Death, Taxes, and a Skinny No-Whip Latte

Diane Kelly

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Death, Taxes, and a Skinny No-Whip Latte

Death Taxes and a Skinny No Whip Latte It s all in a day s work for Tara Holloway the U S Treasury s latest greatest soon to be skinniest weapon against the biggest richest tax cheats in the nation When she joined the Criminal Investig

  • Title: Death, Taxes, and a Skinny No-Whip Latte
  • Author: Diane Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780312551278
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s all in a day s work for Tara Holloway, the U.S Treasury s latest, greatest, soon to be skinniest weapon against the biggest, richest tax cheats in the nation When she joined the Criminal Investigations Division, Tara knew she d be investigating some very real crooks Forget about waitresses hiding tips from the IRS or babysitters not declaring income Tara and her paIt s all in a day s work for Tara Holloway, the U.S Treasury s latest, greatest, soon to be skinniest weapon against the biggest, richest tax cheats in the nation When she joined the Criminal Investigations Division, Tara knew she d be investigating some very real crooks Forget about waitresses hiding tips from the IRS or babysitters not declaring income Tara and her partner, Eddie, are going after one of country s richest, dirtiest felons Being on a diet doesn t help Tara s mood much Hopefully, by the time the investigation is over, she ll be sitting somewhere in a string bikini, far, far away But first Reality Marcos Mendoza is a suspected loan shark with connections across the Mexican border He s never been accused of any crimes, yet his business associates have a history of disappearing and resurfacing in body bags Will Tara risk life, limb, and the pursuit of filing a joint tax return with her maybe serious boyfriend Brett Fighting crime, like drinking a cup of coffee with low fat milk and artificial sweetener, is often bittersweet

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    One thought on “Death, Taxes, and a Skinny No-Whip Latte

    1. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) on said:

      This book was hilarious! I seriously laughed so hard reading it. The storyline was interesting as well, about an agent in the criminal enforcement wing of the IRS. With a solid mystery and great humor (often off-color), with a lively heroine who stands out big time, I enjoyed this book.Reviewed for the March issue of Affaire de Coeur Magazine. affairedecoeur.

    2. Ellen on said:

      Interesting character, Tara, and apparently already a series. I found this one at a thrift shop so I'll keep an eye out for the others. Think of Stephanie Plum as a female IRS special agent and you'll have Tara. Not as fast a read as the Evanovich books, but kept me interested.

    3. Kate on said:

      I thought this looked like a fun, cute, light read, and initially, I was actually disappointed in how uninteresting I found the book to be. However, I was desperate for a book, and couldn't seem to find my way to the library, so I tried it again. About halfway through I discovered I was enjoying myself and looking forward to see what was going to happen next with the characters. Not sure I'll actively seek out another book in this seriesbut if one found it's way to me, I would probably give the [...]

    4. ❂ Jennifer on said:

      I took a break from reading this book after about 6 chapters because it wasn't holding my attention. I picked it back up after a few days and found myself much more interested in the rest of the book. Slow start or short attention span, the book picked up quickly afterwards and while you pretty much always know who the bad guy is, I found myself looking forward to finding out how they catch him in the end. Lots of action, a few slapstick moments and great characters. I'll be on the lookout for t [...]

    5. Moondance on said:

      Tara and Eddie are back just a few short weeks after being injured on their last assignment. This time, they are up against a loan shark that not only is withholding taxes, he chops up people who don't do as he wishes. Tara's relationship with Brett heats up. (Sometimes a little more that she would like.LuvLub!) A double crossing former coworker, a BFF with her new beau and a kickass new friend all pitch in to catch the bad guy. Laugh out loud funny! 4 stars

    6. Lynn Spencer on said:

      4.5 stars I'm glad I stuck with this series, because this book definitely did a good job of building on the first in the series. The fun, snarky voice of Tara Holloway is still very much there, and I found this to be more strongly written than the one preceding it. Looking forward to book #3!

    7. Peggy on said:

      This author has a great writing style--funny, good character and plot development--but the language and sex are bad. I enjoyed the story--an IRS agent who is involved in bringing down a scumbag tax cheat/money launderer/murderer, but I was really put off by the other, and unnecessary, stuff.

