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  • Title: Unification
  • Author: Jeri Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780671770563
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
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    Unification France Connectez vos passions Aprs les premires photos, Paramount nous offre la premire bande annonce du reboot de l adaptation du roman de Stephen King, Simetierre. Italian unification Italian unification Italian Unit d Italia uni ta ddi ta lja , or the Risorgimento risord i mento , meaning the Resurgence or revival , was the political and social movement that consolidated different states of the Italian peninsula into the single state of the Kingdom of Italy in the th century The process began in with the Congress of Vienna and was completed in Unification of Germany The unification of Germany into a politically and administratively integrated nation state officially occurred on January , in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles in France Princes of the German states, excluding Austria, gathered there to proclaim Wilhelm I of Prussia as German Emperor after the French capitulation in the Franco Prussian War. unification . unification Star Trek The Next Generation Unification This is the two part episode from season of Star Trek The Next Generation It unites two series for the first time and bridges the gap between the two series. Unification Theological Seminary The Unification Theological Seminary offers educational programs in an interfaith context, which cultivate the heart, mind and spirit bridge religious and cultural divides promote leadership, service and engagement with the world and provide tools for success in ministry and professional life UTS is committed to the Unification vision of one global family under God. WORLD SCRIPTURE Unification WORLD S CRIPTURE A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts Dr Andrew Wilson, Editor International Religious Foundation, Synopsis Title Page This Archive Advisors and Contributors FFWPU USA Family Federation for World Peace and Family Federation for World Peace and Unification USA BBC Higher Bitesize History Bismarck and unification Isolating France With Austria weakened, Bismarck now turned his attention to the other great stumbling block to unification the French France had watched Prussia s growing power with alarm.

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      374 Jeri Taylor
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    One thought on “Unification

    1. Josiah on said:

      Plot: BWriting: DVocabulary: DLevel: EasyRating: R (sexual fantasies, detailed violence, murder, political reprisals)Worldview: ?Admiral Lynn sends Captain Jean-Luc Picard to fetch apparently-rogue Ambassador Spock from Romulus, where a faction of the Romulan people are organizing underground for reunification with Vulcan.This is the last Jeri Taylor novel I will ever read! Her plots are always so promising, but her books are like those of a dirty old man with the writing skills of a nine year o [...]

    2. Betty on said:

      This was competently adapted, but I'm finding since I started writing myself that I want something more from a book than that it should just be competently written. I've seen some Star Trek Adaptations that really sang. This was not one of them. :P

    3. Kate on said:

      Technically a novelisation of an episode of TNG, I know, but I enjoy reading it as well as seeing it.

    4. Craig on said:

      Unification was always an episode I wish they did more with and in. Now I have read a book that added more to the episode but it's pretty much padding with a not-really-going-anywhere romance with Riker and some added perspectives with characters which were okay. I always wish more was said/discussed in the scene between Data and Spock and was hoping there was more here but there wasn't. Oh well. Still enjoyed it though.

    5. Melissa on said:

      Ok, I merely picked up this book because i couldn't decided what to read and my finger landed on the sci-fi shelf.Being a typical episode to movie adaptation you can tell this story was originally written to be seen. I've actually seen the two episodes this book was based on and can attest to that sentiment. The one thing the book has that the episode didn't have was a horny Klingon named K'Vada. I throughly enjoyed every scene he was in. He was so funny. K'Vada had his elbow dislocated by his m [...]

    6. Brian Lewis on said:

      Totally uninspired. The book follows the show's scenes so much that I questioned why I was wasting my time reading a book adaptation. What I was hoping for was creativity between essential plot points, but I found none, with the exception of something uncalled for that added nothing to the plot of the episode.For such a small book, it's sad that I was waiting and waiting for it to end. This is a total turnoff for all of the adaptations for the show.

    7. Weavre on said:

      Just adding a few more Star Trek novels I found while working in the shed, so they're in my list here; that way, I can easily see which ones we don't have and bookmooch only titles we're missing. But to be honest, I don't remember any of these stories particularly well, and will have to post an actual review when and if I get around to re-reading them in the future.

    8. Robert on said:

      Obviously a Star Trek novel isn't going to be life changing, but they always make for fun swift reads. This one, a novelization of the two-part Unification episode, expands nicely upon the final filmed version of the episode.

    9. Jennifer on said:

      It was okay overall. The amount of sexual references kind of surprised me, considering this is Star Trek. I'll never watch that episode the same way again. Wouldn't read the book again. I believe Ms. Taylor would say this was on the level of a one-night stand.

    10. Benjamin Siess on said:

      Who knew Vulcans could be so boring? What? That's kind of their thing? Well then. Maybe we should stop writing books about them.

    11. Angel on said:

      Read back in the summer of 1998. It was alright. It is a novelization of a television episode.

    12. Travis on said:

      As a TV show, it was only saved by Spock showing up and Denise Croaby playing a bad guy. I thought the novel adaption would build it up and make a stronger story. It didn't. Still pretty blah.

    13. Victoria on said:

      Fun, very much like the episode it was based off of. It wasn't a bad read, I just had a hard time getting into it.

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