Tangled Blood Lines

Deborah Noel

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Tangled Blood Lines

Tangled Blood Lines This is not your sweet sparkling vampire story Oldschool vampires have resurfaced responsible for brutal murders and blood than anyone can cope with In Tangled Blood Lines Cianna Fitzgerald a youn

  • Title: Tangled Blood Lines
  • Author: Deborah Noel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 266
  • Format: ebook
  • This is not your sweet sparkling vampire story Oldschool vampires have resurfaced, responsible for brutal murders and blood than anyone can cope with In Tangled Blood Lines , Cianna Fitzgerald, a young but retired crime scene investigator, finds herself back in a world she walked away from some years ago.She grew up in twentieth century Pennsylvania countryside kThis is not your sweet sparkling vampire story Oldschool vampires have resurfaced, responsible for brutal murders and blood than anyone can cope with In Tangled Blood Lines , Cianna Fitzgerald, a young but retired crime scene investigator, finds herself back in a world she walked away from some years ago.She grew up in twentieth century Pennsylvania countryside knowing she possesses superhuman powers from her Irish pixie bloodlines She had retired after a particularly tough case where the victim was her husband s twin brother After her brief respite from murders and homicides, Cianna witnesses a killing where the murderer is a vampire Her daughter goes missing soon after the killing Cianna and the love she had once pushed out of her life, her estranged husband Declan, travel halfway around the world to try to save their child.As the mystery unravels, she learns that although she is a halfbreed, the other half isn t Irish pixie as she grew up believing weaving her into a tangled history and frightening future than she had bargained for.

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    One thought on “Tangled Blood Lines

    1. Deborah Noel on said:

      This is my debut novel, published by Vamptasy Publishing. E-book is available and paperback is at the printer now!! Go to vamptasypublishing now to pre-order your paperback copy or get your e-book copy.This is the first book of the series I am calling Tangled Legacy.Thank you for your support!In Ink,Deborah Noel

    2. Tee loves Kyle Jacobson on said:

      Warning: This book is VAMPIREISTIC! Blood thirsty with a hint of crazy!My Rating: This book series is going to be EPIC! 10 of 10!!!!!!!!My Cover Thoughts: I love the cover. It is of a woman walking holding her head up high going into the face of danger and no regret. The eyes had me drawn in wondering what were they, whose eyes were they, and why are they watching her. My Thoughts/Review: OMG this book came to me about a month or two ago when I was in school. I got so caught up in school that it [...]

    3. Maghon Thomas on said:

      Ok so first I would like to thank the author and books4tomorrow for sending me the copy to read for a review. I would like to start off by saying, first when I began the book, it was a little slow for me (I am usually not a romance kid) and I was interested, but hesitant. Boy, am I sure glad that I kept going. This writer goes into detail with everything. Sometimes you feel like you can see what the characters see. It was well written, and very mysterious-if you like a lot of mystery and "supern [...]

    4. W.H. on said:

      I received an eARC copy of this TANGLED BLOOD LINES by the author in exchange for an honest review. I have since then bought a copy of this mind~blowing read! This is gunna be a trippy read! I love Vampires! An 18!z Read Only due to its graphic nature.Deborah Noel has created a wonderful, multi-layered, complex, yet, mysteriously suspenseful storyline, truly rich in characters and their historical background. The world building is remarkable with pixies, vampires, werewolves, witches, and wizard [...]

    5. Royce Hawkins on said:

      Let me start by saying it was a catchy story. The details of the murder scenes were ensnaring and captivating, like a train wreck that you can't take your eyes away from. There were parts of the story where my knuckles were white from holding on to my seat and others not so much so. If you are looking for some great romance, this is not that book. My reason for the 3 star review is that the book seemed to jump down the chronological timeline in chunks and I felt many things were missing in the t [...]

    6. Riley Steel on said:

      This author is one to watch, she breaks away from the traditional and give you a fresh new out look on vamps. Fabulously written and impossible to put down.

    7. Wanda Hartzenberg on said:

      Tangled Bloodlines by Deborah Noel.The start of this book is astounding. It reads like a mixture between Karen Roses and Kathy Reich.The crime scenes are vivid, detailed and extremely graphic. The observations are excellent and the reactions human!But it is not a murder mystery. It is not a CSI or a normal run of the mill detective story. It is instead a paranormal thriller.As you read on you discover that the main characters Cianna and her estranged husband Declan are not ordinary folk. They ha [...]

    8. Carly Wallace on said:

      Hi y'all Anne here and I have just closed the back cover on Tangled Blood Lines and I do believe my mouth is still hanging open while I an typing up my review here. Let's start with the story line cause let me tell you with the the first 10 pages what you will read will make you stop, think, and then shutter. The opening to this book I described as Wow, oh my god, and eww. I stand by that statement cause it's like driving by a wreck you don't want to look but human nature says you not only have [...]

