A Knight in Central Park

Theresa Ragan

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A Knight in Central Park

A Knight in Central Park The year is As Alexandra Dunn s farmhouse is set ablaze her grandfather places precious stones in her palm telling her she has until the next full moon to return with a heroa brave chivalrous

  • Title: A Knight in Central Park
  • Author: Theresa Ragan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The year is 1499 As Alexandra Dunn s farmhouse is set ablaze, her grandfather places precious stones in her palm, telling her she has until the next full moon to return with a heroa brave, chivalrous knight to help save her family Familiar objects become a blur as she is swallowed in darkness Suddenly Alexandra is standing in the middle of Central Park, but she has nThe year is 1499 As Alexandra Dunn s farmhouse is set ablaze, her grandfather places precious stones in her palm, telling her she has until the next full moon to return with a heroa brave, chivalrous knight to help save her family Familiar objects become a blur as she is swallowed in darkness Suddenly Alexandra is standing in the middle of Central Park, but she has no time to ponder on the wondrous powers of the stones or the amazing sights before here must find a hero before all is lost Joe McFarland would be the first to admit that he s far from hero materialtely not the man she s looking for A firm believer of quietude and non violence, he avoids conflict at all costs At thirty four, he is one of the younger Professors at NYU where he lectures and teaches History The High Middle Ages Joe s main goal in life is to gain membership into the Medieval Academy, a highly distinguished group of archaeologists and historians He believes membership will bring him respect and recognitionbut what he really wants is to be reunited with his father a man who has spent his entire life searching for the Black Knight, the last of the medieval knights.Joe s organized, well structured life begins to unravel the moment he meets Alexandra Dunn He figures she majored in medieval history before going off the deep enduntil days later when he is miraculously transported through time, to 1499 England Dressed in Dockers and a button down shirt, Joe thought he was ready for anything.hing but this An ard man with a very authentic looking broadsword is about to strike him down With only nail clippers and a Bic to defend himself, Joe has no time to think about such an implausible phenomenon as traveling through timet if he wants to live to see another day.390 pages

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    One thought on “A Knight in Central Park

    1. Erin on said:

      Follow all my reviews at: flashlightcommentary.I don't even know where to begin with this one. The romance aspect was laughable. As a reader I never felt the connection between Joe and Alexandra. I never felt a connection with them or any of the other characters for that matter but the nail in the coffin was the dialogue. It was practically unreadable. I gave myself a headache sorting through Alexandra's exchanges. If I had been reading a paperback I would have thrown it at the wall. Fortunately [...]

    2. Kay on said:

      Very lacking. I bought this for a quick escapist read in between some heavy novels that I took on because the premise sounded interesting and fun. What I got was a few hundred pages of blather and a lingering irritation at having wasted hours in this book.Nothing was well executed. I couldn't connect with Joe and Alexandra at all, especially Joe. Joe was whiny and pathetic, and for someone who dedicated this life to the study of medieval England, he really lacked imagination. He reminded me of t [...]

    3. Elaine on said:

      There are several words to describe this book. In some ways it resembles a comedy, and at other times a parody. I wonder if the author wrote it as a joke to make fun of romance novels with the time travel theme. It was definitely different, and not really in a good way. I noticed a couple of times where one of the characters would ask a question and it was 2 pages later when the other character would answer the question. I had to flip back to see what the original question was. (strange)Not a gr [...]

    4. Rebecca Walker on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me just a little bit of Outlander with the time travel but that's where the comparison ends. The characters were interesting, Alexandra especially. The story moved along and it is the first book in quite a while that I did not want to put down. I even laughed several times.

    5. Pamela on said:

      I read this book as part of a book club that I have the misfortune to be in. Let's just say I am pushing for something better for the next meeting! If you are thinking of picking this book up DON'T!! stay as far away from it as possible. Honestly reading the synopsis of the book gives all you need to understand the story, because you could probably fill in the holes better than the author does. I honestly feel like this book should be given a half a star. Only because there needs to be if how ev [...]

    6. Mary on said:

      This was a nice soppy time travel romance. I love this kind of tale after reading all the outlander series. I loved the story and the professor character came across well. He studied history all of his life but when it came right down to it he didn't understand it at all. And he definitely couldn't live it. So all he wanted was to get home again. The heroine didn't ring true at all for me. Being taken from medieval England to present day should have been more of a shock I thought but she took it [...]

