Secrets of Bella Terra

Christina Dodd

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Secrets of Bella Terra

Secrets of Bella Terra Brooding and sexy Rafe Di Luca has returned to his family s luxurious vineyard resort for one reason to find out who attacked his beloved grandmother His homecoming stirs up a decades old feud forcin

  • Title: Secrets of Bella Terra
  • Author: Christina Dodd
  • ISBN: 9781101543313
  • Page: 297
  • Format: ebook
  • Brooding and sexy Rafe Di Luca has returned to his family s luxurious vineyard resort for one reason to find out who attacked his beloved grandmother His homecoming stirs up a decades old feud, forcing him to work with Brooke Petersson, the woman he once seduced and betrayedbut never forgot.

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      297 Christina Dodd
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    One thought on “Secrets of Bella Terra

    1. Jane Stewart on said:

      2 ½ stars. Neat characters. A lot of potential, but the story wasn’t fleshed outVIEWER’S OPINION:I was interested enough to keep reading to see what would happen, but when I was done, I realized it was incomplete. It was not full writing. Too many things were glossed over, not finished, or not shown. There were three bad guys but we are never shown any conversations among them. We are not shown enough of their interactions with each other, their motivations, and the things they did. The onl [...]

    2. Anita on said:

      A great start to a new series. Really enjoyed this book. Three Italian families have been fighting for years over a bottle of wine. There are 3 brothers who have the same father but different mothers that were raised by their Grandma. This book is Rafe's. Former child star turned military soilder turned security expert. Ever since Brooke met him at school, she has loved Rafe. But it was never good timing for them. Now Rafe is back to find out who attacked his Nonna. This puts him back in Brooke' [...]

    3. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) on said:

      This review was posted at Under The CoversWhere to start with the things about this book that hit a great spot with me? Well, for one this series revolves around a family in a small town. However this is no ordinary family, their mother is a Hollywood star, they own a succesful vineyard, they're some of the most looking people in town, they own a resort, yeah, way above average right there. But they are all so nice and with a wonderful feeling of family unit. They're of italian descent, and from [...]

    4. Sarah on said:

      This was my first Christina Dodd novel - I'm not sure how I've missed her before, as she has a lot of books in print. This if the first book of a new series featuring the DiLuca brothers, and I'm assuming each brother will get his own book. The brothers share the same father, and each has an exotic and dangerous backstory. Rafe's mother is an internationally famous actress and beauty, and he is also shockingly handsome. And tough - after the military he started his own security firm and now has [...]

    5. Bungluna on said:

      I'm always looking for contamporary romances that don't include serial killers or black ops and this one, in spite of having a 'security expert' hero, fit the bill.Things I liked:1. The setting was vividly done.2. The interaction between the brothers was fun to watch.3. Rafe and Brook have chemestry galore and their relationship seems real.4. There were several interesting secondary characters.Things I didn't like:1. TSTL hero and heroine moments; I mean you find someone in the security room who [...]

    6. Anne OK on said:

      A great beginning to Christina Dodd's new series with wine country as its backdrop. Three handsome brothers, all having different mothers, are charged with caring for their elderly grandmother whom they adore. Murder and mayhem arise, of course. Bottles of expensive and historically acclaimed wines go flying from the shelves, employees go dumpster diving for diamonds and find dead bodies instead, romance abounds, and the continuing efforts to save the old Italian family business is front and cen [...]

    7. Jacqueline on said:

      I liked this in general. The setting was interesting and the De Luca family seemed richly imagined. However I felt that the relationship between the hero and the heroine wasn't all that believable. There really wasn't enough time spent on their relationship, more of the book was about the mystery. Somehow their love was just not that gripping. I didn't really feel invested in their relationship. The story was good but not great. I will continue with the story though.

    8. Sonja on said:

      A little murder, a little danger, a lot of wine and serious chemistry! This was a fun series to read. Kept me interested and intrigued with some surprises as only Christina Dodd can do!

    9. Mollie *scoutrmom* on said:

      Oh, what a wonderful story! I stayed awake because I just had to keep turning those pages.Let me say that I loved the setting, a resort set in a small town where most of the characters have known each other since school. The idea of the resort made me wish to be a guest. I've visited the wine country north of San Francisco where the mythical resort lies, and it is lovely.There is an excellent plot, and the suspense elements are worth the cover price. The web of villains ran deep, I was as surpri [...]