    9. Books on said:

      This is again one of those books which I just couldn’t put down. Every spare moment I had was spent reading this enjoyable book. While reading the first chapter of “Tangled Blood Lines”, I felt an excitement rush through me, in anticipation of an unforgettable read in which I can sit back and relax and let the author thrill me to no end with a story full of twists and turns.Unfortunately, there were a few things I just couldn’t overlook. Thorough readers will soon pick up on the tangled [...]

    10. Hbeebti on said:

      This was an interesting story. I enjoyed the characters. The whole take on vampire was different and I enjoyed that. The gore factor was pretty cool. I enjoyed Cienna and Declan. Maddie was really sweet. What bothered me a little was there was so much details in the settings. Too much of what she wore or what the house looked like. Too much of Declan playing the piano . I was waiting and waiting to find out who took her. Why they took her. But by the end I was left hanging. They were on the way [...]

    11. H.K. Savage on said:

      I liked the plot and concept of this book. The pace was quick and lots of action. A little gritty and the opening was hard to read as a mom, however, if you're a crime book nut it won't be hard to stomach. The addition of the fae and pixies as well as some different takes on werewolves kept this fresh in an oft overdone genre. My issue with it, if I had one, was the hero. Declan was a little too whipped while the heroine took some (what I believe to be) ill conceived vacation time from her life. [...]

    12. Sabrina on said:

      What an amazing book. The vampires are not the romantic sexy kind but almost evil. This book grabbed me from the start and I loved it. What a rollercoaster ride. I can't wait for book 2.

    13. Delia on said:

      I should start out by giving a shout out to the Vamptasy Book Club Via facebook ( facebook/#!/groups/221 ) as I got the free ebook of Tangled Blood Lines as one of their group reads! As you can tell my by my rating this is one ebook that did not disappoint.One of the things I enjoy most is reading truly original ideas. In a genre that is flooded with the same old Vampires and Werewolves Noel has managed to give us a new perspective while staying true to the nature of the beast, so to speak. By a [...]

    14. Tracey Jago on said:

      I was so excited when Deborah approached me to review her book Tangled Blood Lines. I found it a great read once I got into it. It took me a while, but it was worth while taking the time to read. My initial thoughts to begin with was that this book was all about solving murder cases. As I read past the first few chapters I realised there was more to this story than solving murders. There is a major supernatural element that really intrigued me. I have a love for magic and reading this story with [...]

    15. Lindsay Kendal on said:

      Firstly, I love this cover. I actually design front covers and made something rather similar to this a few years back. Secondly, I’d like to say thanks for giving me the chance to read and review this book. The good and refreshing thing about this book is that the vampires aren’t shimmering goodie goodies who just wanted to be loved, or see what they are as such a curse and burden. Welcome back old style, tough as hell, frightening (to some) vampires. I thought I would enjoy this book and I [...]

    16. Steph atStarry Night Book Reviews on said:

      To be honest I’m not a big fan of gore or murder books. It took me a bit to get into but when I did Tangled Blood Lines was a wonderful book. Deborah Noel did a great job writing, the plot was good and the charters where very well written you got to know and understand them and what they went though. I will buy the next one I can’t wait to find out what happens, I will defiantly leave you wanting to know what happens next.As you read you discover that the main characters Cianna and her estra [...]

    17. Michelle Fita on said:

      Firstly I would just like to make clear I don't do crime or mystery novels I hate them with a passion never have liked them probably never will. In saying all that that is exactly what this book is about and I LOVED IT! Who knew you could put crime, mystery and supernatural all in the one story and it work, Deborah has combined the 3 perfectly.There are so many twists and turns in this book you will never see what's coming next, it's very exciting story were there is something happening constent [...]

    18. Joy Watson on said:

      I started reading this book with a little hestation, since I'm not really into vampires and the whole paranormal fantasty scene. However, it only took a few chapters for the story and the characters to grab my imagination and make it hard for me to put the book down. The author brings vampires, witches, pixies, werewolfs, lovers and friends into a story that grips your imagination and makes you want to keep reading to see what could possibly happen next. There are some amazing twists and turns s [...]

    19. Heather Badgwell on said:

      Where to start?! First off, this story is NOT for those who have a weak stomach. But this is DEFINITELY my kind of story. Its a "murder mystery" type of book, but BETTER! Its got all sorts of "supes"mpires, witches, werewolves, its AWESOME! Cianna is a crime scene investigator, who's cold cases haunt her every night, in nightmares. When her Uncle Sam asks her to help try to solve these cold cases, she is hesitant, but agrees. With the help of her estranged husband, Declan, things get off and goi [...]