    7. Charmie on said:

      I thought this was a cute romance novel. The story was nice - a modern day professor from New York City meets a young woman from 1499 and is drawn back through time with her. There were some inaccuracies that I picked up on as a New Yorker (the main character lived in a corner house with multiple floors on a professor's salary in Manhattan? His next door neighbor had enough outdoor space for a greenhouse/garden? Just wouldn't happen a house like that would be $10 million or so - maybe in Brookly [...]

    8. Pandora on said:

      Pick this up after being dissappointed with The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb - needed a romance or at least a lead character with emtions. So, far the book is what I hoped it would be. Funny, warm, and clever.Finished the book and it was I hoped to be a light fun read after a disappointing book. It might not be the most in depth book out there but, it was good entertainment. I would be willingly to read another work from this author. Due to circumstances I read this book in a piecemeal fashio [...]

    9. D.S. Williams on said:

      I'm giving this three and a half stars. The story was an interesting concept, but the main male character, Joe, annoyed me for most of the book with his dogged attitude and ridiculous wavering over his choices between the life he knows and the life he can choose to have with the woman he falls in love with. He came across as weak and somewhat pedantic and didn't strike me as someone the female lead character would fall head over heels in love with. Alexandra (the female lead) forgave him so much [...]

    10. Nancy on said:

      Alexandra Dunn, desperate to save her family in 1499, grasps hold of the magic stones her grandfather gave her and wishes desperately to find a knight to help her. She travels to modern times and lands in Central Park, where history professor Joe McFarland almost runs her down. Compelled to assist the confused woman, he brings her home. Convinced he’s the man destined to save her sister from a forced marriage, she tries to convince him she’s telling the truth. It’s only when Joe travels ba [...]

    11. Carol Ward on said:

      I love time travel romance and this one was wonderful. It was both fun and entertaining. I loved Joe – poor, stubborn, neat-freak Joe. He found out the hard way that it’s one thing to study medieval history but it’s another thing altogether to live it. And I thought Alexandra was a good match for him. She was just as stubborn, and never gave up the belief that Sir Joe was the hero she was looking for, even if she had to teach him how to be one. I loved their interaction and the way they ha [...]

    12. Chandra on said:

      She has come thru time to New York city to find the Chosen One. The hero that will protect her family and help rescue her sister.He is a modern day professor that has never been able to commit to love in any relationship. He is a neat freak who enjoys solitude.She is convinced that he is the Chosen One and convinces him to return with her to the fifteenth century, the year 1499. Thus the adventure begins.The book was written in a professional manner HOWEVER,Too slow; the timing was off thereby r [...]

    13. Julie on said:

      Lame. Really lame. Yeah, we all know we read time travel historical romances prepared to "suspend disbelief" and enjoy the escapismbut this book is just so."Yeah, right" that you just keep getting yanked out of your Escapism Zone. Dirty heroine gets catapulted to current New York City Central Park courtesy of magic stones. OK. Gotta get the story started Hero accidently runs into her with his car. OK. The real New Yorker Hero takes her to the ER, pays for her ER bill, and his teaching assistant [...]

    14. Pam on said:

      A Knight in Central Park by Theresa Ragan 1/5 starsI'm glad I didn't pay for this book -- I couldn't finish it (it was free from Kindle). In fact, I doubt I got halfway through it before I stopped. It's a time-travel thing, but so poorly written, very predictable scenes. I really could not have cared less about any of the characters. What a waste of a few hours of reading Just glad I have a new attitude that allows me to stop reading stuff when I'm just not enjoying it, or it's so bad it doesn' [...]

    15. M.M. Roethig on said:

      I loved the story line of this book, I loved the creativity, I loved the way the story evolved. I could have done without the explicit scenes, however. I saw this book and was intrigued so I purchased it to read. I was pulled into the story, being captivated by the creativity of the plot, however, was a tad disappointed when the explicit scene came into play near the middle of the book. I'm not one for explicit scenes in novels and this is the only reason I couldn't give this book a higher ratin [...]

    16. Jennifer on said:

      I have read fan fics written by teenagers written better than this one! I skimmed it and then at the end just read the last part of the last chapter to make sure I was right about the ending. I kept wanting to like this. It could have been a really cute book, but just didn't develop well. I'm not an editor by any sense of the word, but it needed a LOT of proof reading and feedback to get the story going. And! they went from not standing each other to can't stand to be without the other in just o [...]

