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John Conroe

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Brutal Asset

Brutal Asset Book of the Demon Accords Partnered in an uneasy alliance with federal law enforcement Chris Gordon has been hunting down the outlaw gang Loki s Spawn who attacked his vampire girlfriend But when

  • Title: Brutal Asset
  • Author: John Conroe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 3 of the Demon Accords Partnered in an uneasy alliance with federal law enforcement, Chris Gordon has been hunting down the outlaw gang, Loki s Spawn, who attacked his vampire girlfriend But when he finds unexpected hostages who trigger his baser instincts, Chris is thrown into a search for answers to dark questions How to control his inner demon, what do the SpawnBook 3 of the Demon Accords Partnered in an uneasy alliance with federal law enforcement, Chris Gordon has been hunting down the outlaw gang, Loki s Spawn, who attacked his vampire girlfriend But when he finds unexpected hostages who trigger his baser instincts, Chris is thrown into a search for answers to dark questions How to control his inner demon, what do the Spawn want with children, and who is hunting him His search takes him deep under the Big Apple, to the center of the Pentagon, and South of the US Border All while learning the finer points of vampire politics.

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    One thought on “Brutal Asset

    1. Montzalee Wittmann on said:

      Brutal AssetThe Demon Accords, Book 3By: John ConroeNarrated by: James Patrick CroninMore action packed adventure, more excellent fighting, adventure, twists and turns, surprises, and supernatural kicking ass along with a touch of supernatural romance. No one stands in the way of Chis and Tonya! This series just gets better and better! They get more and more allies and more and more enemies! Ugh! Nothing they can't handle. New mysteries, new characters, and more fun. The narrator still is kick a [...]

    2. Gavin on said:

      I felt this third instalment of the Demon Accords series was not quite as much fun as the first two instalments. It was still an OK read. This series reads a lot like a fun, if mindless, action movie. I like Christian as the lead. He has his flaws but is mostly a guy that is likeable and easy to root for. The same goes for the secondary characters. Chris's friends and those of his vamp girlfriend's are both interesting and likeable. The villains are usually pretty crappy but that is OK as half t [...]

    3. Ian Hall on said:

      I really liked this book, it added a little more intrigue to the storyline, but more unanswered questions that have in no way been explained yet. The storyline is getting more and more complex with all the new ability's and enemies. I can't wait to read the next book. Will chris be able to control and keep in check the grim.

    4. Coyora Dokusho on said:

      06/16/14Yay, sleepy now sleeeeeeepy but more books?more later04/25/2015Yeah I didn't type any more later XD but! It was good, but just lacking that special something that makes amazing things amazing. Also I got sunburned today, boooooooo!! I disapprove of sunburn ;_;

    5. Albert on said:

      Overall Feedback: So here is the third installment of The Demon Accords and let me tell you The story has only gotten better. John is a phenomenal author and I can not wait for the next in the series. He has taken a genre that I felt was overdone and gave it some helpful breathes of fresh air. His writing is both captivating and intriguing. You will get lost in this series as quickly as I have.Point of View: Again Mr. Conroe ( I say John as I like first names, seems friendlier) gives his stories [...]

    6. Elusive on said:

      Wow just wow so freaking good I loved every delicious word and action. Prepare to be awed by the amazing power couple that is Chris & Tanya. But don't forget the other awesome characters that will blow your mind. First and foremost is my personal favorite let's hear it for Okwari!!!!! Man you do not mess with Okwari, he is pure epicness. If you think of him as Chris pet, well then you are stupid and will get killed, for dismissing him as non important. I love the huge Bear God. I think John [...]

    7. Shelly on said:

      I just can't finish this book. I kept waiting for the author to mature as the series went on but it simply hasn't happened. I'm sick of the comic book writing style.

    8. astaliegurec on said:

      It's possible that John Conroe's "Brutal Asset (The Demon Accords Book 3)" is just a tad better than the previous two books in the series (call it 3-3/4 stars instead of 3-1/2). It feels like he might have slightly toned down the gland-fest a bit and reduced the number of fights the protagonist breezes through from dozens to a handful or so. All my previous comments about the earlier books apply. So, if you've read those books and are looking at this one, you know exactly what to expect. Again, [...]

    9. Mary Miller on said:

      Really great series. I’m listening to it on audible and I really like the characters. Lots of good relationships and action scenes. There are quite a few characters but somehow it’s written that it’s not overwhelming and confusing. I’ve already bought the entire series after only reading the first one.

    10. Sarah Leenart on said:

      Another fantastic audible listen. Just as expertly narrated as the previous and it's lost none of the allure of the world, the character development and nail biting action. Absolutely loving this series and have moved straight on to the next.