    20. Linda on said:

      Crime Scene Investor, Cianna Fitzgerald is a young retiree intent on keeping her young daughter safe even if it meant living separate from the man she loved. Mattie was too important to her to let her guard down. Se new she was half pixie and half human, and she had been good at her job. She grew up in the Pennsylvania countryside. With a gruesome murder that involved her husband's twin brother. After a time she witnesses a battle between a vampire and wolves in her backyard, then someone kidnap [...]

    21. Emily on said:

      Cianna Fitzgerald was the best crime scene photographer out there, especially when she was paired with her husband Declan. Together they had a beautiful daughter, until one case that haunted her splitting her family in two. Now even though retired, Cianna finds herself back in the game and with her husband trying to solve a murder that others cannot get a break on. Cianna knew that she has powers that are not quite human, even so when her daughter goes missing she uncovers a world she never knew [...]

    22. Delphina on said:

      Ok, in the spirit of full disclosure, I love reading vampire books. I read them all. I like my vamps as sparkly as the next, but I have seen the "good guy" vampire stories flood the market and was so excited to find something different. The mystery unfolds so beautifully in this book and the supernatural/paranormal elements never feel forced. Whether you "like" a character or not, you understand why they are doing what they are doing and I love that about her writing. I usually stay away from my [...]

    23. Carrie (Badass, Alpha-male, Cowboy Connoisseur ) on said:

      I have to admit that when I started reading this book I wasn't so sure I would finish. Tangled Bloodlines is not a Vampire/Romance book by any means. There is substantial gore written out in vivid detail. However, the deeper into the book I got the more I became engrossed in not only the story but the characters as well. Cianna and Declan are such a well suited couple and the supporting characters really come to life. There are suprises around every turn and my emotions were on high alert!! I fe [...]

    24. Julie S. on said:

      Pros: I really enjoyed this book. The mysteries and secrets unfold beautifully. The details of the story were stunning, especially the crime scenes. The characters are interesting and I know there are more secrets. I really like the vampire rules and how they were laid out, as well as the half breed bloodlines. Cons: Some of the writing felt a little choppy and rushed and there were a few mistakes but I don't know if the review copy I got has been edited since. Sometimes the details were too muc [...]

    25. Nicole on said:

      ~There is going to be a second book for sure! Anyways this whole book was a murder-mystery-paranormal thing and it was great! Cianna is a total bad-ass if you piss her off and Declan is that type of guy that every woman dreams of. Throughout reading this book, I was sometimes appalled at the excruciating detail that Deborah put into the murder scenes (but besides that the other descriptions where great). Overall it was a great read, but better suited for adults because of violence and sexual sit [...]

    26. Nereid on said:

      It was a little slow for me in the beginning and I was expecting more "supernatural elements but it was mainly romance first up. Very detailed gory murder scenes just left me with more questions than answers and not a vampire in sight till Chapter 9 which was disappointing. Parts of the story line felt rushed and others had too much detail for my liking. The telepathy angle was interesting and it did get more action towards the end with more vampires, werewolves and witches. This is not my favou [...]

    27. Paranormal Reads on said:

      This book is amazing. It grabbed me from the begining and had me feeling so many emotions right along with the main characters. I will say that the vampires in this story are not your typical romantic ones they are almost evil like. But this only adds to the story. The main characters Declan and Cianna are so strong and love each other so much that they are able to handle everything that is thrown at them. It only makes them stronger. I am looking forward to reading the next book and seeing wher [...]

    28. Bonnie Colvert on said:

      Tangled Bloodlines is an intense book. We have Irish pixie, vampire, wolves, wizards, and witches unlike any way I've read them before. The story and characters are great the way they weave together. I especially took to the characters of Cianna and Declan and was fearful of Rogi. Some romance, a little gore, family time, travel to distant countries, battles with supernaturals. Just what a good book needs.

    29. Daniel Osborn on said:

      What an amazing story. Every chapter kept me hanging on and wanting more and more. I really like Deborah Noel's writing. The way she illustrates her characters makes them seem real. I like fast paced books and this is a quick read. I also am into anything Vampires and paranormal and to mix in the whole detective scene as well which I like detective stories is really good. I can't wait until the next book comes out.

    30. Rw on said:

      Started off very slowly for me with way too much description and character development; however, all of a sudden - WHAM - it surprised me by becoming an intense horror story which I believe is better than the sub-theme love story. Just a guys opinion and I'm not done yet. Hard to put down, becoming better with every page.

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