    10. Lauren on said:

      Secrets of Bella Terra4 StarsAs a fan of Dodd’s paranormal and historical romance, I was eager to try one of her romantic suspense books and was not disappointed. Dodd’s writing is as captivating in this genre as in the others and the romance and mystery are highly entertaining. Brooke and Rafe have captivating chemistry and the glimpses into the development of their relationship over the years contributes both to their individual characterization and to the complexity and intensity of their [...]

    11. Valia Malkia wa vitabu on said:

      I loved this book.It is the first contemporary that I have read in quite some time that has fascinated me.Its a story about Rafe and Brooke.I equally liked both characters.I liked the fact that they knew each other so well.The flashbacks provided,helped build their story and brought out the backstory without being annoying and excessive.Rafe,he fell under the category of silent macho man(though he remedied it at the end).He didn't grate on my nerves as most heroes who are military men do.He was [...]

    12. Eve on said:

      Probably give it around 3 and a half stars, there were a few things that dragged it down for me. The main thing was that I felt I didn't really know his character, as the book mainly focuses on things from her point of view, but that's no excuse - you still don't really get a feel for who he is other than the superficial. In fact, a lot of the romance isn't really there when I look back on it, it relies heavily on "their past" which isn't enough for me. Focused mainly on the mystery aspect of it [...]

    13. Tammy on said:

      I believe this could be the beginning of a good, new series. I loved this book and the relationship between Rafe and Brooke. It seemed like a real life romance that was on again, off again, on again, off again, and finally Rafe realized that he couldn't live without Brooke in his life. Starting Revenge at Bella Terra next. Can't wait to see what Eli's book brings.

    14. Gloriamarie on said:

      Secrets of Bella Terra, Revenge at Bella Terra, and Betrayal at Bell Terra are a trilogy and the books must be read in order or the reader will never be able to follow the unfolding mystery which was never quite resolved as far as I am concerned. But I say nothing about it because "spoilers, sweetie."I read these as part of an on-going project to vet potential additions to a booklist a friend is assembling as a service to the people in her group, adult children of parents with PTSD. The people w [...]

    15. Kathy on said:

      Setting - Bella, California. Central California, grape growing, wine developing valley.Themes - deception, reconciliation, love, maturity, traditions (good and bad)Background - The valley settled a century plus ago by 3 Italian families - the DiLucas, the Bianchins, and the mafiosa-like Marinos. They competed. During prohibition & the depression, the DiLucas split their property to develop a resort as the continued to grow grapes; the Bianchins put in orchards, and the Marinos running hooch. [...]

    16. Sharon Eikenberry-Deary on said:

      Another great read and one which keeps you wanting to read. All her books start out where you don't get bored.

    17. JPerceval on said:

      Years ago, I'd read some of Christina Dodd's historical romances. To say they didn't work for me is putting it mildly. To say they left dents in my wall is still putting it mildly. So how the heck did I end up with another Christina Dodd?I blame Borders closing. As y'all might have seen at my blog (link below for the curious), I went completely nuts at the Borders closing sale. If I had even remotely heard of it, I snatched it up. This mentality was still sort of with me after Borders closed and [...]

    18. Kimberly on said:

      Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 out of 5Original Review LinkOf the three Di Luca brothers, Rafe is the one who doesn’t want to stay put in their hometown in California’s wine country. But when his grandmother is attacked, security expert Rafe rushes home, intent on discovering her assailant’s identity. What he finds is that the attack was just the tip of the iceberg. A long-held secret in his family’s past has brought about new threats…and not just to the Di Luca family.Brooke Petersson has been [...]

    19. Alex is The Romance Fox on said:

      The first book I read written by this author was Scent of Darkness which I really enjoyed.So when I saw Secrets of Bella Terra at my local bookshop, I bought it without even reading the blurb on the back cover.I realized afterwards that this book is the first of the Scarlet Deception Series so I was happy I was going to read the series from the beginning and also I absolutely love reading family sagas.By chapter 3 I wasn’t sure if I liked the book….ow start but I was soon engrossed in the pl [...]

