Little Girl Lost

Brian McGilloway

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Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost Midwinter A child is found wandering in an ancient woodland her hands covered in blood But it is not her own Unwilling or unable to speak the only person she seems to trust is the young officer wh

  • Title: Little Girl Lost
  • Author: Brian McGilloway
  • ISBN: 9780230753365
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • Midwinter A child is found wandering in an ancient woodland, her hands covered in blood But it is not her own.Unwilling, or unable, to speak, the only person she seems to trust is the young officer who rescued her, Detective Sergeant Lucy Black Soon afterwards, DS Black is baffled to find herself suddenly moved from a high profile case involving the kidnapping of anotheMidwinter A child is found wandering in an ancient woodland, her hands covered in blood But it is not her own.Unwilling, or unable, to speak, the only person she seems to trust is the young officer who rescued her, Detective Sergeant Lucy Black Soon afterwards, DS Black is baffled to find herself suddenly moved from a high profile case involving the kidnapping of another girl, a prominent businessman s teenage daughter Black s problems are not only professional she s caring for her increasingly unstable father, and trying to avoid conflict with her frosty mother who also happens to be the Assistant Chief Constable As she struggles to identify the unclaimed child, Black begins to realise that her case and the kidnapping may be linked by events that occurred during the grimmest days of the country s recent history events that also defined her own troubled childhood.Little Girl Lost is a devastating crime thriller about corruption, greed and vengeance, and a father s love for his daughter.

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    One thought on “Little Girl Lost

    1. Brenda on said:

      When Detective Sergeant Lucy Black was notified of a child wandering in the woods in the dark of night, her immediate reaction was to search for her without back-up. The weather was freezing and the girl was apparently only wearing pyjamas, plus her feet were bare. But find her she did and Lucy stayed by her side in the ambulance to hospital. For some reason though, the little girl wouldn’t speak to anyone. No one knew who she was or why the blood on her wasn’t her own…In the meantime, a y [...]

    2. Julie on said:

      Little Girl Lost by Brian McGilloway is a William Morrow publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.DS Lucy Black has been placed on a high profile kidnapping case. When a young girl is found wandering half frozen and has gone mute most likely from her trauma, Lucy finds herself emotionally involved. This case is somehow linked to the kidnapping case which has everyone baffled.If this were not enough stress, Lucy's superior jus [...]

    3. ☮Karen on said:

      This is a series I will probably want to continue reading. It's being compared to the Tana French books, and while I see the similarities at the surface, deep down there is no contest. It's a police procedural set in Ireland, with the detectives and the citizens they protect all having their troubles. I really hope Detective Sergeant Lucy Black is given more personality as the series progresses. She is a cop and not much more, caring for her senile father when she is home. But she's never home, [...]

    4. Nani on said:

      This was only a mildly interesting read. There were perhaps too many characters; too many victims, too many bad guys, too many good guys and they weren’t developed with very rich personalities. There were a few subplots all interwoven with the main story. At times the interwoven subplots made the book difficult to follow. The main plot really isn’t clearly defined and to be honest, I can’t tell you what the climax of the book was because of that. I suppose that the entire point of book one [...]

    5. Richard on said:

      Stand alone police procedural by the much respected author of the Devlin books. Set in and around Derry the story carries much of the history of that troubled City as seen through a serving police family. There are several "little girls lost" in this complex story that will disturb even the most seasoned crime thriller reader. Never written to shock and with moments of humour the story is gently unfolded in short sharp chapters around the life of Detective Sergeant Lucy Black.I particularly like [...]

    6. Daisy on said:

      I received this book free through B & N readouts. This was a very quick read. I read it in about three hours. This is the first book I have read by this author but it won't be the last. I was hooked from the first page and was not let go until the last word.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery thriller.

    7. Fictionophile on said:

      If you are looking for a good solid police procedural with a lot of atmosphere this is the novel for you. The protagonist, Lucy Black is a young policewoman who comes from a family of police officers. The book is set in Derry, Northern Ireland in winter, and reading it you can almost feel the cold. A city with memories of being in the midst of the ‘troubles’, it is in the borderlands where much of the worst fighting took place.The story begins with DS Black receiving a call to the woods near [...]