    17. Sue on said:

      Predictable but sweet story. Problem was the details--far too many errors to take the rest of it even at face value. Example: "It's a good time, classes don't start until next week." followed immediately by "What about the student's papers I asked you to grade?" Really? What papers are you grading if classes haven't started yet? And don't even get me started on the history issues. . . Ms. Ragan, you write well, you really do; but we're not stupid. Put just a little effort into this and you could [...]

    18. Sandra Strange on said:

      I got sucked into this one because it was a Kindle bargain. I read good and bad reviews and decided to try it. I DO wish they'd rate the explicit sex in these novels. I read the first few chapters and encountered lots to offend, including a "medieval" miss who speaks understandable English (she wouldn't), and, unfortunately, explicit sex. The writing was less than engaging, with characters pretty predictable. I erased the book ASAP.

    19. Tracy T. on said:

      I liked this book. My mom loaned it to me. It was decent, not nearly as good as Theresa Ragan's Return of the Rose, as Return of the Rose has to be my favorite Time Travel book. The heroine was was a strong character while the hero not so much. I think if he had been a bit stronger and less wimpy the book would have been much better. The story itself had more potential too. There was some good sex and the book was not rated G, but there could have been a little more sex.

    20. Wendy on said:

      I am a sucker for time travel books so I thought this book might make a good quick read on a lazy day. How wrong I was! This book was such a train wreck that I kept on reading just to see how much worse it could get. There is a complete lack of historical research, absolutely no even remotely plausible explanation for the time travel, and no effort develop characters. The characters seem to have very little to say about their amazing circumstances. If I could give No Stars I would!

    21. Caroline Fyffe on said:

      A KNIGHT IN CENTRAL PARK is a delightful rollercoaster ride through medieval time, which kept me laughing while wondering how in the world it was going to end. Sir Joe is every woman’s dream. He’ll win your heart with his modern day antics, as well as overcoming every obstacle as he rescues the heroine’s sister. If you enjoy being swept away by characters that will stay with you for days, I highly recommend this read.

    22. Susan on said:

      Yikes, train wreck indeed. I got 40% of the way through before skimming the rest and calling it a day. Even for a kindle freebie it wasn't worth more time. The romance angle just seemed strange, and there are many irritating errors such as repeated changes of tense in one paragraph. My quick skim suggested that there's even a white wedding with what we know as the start of a wedding ceremony. Hmmm, I'm no history expert and didn't read it in full but???

    23. Paula on said:

      This was a cute read about a girl in 1499 who is taking care of her family consisting of her grandfather, brother and 3 sisters. While under siege, her grandfather gives her 5 stones. She is to go to a far away place and bring back a knight. When Alexander concentrates, she ends up in present day Central Park. She brings Joe, a college professor back to be their hero, but he is very reluctant. Cute concept and a fun read.

    24. Michelle J on said:

      Gag. That about sums it up.Okay perhaps that is a little harsh. The synopsis was not a new one. The story pretty predictable. The romance part was the gag worthy stuff. I was hoping Joe would step up to the plate and be a man but instead all I got was lame attempts at using modern things to save people and the annoying phrase that kept popping up "just call me Joe". More gagging.

    25. Michelle on said:

      Time travel. Romance. This book should be better, but it's not. I'm going to save you a couple of hours and tell you the plot is disjointed, the hero is a terribly unlikeable jerk with daddy issues, and the heroine is shallow and weak. Read it if it's free, you REALLY enjoy time travel romances, and you have nothing better to do.

    26. Paulette on said:

      I do adore a romance with some time travel involved (Outlander series). This book contained interesting characters and an enjoyable story. Alexandra travels from the past to find “The Chosen One”, a chivalrous knight in a college professor Joe McFarland. “Sir Joe” travels to the past to save Alexandra’s family. A Knight in Central Park was a story I wanted to keep reading until the end.

    27. Kathy on said:

      Loved this book!Young girl is sent to the future to find a Knight to save them from oppression. She appears in the present to be hit by a car. The driver reluctantly becomes her knight and travels back to her time to fight for them.It's a great reluctant love story. ***Has explicit love scenes***

    28. Kristy Carey on said:

      I didn't actually finish this book, but I did try. I liked the idea of it and sometimes that'll get me through. But better editing was needed to weed through some bad grammar that littered the first few chapters.Hope an update with an editor comes out at some point, as I do want to read this story.

    29. Janet Massey on said:

      A woman is sent to today from the 15th century to find her knight in shining armor. Her knight goes back in time with her to solve her problems but misses all the conveniences of today's world. He must finally choose between her love and his iPad. A good read especially after some heavier books. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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