    20. Marsha Spohn on said:

      Often times a trilogy or series starts off with a blast of excitement – others unfurl like a slowly blooming leaf. Secrets of Bella Terra was a very slowly opening blossom (one I almost gave up on, except I’ve been trained by a bookaholic mother to read the whole story before reaching a conclusion!).At its very core, Secrets of Bella Terra is about history – family history, the history of lovers and the history of a lifelong family feud fed by bitterness.Rafe Di Lucas and Brooke Petersson [...]

    21. Jess (Gone with the Words) on said:

      See my review of the whole trilogy on my blog! --> Secrets of Bella Terra by Christina DoddPart Two, Revenge at Bella Terra, of series review.Part Three, Betrayal, of series review.Part one of series review post:This trilogy was a breath of fresh air. I loved the setting: California, wine country. I loved the strong family bonds and the deep roots they have in Bella Valley. The Di Luca family arrived from Italy and made a name for themselves making wine, among other things. But they are most [...]

    22. Hbeebti on said:

      This was a wonderful start to a new series. Loved the H/h Rafe and Brook. Rafe was rough around the edges for sure. Loved that Brook gave him back what he dished out. It was interesting for me that their relationship went back years. I mean since high school. It was one of those I have loved you all these years but we want different things and went our separate ways. But Brook was hurting over how things ended , while Rafe went on to do more dangerous things with his life but still loving Brook. [...]

    23. Kasey on said:

      I enjoy Dodd's books. Some are better than others. This one runs about average. I really enjoyed the Di Luca brothers. They have some similarities and some differences. I hope she maintains their different personalities in each of their books. I love that Rafe and Brooke have a very complicated back story and have their on and off moments throughout years. This may be more like third chance love than second. But while I love the fact that they have so much history and found myself at times curio [...]

    24. Andreasoldier on said:

      New series from Dodd set in the present and no supernatural overtones. Hoo-yah!Set on a Californie vineyard, the series will revolve around three brothers — same dad, different moms, and deep issue — a bottle of wine and pink diamonds.First installment, this book, brings Rafe Di Luca back to Bella Terra, the family's winery and resort. Resort concierge is his ex-flame Brooke. They were best buds through school, fell in love in high school, didn't talk about the future, and split when he went [...]

    25. Monique J. on said:

      A promising start to a new series. Brooke and Rafe are soul-mates who have never quite gotten it right. After two messy break-ups in high-school and college, the two are reunited as adults. It is obvious from the first that they still love each other, but it takes far too long for them to get back together. While I enjoyed Rafe and Brooke's love story, I would have liked to see a little more romance. In other words, less "telling" the reader that they are star-crossed soul-mates and more "showin [...]

    26. Dawn on said:

      Even though I liked the story, I sort of felt like I was watching a Lifetime movie. The story revolves around the DiLuca family in the wine country of California. The mystery surrounds the acts of violence that have occurred over the search for a lost, very valuable, bottle of wine. I liked the heroine, Brooke. She is the head concierge at the hotel resort owned by the family. She has had an on again/off again relationship with the middle DiLuca son, Rafe. He returns to Bella Terra because the m [...]

    27. Heather on said:

      Overall good book. It was definitely a suspense mystery I didn't know all the bad guys behind the incidents until the end. I'm usually a good guesser but this one kept me intrested and guessing without getting bored.The book starts off with an attack on the elder Di Luca. Nonna's attack brings her grandsons to her side as they try to find the attacker. Rafe starts working with Brooke to find the attacker. They have a spotted past full of heartbreak. Brooke is determined not to lose her head and [...]

    28. Jessica on said:

      For a thick book, this was a quick read. Engaging, alpha-male boys were rampant, so if that's your thing, run for this book! The mystery was an obvious one (my favorite kind!) and the set up for the next boys' book was a little weird but all in all, this was fun book to read. I found Brooke to be a tiny bit of a harpy who blamed a lot of her choices on Rafe (yay! my favorite boy name in squishy books, ever!) when they were, ultimately, HER choices. I highly recommend. Fun, squishy fun was had by [...]

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