    8. Barbara Mitchell on said:

      I'm reading eBooks again so I apologize to my followers who don't read them. Sometimes the book looks too good to hold out for the paperback edition. That's the case here too.I was caught up in the story immediately. It's set in northern Ireland, in and around Derry. A milk truck gets stuck in the snow and as the driver is looking over the situation, he sees a little girl in pajamas at the edge of the nearby woods. When he tries to approach her though, she runs back into the woods. He can't imag [...]

    9. Liz Barnsley on said:

      At the start of "Little Girl Lost" a young child is found, wandering the snowy woods in her nightclothes, with no identification and an unwillingness to talk. DS Lucy Black is called out to the scene and so begins her story. Having returned home to care for her Father who is suffering from dementia, Lucy finds herself caught up in the case of the mysterious child, the kidnapping of a teenager, and a delve into the past of her own family. A multi layered tale, the clues are subtly included in the [...]

    10. Jenn on said:

      This was an excellent first novel in this series. A British police procedural, my favourite kind of tale. Lucy Black seems to be in the right place at the right time and everyone tells her exactly what she need to know. But somehow it all seems so plausible. Her mother is a cow, her father is slowly losing her mind and Lucy keeps getting involved with all the children in her current cases. Looking forward to more in this series.

    11. Tonile My Cup and Chaucer on said:

      As I'm sure I'm about to learn with my month of reading Scandinavian crime, there is something dreadfully yet delightfully chilling about a winter crime. It's below freezing outside, there are tracks in the snow it's eerie and sets the perfect tone for a thrilling story. Little Girl Lost is set in an Irish winter and manages to blend perfectly into the wild mix of chilly thrillers abundant in the marketplace. I've never read a McGilloway before, but I enjoyed this one so much I had best add some [...]

    12. Shannon Robinson on said:

      As it was set in Ireland, I was unfamiliar with a lot of the names, places, and terms used (like wains, bap, slapper, Provos), but that really didn't bother me as I know how to use google. Authors write what they know, and it only enriches my knowledge to learn new things.However, the main character, Lucy, was a complete disappointment. Fairly flat and shallow, for a detective and CID wannabe she (and likely the author) had only the most rudimentary knowledge of police procedure and zero questio [...]

    13. Lynda Kelly on said:

      This is a superb book. Once I realised it refers to the Troubles in Northern Ireland I was a little leery as it's not the sort of stuff I usually read but it isn't ALL set around that time at all so that was good. The best thing about this book for me and what made it an absolute pleasure to read was that there are no mistakes and no formatting or grammatical errors so it CAN be done. Take note, e-book publishers !!I really liked the character of Lucy, a young policewoman who is the star of the [...]

    14. Carlissa on said:

      I started reading this book via Barnes and Noble Readout serialization where they would add 2 chapters a day (they had already added 25 chapters when I found out about it). I liked the story so much that I didn't want to wait for the next chapters to be added, so I ended up buying the ebook. I'm looking forward to reading the second and third book in the series and also the short story (The Sacrifice) that is included in the excerpt of the second book, Hurt.

    15. Ashton Parker on said:

      Excitement, powerful and gripping will describe this book! At only 300 pages its a great book to get shot into and really enjoy. Well I could not put it down! It was brilliant! I wish it was longer! The way the author writes this book is great, it's enjoyable and such a page turner. You just wanted to know more and more! When it came to the end I was not dissatisfied, it's every thing a crime book should be. It also gives you historic problems of Ireland which allows this to grip you.

    16. Betsy on said:

      Little Girl Lost is the first book I have read by Brian McGilloway. This is my type of book. Excellent character development. Lots of surprises. I will definitely read more of this series. 4 stars

    17. Kelly Eastman on said:

      I had to stop reading around 3/4 of the way through. I found the narrative dull. I had no desire to find out what had happened to the missing girl. So very boring :(

    18. Deanne on said:

      Kept me guessing right up to the end, a police procedural set in Derry. Starts off fairly quickly and never seems to run out of steam, though I'm surprised Black made it to the end of the book.

    19. Amanda Mann *Rabid Readers Book Blog* on said:

      This is the first book I have ready by this author and it took me a little while to get use to the writing style as some of the words were different from what I'm use to but once I did, I wasn't disappointed. This book is not the usual kind of book I have been reading lately. While I have always liked Crime/Mystery novels, for a while now I've been sort of on a paranormal/romance kick, so it did take me a while to get back into it. There is a lot more description in this book than I'm use to and [...]