    8. Veronica on said:

      While the first book in this series didn't impress me very much, I will admit that I liked this second effort much better. Although I still find it hard to feel morally outraged over people not filing correct tax returns, at least this time around an actual murder is involved. Crime/drug lord Marcos Mendoza is guilty of several murders but with the police and FBI at a loss for how to prove it, the feds turn to the IRS' criminal tax investigation department to nail Mendoza to the wall using the o [...]

    9. Teena in Toronto on said:

      Tara is an IRS agent she was hired because she's got an accounting background but is also a sharpshooter. She and her partner, Eddie, are trying to get the goods on Marcos Mendoza, a dangerous loan shark. If you can't pay up or you cross him, he has ways of making you sorry (like having your body cut up into many pieces and discarded around the state of Texas). Three years ago, another IRS agent, Nick, had tried to infiltrate Marcos' organization to bring him down but ended up taking a bribe fr [...]

    10. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      This review posted on Guilty Pleasures4.5 Stars and a Recommended Read =)This is the second book of Diane Kelly's Death and Taxes series. I enjoyed Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure, I REALLY enjoyed Death, Taxes and a Skinny No-Whip Latte. I could not put it down and laughed throughout the entire book. Tara is back, this time in action packed investigation to stop not only a tax cheat, but a murdering, money launderer. Tara and her partner Eddie take on Marcos Mendoza and it almost costs one [...]

    11. Madison Warner Fairbanks on said:

      Death, Taxes and a Skinny No-Whip Latte by Diane KellyWho knew a mystery with an IRS investigator could be so funny?Okay, I did because I'd read Diane Kelly's first Death book, but this second one is a Hoot! Here are a couple of examples. "In the preceding presidential election debates, Texan candidate Ross Perot had warned voters that, if passed, the pending bill would result in a "giant sucking sound" of jobs heading south of the border. Bill Clinton was elected and had promptly signed the con [...]

    12. Meg on said:

      Special Agent for the IRS, Tara Holloway, has a big fish to fry before he can escape over the border. A prior investigation cost the IRS one of their best agents, Tara doesn't want to be the next. Marcos Mendoza's associates and adversaries tend to end up in body bags Well, more like in pieces in individual evidence bags. The case to fry Mendoza is consuming Tara's entire life, costing her a very important trip with her boyfriend Brett. When the case seems to be going nowhere, things take a turn [...]

    13. Romancing the Book on said:

      Reviewed by MarissaBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI love a good beach read – light-hearted, quirky characters, easy-going plot lines. These components all apply to Death, Taxes, and a Skinny No-Whip Latte. The mystery is not a whodunit sort but more of a whenwillwegethim type. Tara Holloway is a crack-shot (she has my respect just for that), coffee-addicted, IRS investigator still trying to prove herself to both the agency and to herself. [...]

    14. Dana Delamar on said:

      I don't normally read humorous suspense stories, but I thought I should branch out and try something new. I'm so glad I did. This book made me laugh out loud several times (no easy feat) and chuckle many more. It's a good thing I wasn't reading it in public or people would have thought I was a lunatic. The suspense was handled well, and even though big chunks of the book are stakeouts, it never gets too draggy. I also liked Tara Holloway, the main character, and her co-workers. (I did occasional [...]

    15. Rachel on said:

      So I read Death, Taxes, and Extra-Hold Hairspray before this book, but I still think these books are fine to be read on their own and out of order. While I didn't think this book had as many humorous lines as the third book, it still had enough to make me snort more than a few times. I really liked the story line and I was glad to finally find out the details of Tara's trip to Mexico. I'll tackle book number one as soon as it arrives in the mail. I must again thank my sister for recommending Dia [...]

    16. SarahSmith on said:

      I really enjoyed this book and am getting ready to start the third book in the series shortly. Like the first book, the characters seemed very realistic and the humor of the book was right up my alley. However, like I said in my review of the first book I would have enjoyed to see the redneck woman come out of the main character a little bit more, but overall the series is something that I can see reading for years to come. As much as I like the main characters' main squeeze (for now!) I'm very [...]

