind on, but I have two more books in my stash I'm eager to get to!

    17. Amy on said:

      Another great book in the cats in trouble series! I’m really starting to love the series… Not that I didn’t like it before but the more books I read the more attached I get to the characters and the more I like the author and her writing style. It’s very well done and well written. In this particular novel, we get to meet more characters should more than likely will continue to appear throughout the series. I like the way she slowly is adding characters as we go rather than having us jum [...]

    18. Linda on said:

      Jillian Hart thinks she knows her beau/friend Tom Stewart pretty well. But in the course of a single day, she finds he has a brother, Bob, who is apparently squatting at Tom's house in Tom's absence; an ex-wife, Hilary, in North Carolina; and an 18-year-old stepson, Finn, who has run away from home with his dog. Yoshi. (Tom has not mentioned any of these people to Jillian before.)When Finn's mother's husband (who is also an ex-con that Tom put in prison when he was still on the police force) is [...]

    19. Lainey on said:

      It took me far too long to finish this book. I found there were too many characters and it took too long to get to the end where "the wife did it" as indicated by the title.However, this series still charms me as I work in the policing field, I love to quilt and own a diabetic cat, plus others.Tom's brother, Bob is an asshole & reading about him letting the diabetic cat get loose not once but twice & not giving one iota about the cats health made me so angry. I wished the author had writ [...]

    20. Eco Imp on said:

      Saw this a library book sale so I thought I would give it a try. I love the cat names. Don't know enough about series to determine how formulaic it is (i.e. Sue Grafton and ilk). Will try another when need a break from NPR list.I was able to determine early on who I knew to be the murderer, which was confirmed in the end. Insight provided by my childhood experience.

    21. Mirjam on said:

      Lately I keep repeating myself whenever I write a review of a cozy by stating that it is one of my favourite series, but I cannot help it. I really have been reading a lot of new releases to favourite cozy series! Leann Sweeney is yet another favourite. With Sweeney's new releases I never wonder if I will like the book, I just know I will. All I need to do is find a comfortable place to settle down with my book, make sure the world has no opportunity to intrude and off I go!In The Cat, The Wife [...]

    22. Annette on said:

      Jillian is a talented widow who makes cat quilts and helps solve murders.Tom is her main squeeze. He is a security expert and a really good and kind man. When Jillian returns home from a trip selling her quilts she is uneasy because she cannot get in touch with Tom. After she allows her 3 cats to have food and water and become comfy at home, she starts looking for Tom. At his home, she finds a man who is not Tom and he has allowed Tom's diabetic cat to escape the house. Her first instinct is to [...]

    23. Ellen on said:

      an always edit it here. The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon ~Signet (15)A Dependable Cozy, May 2, 2012 By Ellen Rappaport (Florida) This review is from: The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon: A Cats in Trouble Mystery (Mass Market Paperback) There is nothing better to a cozy mystery lover than an author of a cozy series that's dependable. Leann Sweeney is just that and more. Thank you Leann.This is the 4th in the Cats in Trouble series and the 4th I've read. The reason I come back for more is because I [...]

    24. Sara on said:

      I've had this book since it was released, but I enjoy Leann Sweeney's books so much that I waited to read it, knowing the next release will be a while. I finally broke down and it was worth the wait!Jillian Hart returns from a craft show concerned because she hasn't heard from her "friend" Tom for a few days. She finally goes to his house concerned about Tom's diabetic cat Dashiell and finds a strange man there who says he's Tom's brother, and the cat has escaped. She manages to find Dashiell ou [...]

    25. Paul Lunger on said:

      When the best friend of Jillian Hart, Tom, comes up missing and an estranged half brother no one knew about shows up in his house, things set the stage for a story of family, mystery & mayhem in this entry by Leann Sweeney. Sweeney's title almost gives away the majority of the plot but she does a decent job of storytelling as we encounter a car accident, a boy with amnesia (Finn), a dog named Yoshi, as well as the family Finn thought he had. Finn is essentially the main character of this sto [...]

    26. Kristen on said:

      If you love a cat-friendly cozy, this new cozy series from Leann Sweeney is a real treat. Jillian Hart is a widow who create quilts for cats and lives with three of her own. But when she's entangled up into another murder mystery, it's messy like a runaway ball of knotted yarn. It all started with a car crash, when her boyfriend Tom ends up injured and his stepson from his previous marriage gets concussed from the same crash. Out of the woodwork, Tom's half-brother's lurking around and other sur [...]

    27. Kathleen on said:

      This cozy mystery did not connect with me. I didn't like the writing style; it seemed careless and would have benefited from another developmental edit. The backstory was not believable. Bits seemed thrown in as needed to make a plot point, rather than adding to the whole storyline. I've read cozies for many years and know that some are "fluffier" than others. This is one of the fluffy, with no real mystery, no deep characterizations, no getting the reader involved in the created world. It was g [...]

    28. Lynn Demsky on said:

      “When quilter Jillian Hart returns to her lake house in Mercy, South Carolina, she discovered her friend, Tom, is missing-and his estranged half-brother has moved into Tom's house. Jillian doesn't trust the guy, especially since he allowed Tom's diabetic cat to escape. When police officers find Tom's wrecked car with a dead stranger inside, Jillian is determined to find out what happened to Tom-before someone else turns up dead.”This is the first in this series that I didn’t think that muc [...]

    29. Nancy Rogan on said:

      This is a nice cozy series (this is #4)especially if you like cats. It's a fun read except for one thing. Most cozies have a subplot about a character that doesn't get along with the protagonist, but this series has the dumbest, most irritating one of any series I have read. Thankfully, it plays a very, very minor role in this particular book, but the author would be wise to drop it entirely in my opinion. The plot of this book is interesting, but very unrealisitic, so don't expect deep intrigue [...]

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