    20. Belinda O'donnell on said:

      Excellent story with complex characters and twisting plots. Looking forward to the future.

    21. Kaliegh Skopal on said:

      In Little Girl Lost by Brian McGilloway, Detective Lucy Black is called on duty to go find the figure that a man called the police saying, he may have seen the business man’s daughter, Kate Mclaughlin who was kidnapped days ago. Detective Lucy goes into the woods, and finds a little girl in her PJ’s covered in blood, and it was not hers. This little girl wouldn’t speak to anyone, not even Lucy who discovered her in the snowed over woods. After investigating, Lucy discovers that the little [...]

    22. Libby Chester on said:

      Great crime / mystery novel. For at least the first half of the book,I wanted deeper drawn characters. It's very much a plot driven narrative. At times.often, I wanted more from DS Lucy Black, as in to know more of what she was thinking. Why? So that I could feel more friendly to her, and understand her better. The reader gets to know Lucy almost entirely thru her actions and the actions of those around her, which is not bad. For me, it's just different. I haven't read a lot of crime fiction. It [...]

    23. Cleo Bannister on said:

      This book is an example of a good Police Procedural Crime book. The story starts at a pace and this continues right until the last page, in part because of the chapters are short which tends to make me read more in a sitting, as I always want to read one more.The book starts with the lost girl Kate McLaughlin, who is the daughter of a prominent local business man, but it's not long before we meet another young girl walking out of the woods on a snowy night in her pyjamas. DS Lucy Black has retur [...]

    24. Emma on said:

      DS Lucy Black has returned to her hometown of Derry to take care of her father, a former policeman, who has Alzheimers. After transferring into CID, she is called out in the middle of the night - and a snowstorm - to investigate the potential sighting of a missing girl (Kate, the daughter of a wealthy local businessman). She doesn't find Kate but she does find Alice - half frozen and unable, or unwilling, to speak. When no one reports her missing, Lucy is given the job of finding out who Alice i [...]

    25. Vane on said:

      INTRIGA, UN POCO DE HISTORIA RECIENTE Y.(8/10)Esta era una novela de esas que desde que se publican llaman mi atención, y si bien es cierto que en mi opinión la resolución final tuvo un par de ingredientes demasiado obvios, he disfrutado un montón de ella.Los aspectos que más me han gustado han sido la evocación y narración de unos terribles sucesos de nuestra historia europea reciente, la localización de la acción (qué interesante la historia de ese caserón casi derruido .), y la uti [...]

    26. Cynthia on said:

      A good story about a female detective who is caring for a father with dementia, unraveling her complicated history as the daughter of two, now divorced and estranged law enforcement officers and working on a kidnapping case. Woven through this, are the stories of three young girls, the kidnapped teenages, a small girl who attempted to help help and now will not speak and a neglected girl who cares for her infant brother while her mother pleases her boy friend. Lucy, our heroine, tries to help al [...]

    27. Annabel Navarro on said:

      Una novela policiaca ambientada en el norte de Irlanda y protagonizada por Lucy Black; una agente de policía que tiene que hacer malabares para cuidar de su padre enfermo, sobrellevar la mala relación con su madre, averiguar quién es la niña del bosque y trabajar en el caso de Kate. La novela es entretenida, quizás algo predecible en su deselance; pero el trasfondo político, la falta de acción y que se entremezclen demasiados casos acabaron consiguiendo que me costará bastante continuar [...]

    28. Melissa on said:

      I was intrigued. Captivated really by the complex, realistic portrayals of relationships, complicated and tangled over years in a smallish community. So many little girls (and women) lost in this book. There were so many questions that I found myself unable to guess at the answers. Heck, I couldn't even believe some of the questions until they smacked me in the face! Well done. Makes me think I may in fact like mystery/thrillers after all! Who knew!

    29. Paul on said:

      I really enjoyed this book I have read some of Brian McGilloway's Inspector Devlin novels but in this novel he introduces a new lead character DS Lucy Black and is set in Derry city.As someone from the city I can recognise the areas he describes, it is always a pet peeve that people write books about a place and don't get the geography of it right. The book is well written and flows well leading to the eventual big reveal.

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