    11. Joy Michelle on said:

      #CantGetEnoughJust when I think it can't get any better, John Conroe goes and proves me wrong. I've caught the "John Conroe bug" hook, line, and sinker!

    12. Steven Browne on said:

      Good but could be better. A good well told story, just unfortunate that more and more fantasy books have a religious background, spoiling the individuality of the stories.

    13. Ken Selvia on said:

      I keep listening to these so I guess I'd better give it 4 stars.

    14. Nick on said:

      This was a good installment to the series. Chris is really learning his powers. Glad he and Tanya are together and kicking ass. Also Ware-bare-wolf? Nice touch! But poor Okwari!!!

    15. Dee Haddrill on said:

      This series just keeps getting better. If you loved the first two, keep going, it’s just as good.

    16. Isaac on said:

      So far, this and the previous two books are still fairly similar, with respect to the writing style.If you liked it, you still will. If you didn't, you won't.But, since book 1, I felt book 2 had more "author-induced" plot points, like scenarios are a bit "forced". Book 3 had even more.The author also forcefully tossed in a deja vu just for the sake for it. And the results are stupid. I will quote it here:(view spoiler)[The scene that greeted me was the realization of all my fears. My eyes passed [...]

    17. Marcia Kephart on said:

      I seriously cant get enough of this series i am reading them way to fast

    18. Jordan on said:

      I'm going to cheat, and just paste in the review I wrote after I finished the existing series at book 4what can I say, I'm lazy!Okay I've blown through all four of this series in five days. The pace of these books is undeniable. The main characters are interesting and like-able, and their depths seem to barely have been scratched. I'm drooling just thinking about when #5 will be finished/release. I'd like to mention, one more time, that for their cost in the kindle store, they are an unrivaled v [...]

    19. Mudit Singh on said:

      Genere : Urban FantasyTags : urban fantasy, first person, book for guys, badass overpowered hero.This is the third book in the Demon Accords series.After the disappointments of the second book, third book raise my hopes. A little.I has all the awesome action that i love, and John has made some effort to stay off the main stream story paths. You can actually see the character growth, and growth in writing skills. But in the end its still has cliched plots, and i for one never liked overpowered an [...]

    20. Linnea on said:

      Chris Gordon is killing all of the Loki's Spawn werewolves. Then he finds two kids at one of the Loki's Spawn locations. He wants to know why they were there. Then throughout his investigation he learns of a case where lots of were animals are killing people. He has to go and stop them and solve all his questions about why they are killing everyone. This was an ok book. I don't like how the book, like the other two, doesn't introduce the major problem until near the end of the story. Other than [...]

    21. Kathy on said:

      I have to say I'm really enjoying this series. Chris goes after the Loki gangs in this installment in uneasy alliance with the federal government. It's rather unfortunate that Chris's opponents never listen to those who tell them not to provoke him - that the results are never good for them. Having said that it does lead to a rather kick A* book. It's been a while since I've read a series this quickly and it is testament to how much I've enjoyed these books.

    22. Sharon on said:

      I'm really torn on my rating for this series. I'm really enjoying it even though it's not one of the best I've ever read. The characters are likable and engaging and I get sucked into the story line. I plan to read the subsequent books in the series so that alone makes me bump it up a star. If I'm willing to spend my $$ on a book it must rate at least 4 stars, right?IMHO these need to be read in the order written because each book ends with a tease for the next one.

    23. Darla Phillips on said:

      Reading this series a second timeI recently finished the latest book in this series and it reminded me of how much I liked it. Now I'm am reading them all a second time and am loving them even more. If you like your hero and his lady "super" and constantly full of surprises then this is for you too!

    24. Meggie on said:

      This story is the third book in Demon Accords series and personally one of the best so far. I loved the storyline, which was really well written, emotionally satisfying and enjoyable. There wasn't a single moment of boredom in this plot. If a reader accepts the storyline as it's presented, then you'll love this series. I'm definitely one of those.

    25. Jay Sprenkle on said:

      John writes a ripping good page turner. He weaves in a long term plot arc with enough mystery to keep you reading and doesn't go all x-files (never resolving anything). He manages to make the protagonist likable and remains challenged even when being super powered. One of the few authors who manages to surprise me with his technical acumen and creativity. Looking forward to reading all the rest!

    26. Daniel Hahn on said:

      Great quick read. Very engaging!!!Characters all have distinct, developed personalities making them very easy to like (or dislike). The setting has concrete "rules" like physics and gravity for what the super naturals can do, which is reassuring. Chaotic or random magic or powers can destroy the suspended disbelief necessary to read fiction.

    27. Captainmarvyl on said:

      Wonderful series great charactersOne of my favorite series. Excellent writing, with characters you will love. If you enjoy fantasy or just a great story, I recommend these books and this author.

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