    17. Lisa on said:

      Honestly, I enjoyed Death, Taxes, and Peach Sangria (Tara Holloway, #4) better, but this book was entertaining as well. I like the accounting aspect of itt that she gets into it in detail, but it's an interesting line of work. Toss in a gun and investigative skills, and you have one heck of a sleuth. I think Holloway is believable as an IRS agent, especially one who became a federal agent after holding another job, not just directly out of school.Interesting set of characters, just enough drama, [...]

    18. Shannon on said:

      I think this will be the last of this series for me, at least for now. While I like the addition of Nick, I think he'll be a fun character, I'm not looking to get mixed up in another love triangle this yearo much emotion from the Kathleen Turner series by Tiffany Snow, just can't do it.The first 2 books have been cute and a little sexy, but like I saw another review mention they are similar to the Stephanie Plum books, which I love. This is different premise, with Tara being an IRS special agent [...]

    19. Elizabeth on said:

      Somehow I skipped from one to three so I had to catch up with this second book. This book is hilarious! I just have one word for you, LoveLub. In this book we have the intrigue and suspense of a loan shark named Marcos Mendoza and Tara's attempts to bring him to justice. Also, this is when Tara goes to the south of the border to rescue Nick. The rescue is also replete with tension and humor. I like how fast these books go, that they bring disparate threads together, and that they are smartly wri [...]

    20. Kaye on said:

      Tara Holloway, who is a CPA and Criminal Investigations Division agent with the IRS, has just been assigned the biggest case of her career along with her partner Eddie. Unfortunately, she's also gained a couple of pounds, which really doesn't help her mood. This series is smart and funny, laugh out loud funny, and keeping up with the gun-toting Tara, her partner Eddie, her boyfriend Brett, her two BFF's, and her boss Lu, can be addictive. I love the series.

    21. Lisa on said:

      I liked this one. I appreciated the humor; i was amused by several scenes, and there was a beach scene that made me laugh out loud. The main character was likable, the plot was good, and I enjoyed the story. There was good chemistry among the love interests. My criticisms are that the tax information can get a little bit tedious, and there wasn't much of a mystery, as the "bad guy" was known throughout, but overall, a good read.

    22. Susan on said:

      IRS special investigator Tara and her partner Eddie are trying to pin something on a man named Mendoza, who is not only murdering associates, but also cheating on his taxes. Mendoza also corrupted another Treasury agent, Nick, who was investigating him. But it looks like Mendoza has covered all his bases, and the pair have trouble trying to find a weak link in his defenses. There's nothing wrong with this, but it just didn't really grab me.

    23. MJ on said:

      This book was totally hilarious, the mystery took a different route since the main character is the actual investigator, instead of a nosy sleuth. It steered its way from cozy territory with a (1 page) sex scene on page 30-something. And it was full of bad language, guns, and hilarious quips. Such a great book and I loved it. I'm ready for the next one!

    24. Gretchen on said:

      This was the second book in a series about a woman IRS agent who works for the U.S. Treasury.This one didn't have as much action as the first one until the end. There were still some funny parts of it that I liked. The first one was better. I still have number three to read.

    25. Tina Axell on said:

      I think I've found a friend in Tara Holloway! Mystery, romance, romantic tension, suspense, humor (not to mention lattes)is series has it all for me. Having lived in Texas for 15 years, I get a lot of the regional references too. I loved it, and I'm on to the next installment! :)

    26. Tamra Baumann on said:

      Just have to say, Ms. Kelly brings it again in this book, her second in the series. She introduces a new character who makes Tara question whether she wants to be a good girl or that bad one that lurks deeply inside. Can't wait to see how it all turns out in the next book!

    27. Lichen on said:

      Has some nice details that are reflective of the real world -- hospital visits for head lice and allergic reactions. Tara doesn't seem mature enough to have her job. She should have been fired for disobeying her boss.

    28. Tami on said:

      I haven't received my copy yet, just got notification that I had won. 3/1/12Been almost 2 months, and still no book. :( 4/30/12Now it has been over 4 months and still no book. may have to write this one off. 7/10/12 Definitely a write off. It has been over a year, and still no book. 03/15/13

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